How To Find Time For Marketing

How To Find Time For Marketing – My 5 Top Tips

We’re talking about today is finding time for marketing. It’s important to working and running our businesses, that we show up, that we’re visible, and that we get our business out there so that people, clients can find us. But it’s all about finding that time. All we really want to do is work with our clients. But if we don’t market our business, if we don’t show up and be visible, then people won’t know we exist and we won’t find our clients, and our clients won’t find us.

You might be only doing your therapy as part-time because you’ve got a full-time job. There’s so much that goes on in everyday life that it’s difficult to try and get everything in –  family, kids, life, sickness, clubs, school inset days, holidays.

What are the things and what are the tips that you can do to help you to market your business?

  1. What does success mean to you? Can you see success in your business? What are you aiming for? Because you want to know your clarity on that, because then once you’re there, once you’ve got it, you know what it is. Because you could be running around like a headless chicken with no plan, no goal, no target. So if you haven’t got that, you won’t know when you’re there.  How many clients do you want a week? How much money do you want to earn? What things do you want to slot in? What is it you want to achieve out of your life? Is it your work/life balance? So have a clarity, have a sit-down, write down what will success mean to you. What does successful business mean to you?
  2. Don’t try and do it all at once.  Don’t try and do it all. You’re not Wonder Woman. You’re not Superman. Don’t try and do it all. You may see a long list of, “Ah, social media, right, I’ve got to do platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.” Don’t, don’t. If your clients aren’t there if you haven’t got time, just pick the one platform you really want to use, and stick with that. Become a master of that one, achieve that one, just do the one really well.  So prioritise, pick out what you want. What’re the most important tasks you’ve got to do that day? You may have a long list. Pick out three things from that list that really needs to be done on that day, and prioritise it. Make sure that you’ve got three things that you want to achieve.
  3. Schedule in your diary.  I just used to have a to-do list, a big planner with all my lists of what I was going to do. But then I’d look at my diary and I’d see when my therapy clients are booked in. So what I do now is in between my therapy clients I actually book in what I’m going to do. So whether it’s the marketing, whether it’s accounts, whether it’s social media,  I actually schedule into my diary what I’m going to do, so that when I look at it, I know then what I’ve got planned on that day.
  4. Finding that time.  You have to schedule into your diary the time to work on your business – whether it is in the time between clients or schedule before or after them.  Is it before the kids get up for school in the morning? Are you going to get up that hour extra early and do an hour before the kids go to school? Are you going to do an hour after they’ve gone to bed, and schedule in that time before or after? It might be that you have to schedule a day off in the week and make that an admin day.
  5. If you’re still, “Ah, I can’t do that, don’t want to do that. It’s a struggle.” Then outsource it. Send it out to somebody else. Give it to a VA who can do it for you, a virtual assistant who can do that for you. Or give it to a bookkeeper who can do your bookkeeping and your accounts, give it to them. If you don’t want to do the social media, give it to a social media manager who can take care of all your social media posts for you. Outsource it.

These are really my five tips for finding the time to market your business. It is all about time management. It is all about having to look at and prioritise it as your clients. Working on your business and marketing, being visible, being seen by the outside world, is very important, as much as working with your clients, because if you don’t do that, then you’ve got no clients and you’ve got no business.

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