Do You Run Your Business By Your Heart Or Your Head?

Are You Heart Or Head Led?

Is your therapy practice run by your heart or by your head?  An interesting idea and some of you might be thinking well what’s that got to do with it? Actually, it’s got a lot to do with how you’re running your business and whether your business is as successful as you want it to be. I know of therapists that, for them, this is just a hobby and they’re doing it part-time for their family and their friends.

I’m often chatting to therapists and they are saying to me that’s it’s not been a success, or they’re retiring now and in the background, it’s because they haven’t got the clients they want, they haven’t gotten the business they want. So they retire. I know some that have had therapy businesses and they’ve given up and they’ve gone back into full-time work.

Sometimes these decisions are being made because your, not motivated, your mindset may not be quite there.  I want you to look at things and look at ideas on how you perceive and how you look and run your business. The reason I’m saying this is because we go through so many things. What are you like when you’re making a decision when it comes to your business? Whether it’s for marketing, whether it’s for going to run a stand, whether it’s actually identifying your ideal client or whether it’s working with a client when a client wants to book. When your phone rings, all these little decisions to big decisions. How are you making those decisions in what you do?

It could be a case of that you’re being head lead so that you’re looking at everything, you’re planning everything. You are pushing yourself, working out of your comfort zone, setting yourself goals and learning to grow. If you’re heart led, well you go with the flow. You see where the universe takes you. You’re not stepping out of the comfort zone. You’re not trying new things. You’re not developing and learning.

Making decisions. Is it that you’re head led so that you’re planning, you’re writing everything down, you’re prioritising what you need to do, you’re looking at new ideas, creating new ideas, planning it all down and then stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve it? Or are you being heart led and going with the flow, seeing that the universe will provide and not setting goals, not setting targets, just seeing where the clients come from every week?

I want to help my clients.  I want to help and be there for my clients. It’s brilliant. That’s what we all want to do. But, you’ve got to work on your business to get the business out there. Now again, there are therapists that have a totally run business all purely by recommendations and referrals and for those, I tip my hat off to you. Well done. To have that type of business is brilliant. But, a lot of us still have to market and work on our businesses to get the clients, to be seen and to get the clients to book. So that means all about blogging, social media, newsletters, databases. We’re looking at a whole stream of different systems that we need.

Are you heart or are you head led? Do you look at every challenge, look at everything that comes along, look at everything that you know you need to do to say all right, I need to get more clients. What marketing can I do? How many clients do I need to cover my expenses? How many clients do I need to make a profit? How many clients am I short of this weeK? How many clients do I need by the end of the month? What marketing can I do to get out in the big wide world? Or like we had  GDPR that came out in May. All the forms and the consents etc. Are you looking at all that facing it and going all right, what do I need to do with this? Prioritise and make it all down into small, achievable steps? Or are you heart led and go no, nothing to do with me, not dealing with it. I’m just going to work with my clients.

What is your response for late cancellations and no shows?  Do you have a cancellation policy in place and uphold it?  Do you have a booking fee?  Or do you let them off as you do not want to upset or lose them?

Because again, that’s what I’m seeing. I can see the divide between the therapists that are being head led and they’re working on different things and then I can see the kind of therapists that are being heart led that bury their head in the sand. It’s my very black and white way of talking about it. But sometimes that’s what it needs to look at on what you are doing and what is happening with you and your therapy practice. Again, I’m often seeing this in Facebook groups and support groups and therapist groups that they’re saying … and again, I’m guilty of this when I first started out. I’m very, very guilty of it in my first few years of running my therapy practice that one was passion and two was just learning more and more and more therapies and adding them to a list.

I’ve got a lovely long list of therapies that I’m qualified in and I now call it my toolbox, the things that I can dip into to help my clients out. So that’s very good. But the thing is, I’m often again, reading in these therapist support groups of therapists going, “Oh, I haven’t got enough clients now. So what therapy would you recommend that I train in to get more clients through my door?” That one I’m hearing often, that people are asking for recommendations of what therapies are out there that’s good to qualify in to get clients than what clients need, to what people are looking for and to book.

How about looking at it and looking at what your skills are, looking at what you can do with your marketing. Are you doing the marketing? Are you putting the word out there? Are you existing? Are you at the fairs and events and different things? Are you doing the newsletters? Are you doing the follow-up? There’s all this behind the scenes background work of working on your business that can help bring clients in through your door, get them to keep coming back. Work with what you’ve already got. Develop those skillsets of learning about marketing, learning about techie things like learning to work with MailChimp, learning to work with social media, learning to write and to develop blogs, building relationships and contacts with your clients and with people out there so that they get to know, to love and to trust you.

Which are you? Do you feel you’re heart led or do you feel that you’re head led? Do you feel that you’ve got any stumbling blocks that are stopping you from moving forward, from working with your business, moving it on there?  This is what it all comes down to, heart or head led. Which direction are you going? What are you doing? Do you review your business? Do you see what’s working or not working within your business? Do you set yourself goals? Do you set yourself deadlines?

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