Do you work behind the scenes of your business?

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We all lead very busy lives with our families, children some of us with full time/part time jobs as well as running our own therapy business.

We all love our therapies with a passion and enjoy what we do and helping people – would you call it work?

But do you work ‘on’ your business, behind the scenes? Do you include this in your pricing?


Now we are all ‘doer’s’ (busy working with our clients) but are you a ‘marketer’? someone who works ‘on’ their business, behind the scenes.  Marketer is as its says – getting your business out there in front of people, but we wear many hats – accountant, bookkeeper, admin, social media manager, internet and web person, marketer, leader/CEO and much more. These are all the jobs we do to keep going, unless we can outsource to others.  But it is not always that easy due to funds etc.

It is very important for business success, even just to keep the business going that you work behind the scenes and work ‘on’ it.  I have mentioned this many times before.  You cannot rely on just word of mouth and referrals alone.  Don’t get me wrong there are therapy businesses out there that do just that and are very successful – but not many.  The majority of us have to work at getting out there, being seen and letting people know that we exist.

August can be a quiet time due to family holidays, sickness, school holidays and the weather being nice and when its quiet what do you do?  Do you go into panic mode and start sharing offers with a money discount like £10 off or treatments at 1/2 price so you can fill your diary?  That’s great but it ends up being hard work and can be like a Groupon voucher – do they value you? would they normally pay for a full price treatment? Your regular clients will as they will book these as a bonus and added extra for themselves but new clients, will you see them again?

Planning and marketing for August needs to be started back in June/July where you can start promoting to teachers, stressed parents, mums get togethers etc (they chat in the playground maybe a couple of hours in the afternoon while all their children play or in the evening when their children are asleep they can get together to keep in touch), holiday specials etc.  At the moment the big thing is Pokemon Go – are you using that in your marketing/blogging/social media? From August the promotion can be all about the kids going back to school, parents getting time back and some relief and relaxation, teachers preparing themselves etc.

If you are happy to be quiet through August this is a great time to review your business.  See what’s worked and what hasn’t, what needs to change, updated, brought in and plan for the last 4 months of the year.  Are you any nearer to reaching your goals or targets?  Review your website, do the photos need updating? check the content, your prices, your therapies, treatment/VIP packages. can you add blogs to it? are your social media buttons on there? are all the links working?  All this reviewing and updating is good for your SEO.  When you type in your therapy and your town (if you were a client looking for a massage therapist) do you come up near the top of the 1st page rankings?  Have you set yourself up on Google places/business?  This is free and you come up as a red pin on the map if somebody is looking for your therapy in your area.  It means your business and link to your website comes up top of the 1st page!  This quiet time is also good to get your accounts update, client notes up to date and any admin.  What about those online courses you have downloaded or webinars still to listen to?

Working behind the scenes is important and should be taken into consideration in your scheduling and planning and also in your pricing.  Your pricing includes your training, your experience, your travel (if mobile) your business expenses including room rent, your time (with them and behind the scenes) etc.

You do not get paid just for providing the therapy, you provide so much more than that!

Use the last 2 weeks of August now to review your business, make the changes and plan your next 4 months.  The more you put out there the more that you attract.

Sign up here for my Free Report:  12 Top Tips For Therapists

Online course available about working ‘on’ your business: Overwhelm, Organisation & Scheduling

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FHT Worthing LSG and No Hands Massage

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Time Out Therapies and Training

Well what a fabulous night we had last week at our meeting!

We had as our speaker Samantha Hardwick from Time Out Therapies and Training.    She kindly travelled from Haslemere to talk and demonstrate to us No Hands Massage.

No Hands Massage was discovered in November 1987 by Gerry Pyves when he struggled13692661_10209040159153981_2637217505001849032_n to massage a client due to RSI in both his wrists and discovered he had ‘slumped’ onto the clients back with his forearms! For the next 8 years Gerry persevered with this form of massage and with feedback from his clients (who told him not to go back to ‘that other stuff you used to do’).  The combination of using a very soft surface of his body, like the forearm, and using his whole body weight produced NO HANDS MASSAGE.

Samantha chatted to us with the background story of No Hands Massage and her own story and how she uses it in her business now with client examples. She then asked for a volunteer to massage on (too many jumped up to offer!) and she then demonstrated a treatment for ½ hour.

Now normally there would be another therapist with Samantha but Alison was unable to attend due to distance and family care.  So normally Alison would demonstrate and Samantha would then talk us through the treatment.13692565_10209040159513990_962269563210960895_n

Instead Samantha provided the treatment herself in silence, bar the music she had playing – and, well we all went into a trance!  We all studied her carefully and her movements – some asked questions which she did answer and then went back into silence.  It was a mesmerising ½ hour and where we all felt chilled and at peace afterwards.

Samantha does not train therapists herself but offers treatments in her area. I think many of us were wanting to become her clients afterwards.

I think a few of us were interested in training in No Hands Massage and she made sure that she put the point across that even though some of us may use techniques like that in our own treatments to save our hands, you can only claim to be a No Hands Massage Practitioner if you had done the training and qualification because it is not a simple as it looks, You have to get your posture and your body weight correct.

It was an interesting evening and certainly peaked our interest as we all would like to find ways to work successfully without always having to use our hands.

Alison Brown Co-ordinator

Ali’s Therapy Academy

FHT Worthing LSG Facebook Group 

Federation Of Holistic Therapists

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Review, Relax, Recharge

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Hi everyone so I’m back, back to work, back to planning my days trying to sort things out and back to normality really.

I have had a great two weeks holiday this year camping in Cornwall and North Devon. 20160703_113427 A really lovely holiday in Cornwall over 55 miles walked, so my Fitbit says, but also taking time out for ourselves and just generally relaxing.  The second week in North Devon and managed at one point to get out and kayak into Combe Martin and then to do one of my things off my to-do list and get out of my comfort zone which was paddle boarding.  I have finally done it and said yes I will do it again as it was great fun we didn’t do it on a good day as the water was choppy you really have to do it for your first time when it’s flat but if we didn’t do it then we would never do it so it was great to give it a go.

So we really managed to spend a lot of time together and I managed to spend a lot of time relaxing and doing things that I wanted to do such as lots of walking we did kayaking around St Michael’s Mount and visiting lots of places even though this was our third year in Cornwall. One of the things we really wanted to do was to visit Land’s End on good day 20160705_145146which we managed this year and spend a lovely day there in the sunshine but what I wanted to say to you here was that even though I made sure that I spent my time relaxing and having a holiday I did spend some time on the business, but I don’t want you all moaning at me saying “stop thinking about business Ali and take some holiday take some time out” but I thought of a new and came up with a mantra for my two weeks away which is Review Relax Recharge and that was really what my holiday was about.  So then in Cornwall on many misty mornings and misty evenings I spent my time going through some tasks that I had set myself to look through while I had the time to review and have a look without any distraction.

So my first thing to review my price charges. I had researched some other local therapists in my area and printed off their price list before I went away. I had a look at what they were charging because I knew it was time to put an increase in my prices and I work with two different prices. I work with a price for home treatments and a price of working as mobile.

So, I have informed my clients in my newsletter that there will be a price increase in September but I will tell them when I see them so they know what price they’re going to have to pay.   I knew it was time to increase my prices and I am comfortable in doing it this way.  They know in advance.  I may lose a few but again I value myself.

I reviewed this year this time I was away with my website and actually my therapies.  I have devised new packages to put together so the website will now have to be updated with new pictures, new packages, new prices.  So that will be done over the next couple of days. I’ve also created a list of subjects and ideas that I can regularly post, a bit like a checklist so that I worry about what I can post in detail I now have a little check list that will give me ideas of what I can regularly.  I’ve created a form that I can do and have on my computer on my mobile and also I can print off and hang out or put in my planner.  I was also able to go through and plan webinars and podcasts that I want to create over the next couple of months,  so these now have to be added to my planner and diary which I will do over the next couple of days so has this been a good holiday?13062326_1420785954605637_3180244321300037774_n

Yes it certainly has.  I suddenly realised I certainly recharged my batteries and I certainly gave me a time to reflect and review my business.  It’s giving me the time to build in when to increase my prices, it’s giving me time to work out what I can blog. I also spent my time reading PDF’s that I have downloaded and also listening to podcasts and webinars in the morning and before or while I was in bed.  I was able to also read a self development book so even though I was on holiday and I spent plenty of time doing fun, relaxing and helping myself.

I also spent time working on my business – by my own self development and reviewing and planning so again this is one of the reasons why I put down to my business being successful is that I take this time to look at and plan my business, to check at a distance, while away from it to see how it’s doing, to see what my diary looks like, to see what’s working and what’s not, also to create new ideas.

This might not be a holiday in your eyes, but to me my holiday also gives me chance to review things with no distractions as I have time…….no tv, no FB, no emails (no signal or wifi!)  It may only be 20 minutes, but that 20 mins each day makes a lot of difference!

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Perimenopause – what is happening to me?








Perimenopause – What is happening to me?

Well we all know that when you get to that certain age especially if you are a woman things start to change.  If we don’t have enough to deal with – monthly periods, pms and pmt, pregnancy and birth, diets, fluctuation in weight, body image etc then we have to contend with the menopause.  Is this fair I ask myself!IMG_1734_

Now I had my realisation at the start of this year that all the things that were happening to me were due to the perimenopause.  What was my realisation?……my symptoms:

  • Lack of energy.  Tiredness, goodness I am ready for bed by 8.30pm, trouble is I work in the evenings till 10pm with my therapy clients!
  • Hot flashes, thats when my husband realised as he asked what was wrong with me as I kept putting on and taking off my jumper every 1/2 hour!
  • Loss of focus – I have had so much drive, ambition and focus the last 16 years with my therapy business and with my new therapy Academy but certainly the last couple of months I can have some really good days and then I need a couple of days to recover as I feel like I can’t be bothered.  I don’t like that feeling.
  • The irregularity of my periods – I can go from not having one for 4 months, then regular again for 2, then nothing again for another 5.
  • Dry skin – dull looking, very dry and flaky nails.
  • Restless sleep.
  • Joint aches and pains – stiffness.
  • Memory loss – don’t ask me where I put things as I can’t remember or why I even walked up stair or into a room!
  • The taste of coffee – I am a coffee lover but come from a family of tea drinkers. Since this has started I think I must have a tea urn permanently on the go!
  • Hormones all over the place.
  • There are other symptoms that are too personal to include here.

Now most ask their mums for any help or advice ‘What were you like mum?’  Well bless her my mum as usual ‘I don’t remember’ so no help there then.  Search Google and you get so much advice it can be quite frightening.  So I then read my alternative health books and talked to my small group of friends and they were of course they were helpful and really understanding.  Most of them had been there done that and going or gone through the experience.

So have I managed to find anything to help?  I know there is more I can do to improve things and I will be but I have made some changes that have already made a difference.

  1. A herbal supplement – Maca Root – Peruvian Gingseng – I take one of these tablets oncepGNC1-6954660dt a day.  This I have found has made a big difference.  My hot flushes has stopped, my energy has come back (not 100%) but a lot better, sleeping better, skin and nails are better – stronger and a bonus that my painful shoulder that has been a problem for 2 years has cleared (coincidence or not I am happy).
  2. Aromatherapy – to help me get through the day and to help sleep.
  3. Taking time out for myself – I am not an early bird at the best of times but if I am struggling then I take a very slow morning so I have the energy to work afternoon and evening.  I journal a lot writing and drawing.  Adult colouring in helps me to relax and refocus and I spend time every month having a creative morning with friends.  I do want to bring in yoga and meditation into my daily routine.

Maca Root is a plant native to the highlands of Peru.  It has been show in trials to raise estrogen and progesterone levels – the two key hormones that fall at the time of the perimenopause.

There is also a book that I would recommend that I found in a charity shop that I found 41bswge2gZL._SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_
very helpful.  The Natural Menopause Plan by Maryon Stewart.  In here she discusses all about helping yourself with a natural plan covering diet, supplements, exercise and recipes.  The book is available on Amazon

I believe that there could be another 8 years of this and symptoms might get worse! so at least I have more of a plan that I can bring in.

I would love to know if you have found anything that has helped you.

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Lemongrass Sun Care Lotion





Lemongrass Moisturising Sun Lotion

Are you looking for a more natural skincare sun protector?  There is a lot of news and articles about the ingredients used in products and harmful chemicals that are used and company’s that are still animal testing.

Have you looked into Neals Yard Remedy products?  These are organic free from harsh chemical filters, nano particles and synthetic fragrances.

Enjoy the sun safely with organic, broad spectrum UVA/UVB water resistant mineral protection for face and body.

Natural mineral filters are blended with deeply nourishing organic shea butter, conditioning beeswax and moisturising oils of karanja and baobab, infused with cleansing lemongrass and soothing lavender organic essential oils. Together they protect, nurture and moisturise the skin.

To find out more information take a look at my shop online

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FHT Worthing and Emotion Code

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FHT Worthing LSG Meeting 18th May 2016

Well what a fabulous and interesting evening last night with the Federation of Holistic Therapists Worthing LSG group last night and if you weren’t there you really missed out!

This evening the speaker was Anita Young from Free Yourself Now  who was talking and demonstrating to us all about Emotion Code.20160518_195809

I knew something of this as I had met Anita a few years ago at a therapist group Zest in Southwater she regularly attended and one month gave a talk herself.  Now I am the first to admit I am very sceptical of things like this but I have to say I was impressed!

First let me tell you about last night.  Anita was explaining about Emotion Code and how it was developed by Dr Bradley Nelson  about all things are vibrational energy.  He believes emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body from your sub concious mind.  Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. Anita then went on to explain to us about calibrations of frequency – that emotions and feelings resonates at different levels of frequency.  She then went into examples of this:20160518_204134

1000 hz = enlightenment

540 = unconditional love – Mother Theresa

528 = Nature

400 = reason/logic

155 = lower ego

150 = anger

30 = guilt – Hitler

20 = sin/shame

Anything above the  level of 200 hz is self empowerment and below there is no spirit.

70% of human consciousness is below the 200 level!  It is that smash, grab and don’t care emotion – want, want, want. – possessions.  The job of our healing profession is to get the critical mass over the 200 + level and then the whole world will change.

To some of us in the room this was already know but to a sceptic like me this was intriguing.  Anita then went on to demonstrate about identifying trapped emotions and working to release them.  In average a single person can have 480 trapped emotions.  And this is tested by using the Kinesiology sway test.  Again when she was demonstrating this I thought that she was exaggerating the movement but when 4 different people volunteered you could see the results.  Anita was not exaggerating it, it was just because of her sensitivity and use of working with energy.  Emo-CodeChrt

With each volunteer she went through a series of questions and they also asked themselves with an answer of swaying forward for yes and backward for no.  You work with the chart of rows and columns to get a result of emotions, then questions to identify the emotional block.  Once the block has been recognised then the use of a magnet and run 3 times from the tip of the head down the back to help release the blocked emotion.  Sometimes when asking to release the block it can say no as it is resisting or not ready.

When it came to the 4 volunteers each with a different result – some not responding due to dehydration and then seeing the change once they had rehydrated!  Also seeing the reaction on their faces when they were swaying in answer – was a picture in itself!

This was only an introduction to Emotion Code and I could go into more detail here on what happend through the evening, but to be honest you had to be there! I Google searched for information and found this link to get free info from Bradley Nelson’s website.  Check it out if you want to know more.

It was an really interesting and fun evening.  Anita certainly new her stuff in a very relaxed and fun manner.  She certainly left us wanting to know more.

 FHT Worthing LSG

Ali’s Therapy Academy

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