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Do Your Birthday Milestones Become Major For You?clangers cake

On Saturday I celebrated my 50th birthday and yes it was a milestone for me.  To be honest I wanted originally to hide under my duvet for the day and ignore it, but my husband arranged a brilliant week leading up to it keeping me busy doing things from my bucket list and on the day I had a quiet day –  Julie Robinson from Cake Expressions ( made me a lovely birthday cake and we had a birthday meal of Chinese takeaway and a bottle of champagne (I am going out for a celebratory meal in Rustington next month).

But when I sat down to journal my week on Saturday evening I realised something.  At every major birthday I have gone through a change.

  • Teens  – I was a quiet, shy person (believe it or not!) who wouldn’t say boo to a goose and if anyone spoke to me I would be really embarrassed and bright red in the face.
  • 20’s Through this time I was an army wife and mother finding my feet!
  • 30’s – I had just moved to West Sussex and was finding and making friends with other mums – still quiet!
  • 40’sThis was my first major change I noticed and that was I suddenly felt ‘wise’ I was no different than the day before, but suddenly I gained confidence and felt allowed to do things, to become more independent.  It was almost like I was given permission.  At this point I had qualified in my training and had set up my business and I was gaining confidence.  I also accepted and was happy with who I was – ~Welsh, loud and proud!DSCN1003
  • 50’s  – The change has already started – I am more adventurous, I have been kayaking! and more fun is planned – my inner child has been released!  

You have been warned!!!!!!


How have your birthday milestones been for you or am I the only one?

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