Part 2 – How and what to blog

Blogging – What Do I Do Now?

Let’s recap from the previous blog, why blogging is important as a marketing tool.

There are main four things that you can use blogging for:

  1. It drives to the website
  2. It shows your expertise
  3. It builds up a relationship
  4. It builds up for clients to book

There are many ways that you can blog. Whether it’s sitting there typing something up, whether it’s creating a video and then getting that transcribed and using that as a blog. You can actually set up a strategy for the whole year so that you’re using national celebrations, national awareness, to blog on. You might want to blog little bits on your own experience that’s been happening to you. But it’s an online world now. More and more people are using social media. It’s not something that we can avoid.

I hear a lot of people saying though “Oh, yeah, but blogging, oh, you know, it’s something I’ve got to do but haven’t got time for.”  Maybe you haven’t got a website, and you just think, “Oh, that’s it, I can’t blog then.” You can now create long posts on Facebook and use that as a blog. Or actually, use what they call ‘notes’. If you look on your Facebook page, there is a section when you’re going to put a status update, it asks you, do you want to add a photo, a Facebook live, put an offer on, etc. One of them will create a note. That gives you a lovely header and a nice big long page that you can write on. Or short, if you want to create a short one. On the left-hand side where all the categories are and the tabs are, there’s a special one for notes and they all go in there. So again, it’s somewhere there that you can lead them to your notes, where you’ve got all your blogs and they don’t get lost in your timeline as posts can.


People won’t just book straightaway from a website. Not normally. They’ll normally check out your website to see what you do and how much you offer your treatment. They want to find out if it’s what they’re looking for if you can help them with their problem. So that’s where the blogs come in, again, to share your knowledge, to show you know what you’re doing.

There are many things that you can use within that blog. This is what I’ve thought about before when I’ve talked about using Facebook Live. It’s repurposing. So, you’ve written that blog. Or you don’t want to sit at that screen and you get a blank screen. Why not look at Google Docs and under their tab of tools on a document, there’s voice recognition? So, you can talk it out. Again, you can do this, you can talk it out, get Audacity or something to record what you’re saying, and then get someone like or somebody you know with VA or someone, to transcribe that audio for you. But again, you can use Google Docs. Talk it through, talk out loud your blog, and then Google Docs will type it up. So, you’ve got the blog done for you. You can then just copy and paste that into your website.

To help me, I created a blog post dump sheet so that I can create the titles, date it’s going to publish, a category that it’s going to be in and more. This just helps me when I get an idea to store that idea somewhere and at a later time really break it down what I want to include – images, web links, call to action etc.

So, blogs are really powerful things. They can really share and help people get to know you and to build trust and to see what you’re doing. So, this is why I always recommend, that you just get started.  Don’t wait to be perfect, practice helps you get better.  My first ones, like my newsletters, were awful as I did not quite understand the tech either so images were a bit misplaced, but as I worked with it more and learned more than, the better they became.  You could just do a small post on Facebook and then build up to creating your blog post.

The more you do, the more you practise, and I don’t mean practice sitting at home writing it up and then binning it. Practice putting it on, start your blog.

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2 Responses to Part 2 – How and what to blog

  1. Debbie Smallbones says:

    Ali you have encouraged me to blog and I have found it very exciting and rewarding. I have kept it simple and easy to read and spoken of why I became a massage therapist and the different benefits of massage. It is encouraging to get a response, or like, knowing that someone has read and enjoyed what has been written. Blogging is definitely something I want to do on a regular basis and I intend to be current, but also have some fun and share my life experiences which I have recently done regarding a wellbeing retreat I attended. I would recommend blogging to anyone and encourage them to try it and experience the many benefits and rewards it provides both personally and professionally. Thank you yet again.

    • alibrown says:

      Thanks Debbie.

      That’s brilliant news that you have started blogging, the more you do the better you will get. It is always tricky at first 🙂 That is a great idea to add some personal stuff also as that helps people get to know you.

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