My Soul Week 2017

My Big Adventure To Glastonbury

Last year I took a week off in October just to have time for me and do things I wanted to do – not work-related, not housework, no chores, just things that I wanted to do for me.  In that week I achieved creating lots of paintings, colouring in, making cards, reading, walking and even a day trip to the Champneys Spa in Forest Mere.

The more I took time out for myself that week, the more I enjoyed,  I  called it my Soul Week as I did anything that fed my soul.  It was a wonderful, selfish week and I thoroughly benefited from it that I promised myself that I would pencil one in my diary every year from then on.

This year was pencilled in for October again and I was scanning the offers for Champneys for another spa day.  This year though an idea was sparked.  I have been wanting to go to Glastonbury the last few years to visit some famous spots and hoped to go camping there.  Husband was not too keen though (many excuses made, no good campsites etc) so a lightbulb moment came to me while chatting with a friend, of why not go on my own for 2 days with an overnight stay?

Google was searched and my room was booked for the night and all put into my diary.

The night before I was very nervous in going as anxiety kicked in and negative mind monkeys played games.  I shared my thoughts on FB and a lovely therapist left me a comment to say that I should think of it as an adventure – wonderful and that is exactly what it became.

My trip there was beautiful and I was lucky with 2 glorious days of sunshine with stunning scenery.  I found it easily and excitedly walked my way to the town from my hotel car park.  I eagerly searched the bookshops and immersed myself in all things spiritual and holistic.  I wandered around and in, many of the shops and took in the architecture and people around.  I didn’t feel out of place or worried about being on my own.

After finally checking into my room (which was huge by the way and I would highly recommend) I  on my walking boots and walked to The Tor.  It was a steep walk up with many steps but still a glorious evening with sunshine.  As I got to the top everybody disappeared and I had the area to myself. Gosh, it was breathtaking, what views, what energy.  Plenty of time to soak it all in and meditate and say my thanks.  I was there for over an hour watching the sunset with not a soul in sight.  Peace and quiet with just the birds singing.

I left before it got too late and as the sun was setting and people arrived as I walked back down the hill and made my way back to my room.  I had taken my journals with me as I wanted to write down my learnings from the 2 days, but I have to say I wrote more like 6 pages of learnings about my self and some realisations that were incredible.

After checking out the next morning, I walked to The Chalice Gardens and Well which is situated below The Tor and spent a glorious couple of hours wandering around the gardens in Autumn.  Many seats are set up for quiet reflection and to drink the spring water. I had the company of a robin with me who sat quietly with me on one seat for 10 minutes.  He/she was lovely company.

The Chalice Well is breathtaking and peaceful and really pulls you to sit and be.  For having such a busy mind, this was one place where I sat mindfully with no problem (pity I cannot be here every day).

I made my way back through the town for one last time and then back to the car.  Many purchases were made of Oracle Decks and books – “Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell (who I am seeing on Sunday – lucky me) and “F**k it the ultimate spiritual way” by John C Parkin.  Both became clear why these were bought on reading the description.

I have always been told that the Universe will let you know and that it will point you in the right direction or show signs.  I have to say after those 2 days in Glastonbury I totally believe, because of things that were discovered and fell into place all made sense by the end of the week.  A lot of these things are personal discoveries to me so I will not share in here but just to say it left me amazed.

Has this fed my soul?  Oh definitely yes.  Would I visit again?  Yes for the day at least?

Definitely an adventure and now planning more for me next year.  Where should I visit next?


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2 Responses to My Soul Week 2017

  1. I have loved reading this Alison. I am so glad you took the plunge and planned this trip. I remember talking with you about it when we met at Wellies that time.
    I too had a robin to keep me company when I sat and contemplated at the Chalice Gardens.
    As for further destinations I can recommend Avebury too. In fact look for destinations that are on the “lay” lines.
    Looking forward to catching up with you at Rebecca Campbells event on Sunday on our continued journey of self discovery.

    • alibrown says:

      Thanks, Tania. Yes, it was your suggestion that sparked the idea, thank you for that. Certainly an eye-opener for me and a self-awareness that I will now work on. Very interesting 2 days not only enlightening for me personally but also for my therapy business. Exciting and interesting times ahead. I am looking forward to Sunday and chatting and sharing our self-discovery.

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