Why Do Clients Book With Therapists They Know, Like & Trust


One thing we’ve got to remember is a lot of the time people won’t book with us the first time they see us. Whether it’s at an event, or they’re coming across our website for the first time, or they’re coming across our Facebook page. Even when they Google Search looking for a massage therapist, or reflexologist, or whatever on the internet, on their phone, when they’re going through the pages, they’ll see what’s available, what therapists and how many. So, they will check out your Facebook page, they’ll check out your website, find out what blogs you do, read your blogs, they might have a look if you’ve got a freebie sign-up and sign-up for one of them to receive it. They might want to see if you cover what they’re particularly looking for if you’re an expert in that. They might want to see what you look like first, what you sound like if you’ve got any videos.

A lot of the time, people don’t book with a therapist they don’t know unless it comes from a very good recommendation. And then, even if somebody’s recommends and refers, they still tend to check you out. So this is what I always say when you’re looking at your marketing, or you’ve got your proof of evidence, is to show all about you, being visible. You might have your blogs, you might have your social media posts, you might have a sign-up, you might do videos, you might be networking, you might be attending events.

There are lots of different things to show our authentic self. You need to be the real you. You are you. You will only talk like you. This is going sound kind of a strange thing to say, but don’t worry about when you’re doing Facebook posts, when you’re writing blogs. Anything like that. Don’t worry about having to sound so professional all the time. The reason why clients book with you, book with a therapist that they know, like and trust is that you’ve built that relationship with them. You’ve let them in. You’ve let them get to know you. It’s not just all about being in the white tunic and coming across professional. Yes it can be the client’s experience and that’s a huge thing. But to make that booking there has to be lots of things in place for people to buy from people.

So, just be you. You might find that your clients are you. You are looking for clients that are just like you. You’re not going to be able to work with everyone in your town or village. There’s only gonna be a certain set of people that will want to work with you and that’s fine. You can’t be the therapist for everyone. That’s why we always go on about niches and ideal clients.

Again, where I come across and I say about adding value to your therapies whether it’s enhancements, whether it’s the experience, whether it’s that added value, don’t keep discounting because discounting only brings along the clients that are looking for that discount. What you want is to build that know, like and trust with your client.  Get to know you, they see behind the scenes with your therapy room, you’re sharing little bits of videos, bits and pieces about you and your interests and if you’re going out to a conference or a training session, taking photographs and  sharing it on your timeline, your business page, letting your clients know that you’ve got exciting new products coming their way and your excited to show them. It’s building that relationship and that’s what Facebook’s trying to do with business pages. The more that you can share that, build like a community, then you get more interaction with your page. You get more comments, more likes, more shares within your posts because you are building that relationship with people. You’re not broadcasting, you’re not just selling. You’re actually sharing your knowledge, your expertise, and helping and building that relationship with people.

You take them on a journey, they see your website,  your page, they read your comments, they read your posts, they look at your images, they listen to your podcasts. They read your blogs. Maybe they’ll sign up for your newsletter and find out more from you there, but taking them through a journey into finally book with you and that’s that end result is when they book with you and make that appointment. It’s just like a journey that you’re gently holding their hand and you’re taking them through.

I tend to take a lot of pictures with my phone. I go out for a walk and I’ll take a photograph of the beach, or out in nature, or might take a photograph of a friend I know, they’re having coffee, but I sort of put that in as an image about doing self-care. I might take an image of a book I’m reading, so it’s different things that are going on in your life and you can use as images on your Facebook page and you can add a quote to them  or just images of your therapy room and say, “Come in and relax.”

Well, what can I write? What can I say? You know what you’re qualified in. You know aromatherapy, talking about an essential oil, talk about a blend, talk about the safety standards, the safety reasons for aromatherapy. Talk about the massage, talk about the massage routine and the techniques. What a new client should expect on their first visit. You’re story, to let people know how you got into this business, why you’re providing therapies, what got you started into it. Share your story and keep doing that. It’s not good just putting that up and posting that up for once and expecting people to scroll through your timeline and find it months or years later. Keep putting that. You can keep redoing, resharing that post. So put your story out there.

I hope this helps. It all comes down to what you’re putting across, building that relationship with your clients and your leads. Whether it’s through Facebook posts, whether it’s through videos, through blogging, through our newsletters, through your freebie which can be a newsletter or a helpful document or something like that, so it’s making that contact. It’s building that trust, building that relationship, letting them in a little bit, just showing a bit of you, being authentic, talking as you, but also educating our clients and the leads why they should work with you.

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