Marketing – Just A Bit Sleazy

Marketing – Just A Bit Sleazy

When we are heart centred and spiritual workers, why do we not like marketing?

I have even heard a therapist say that they don’t do marketing.  When I asked them why, with a surprised look on my face, their answer? – “it’s all a bit sleazy and unnecessary really, people will find me if they really want me”.

You cannot be serious?

Well, my immediate thought was, well you won’t have a therapy business for long.

But actually, there are many therapists who feel like this about marketing – who are shy when it comes to talking about their therapy business.  There are too many whose inhibitions and worry about what people might think or say stops them getting the right message out to the right people and as a result, their lives are diminished AND so are the lives of their potential clients.

Marketing is helping people who need each other to find one another.

If you run a therapy business that helps couples with fertility then you have a moral responsibility to market that service in your area.  To not do so would deprive couples of the support to start a family.

If you know that your beauty salon has the treatments and staff that really do make women feel better, more beautiful and more confident, then isn’t society diminished if no one knows about it?

The best salesperson is the one who takes immense satisfaction from the satisfaction that the client gets.

If you substitute the word “salesperson” with the word “marketer” or “business owner” then it’s pertinent to all of us, isn’t it?

Real marketers solve problems for our clients.  We ensure that the services meet or exceed our client’s expectation and we work really hard to fix that where it doesn’t happen.

Is every therapist like this?  No of course not, there are some bad marketers about. But, it is wrong to suggest that therefore all marketing is sleazy and unnecessary.  That’s like suggesting all sportsmen/women are cheats.

Good marketing does much more than just sell services and products – it adds real value to society and crucially, it helps people who need each other to find each other – and that’s what you should be focused on.

If you do not let them know you exist, you won’t exist.

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