Hygge – Part Of Your Self Care

Hygge – A Part Of Your Self-Care

We are heading towards the end of February, the nights are drawing out and Spring is on its way, not long to wait!

For the last 14 years at the beginning of February I am lucky enough to have a week’s holiday in the sun in Gran Canaria.  This an opportunity for me to get some winter sun, to recharge my batteries and to get me through the winter back at home.  I do feel I suffer with SAD syndrome from January to March and this week away helps me (that’s my excuse anyway!)

I chat to my clients a lot about looking after themselves, that therapies are much more than a ‘pamper’, about how they can help themselves, the benefits of exercise, the use of essential oils and much more to help them with their health and wellbeing.  The thing is I don’t always practice what I preach!  Too busy looking after others and not enough for me, not good.

So, this holiday in February, after a very busy January, really brought it home and made me realise that I need to look after myself more, what we call “self-care”.

I have created and put in place a list of ideas and suggestions to help as reminders and
to make happen.  In my list is the usual – walking, reading, book massage appointments, socialise more with friends, trips out to cinema etc, date nights with hubby, cinema night in, home spa (facials and manicures), pj days, yoga, meditate, journal, be creative, lazy mornings and tea in bed.


Something that I had heard about but to be honest knew nothing about was Hygge.

Many therapists that I know, talk about this in their blogs, share and promote in social media posts and practice this themselves.  As I said I knew nothing about this until I came across a book in The Works, while I was taking a break from work for some exercise and retail therapy 😉 I took this as a sign, listened, and bought the book.  What an eye opener and definitely a message to me.

Hygge Comfort & Food For The Soul“by CookNation 

“Hygge (hoo-ga) is only ever meant to be felt, not explained”

It is so deeply engrained in the Danish psyche and way of life that it contributes to making Denmark officially one of the happiest places on earth.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is an ambience, a mood, an attitude, cosiness,  contentment and appreciation incorporating warm drinks, comfortable cloths, beautifully lit rooms, candles, blankets, walks in nature in Autumn, roaring fires etc.  Hygge is a way of life, moments of stress, worry and concern can be replaced.  Phones, laptops and social media are not part of hygge, these things only serve to distract from the ultimate goal of being in the moment and enjoying it fully.

Some suggestions for an indulgent hygge:

Indoor – Eat cake (oh a definite one for me!) sit in a cosy corner of your house or favourite spot wrapped in blankets, a candlelit bath, listen to music (I often play thumping trance or rock music but this is a chance to listen to soothing – Michael Buble, Van Morrison, classical music – whatever you find soothing), choose a feel-good film and make sure you have a blanket/duvet and popcorn with you, cosy up in a thick jumper thick socks and a hot chocolate with marshmallows or do daily yoga.

Outdoor – Walking in the Autumnal leaves with hat, gloves and scarf, I love the sound of this – creating a beautiful fairy light snug in the corner of your garden with a blanket nearby, chiminea/firepit and a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa. To create this, you can use lanterns, table top lamps, candles, fairylights, soft furnishing, b-b-q, firepit, chimenea.  Don’t forget stargazing Collect driftwood, if not by the sea then collect treasures from lakes, lochs, rivers and streams and take home to use as indoor or outdoor decorations and bike rides.

I love the idea and principles of Hygge and a lot of these I do already but it is great to be reminded to incorporate these into your daily life.

Remember for self-care –

  • Look after yourself
  • Be mindful
  • Enjoy and appreciate each day
  • Love a lot
  • Slow down
  • Light a candle
  • And sit and enjoy a cuppa!
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Creating Your Vision For 2017

Create Your Vision For 2017

After many requests last year for another Vision Board workshop (I last did one in 2015) this month I planned 2 into my diary, and this year to open them up to anybody that wanted to attend.

I tried different venues this year to what I have used previously and different locations.

The Craft Tea Shop & Tea Room, Worthing http://www.thecraftteagiftshop.co.uk/  is a delightful independent tea room that also offers its space to hire for craft events and parties.  This is in the centre of Worthing so ideal for the town and different parking facilities.  This is also a great place to hold one to one meetings or to meet up with friends without the hassle of crowded, large coffee shops!

This was a quite evening with a small group (cancellations due to ill health etc, it is that time of year!) who certainly had first dabs at the magazines for images and words to collate and create their goals, targets and desires for 2017

The Salon North End, Portsmouth http://www.thesalonnorthend.co.uk/ is also a training school so I was able to use their training room for the workshop.   This was the first time I had run a workshop in the Portsmouth area. This is a great salon offering a variety of treatments/therapies and has the bonus of the use of a free car park at the back on the salon.

This was a very busy workshop with some attendees that knew about vision boards and some attendees that were new to this idea.

Vision Board is about and using the Law Of Attraction, The Secret, Manifesting and The Universe. It is a physical representation of your goals or desires

Everyone has goals that they want fulfilled. The question is, can I get what I want from life by just asking the Universe, believing in ether and mind control, and then waiting for a special DPD delivery package with my Apple Mac computer or VW Camper Van? Unfortunately, we can’t all win the lottery and if we did, we each wouldn’t get the £100 million total – it would be divided by all of the people wishing for it!

The reality is that there is more involved in getting what you want then simply cutting out pictures and imagining that your perfect ending has already occurred. In one sense this would be nice; little effort, maximum benefit. On the other hand, with little effort comes little respect and appreciation for the outcome and no self-development and stepping out of your comfort zone or the ability to rise to a challenge.

Now in The Secret it tells us about believing that you have already achieved your goals, that you think and believe in positivity, not negativity and what you want will come to you. This stops – your motivation, your energy, your planning (failing to plan is like planning to fail), your actions towards success, no challenges, living day to day, no deadline, no support from family, friends or groups and brings guilt, self-doubt and blaming yourself if you do not achieve your goals, targets and desires.

The real secret to achieve success is to set your goals, targets and dreams but, to implement and take action to work towards your goals and to integrate these steps to success:

  1. Accountability: You must play an active role. Your role cannot be simply one of wishful thinking. Making things happen is your responsibility – step up to the plate. However, you are notresponsible for everything that occurs in the universe outside of yourself and should not be blamed when things happen beyond your control.
  2. Values: While goals are specific locations on a map, values are like directions on a compass; our principles – who you are. Going to Rome is a goal – traveling and exploring are values.
  3. Mindfulness: Visualising a possible future as if it has already happened means that you are not living in the present. There are multiple studies showing the many health and wellness benefits of mindfulness and present living.
  4. Positivity: The glass is half full. Encouraging, less blaming and complaining, hope and optimism- the belief that good things will happen in the future,
  5. Attraction: Positivity is associated with increased success, better relationships, better jobs, improved health, being more open-minded, and many other traits and behaviours that help us to achieve goals and meet the kind of people that are positive and influential in our lives.
  6. Dominoes: It’s all about acknowledging that we have the power to choose and about appreciating our personal role in making our hopes, goals, and dreams come true. Every domino that we knock down is an accomplishment that we need to celebrate – a journey of improving our self-worth and self-esteem.
  7. Inspired Action: It is not a mystery or secret that any action you take toward your personal value-based goal will be inspired because it is deep-seated and meaningful to you. You are responsible and must play an active role in making things happen. Action is what separates dreaming and doing.

Once you have created your board don’t put it in your cupboard or drawer and forget about it.  Put it up somewhere where you will see it – on your office wall, therapy room, on a kitchen door, beside your bed to see first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Take a photo or scan your vision board onto your computer and save it as your screen saver/wallpaper for your computer or phone.  Print it off and add to your yearly planner, marketing planner, business folder etc.

To find out more about creating your own vision board then check out a previous article here or listen to a podcast about your year of vision.

There is an article in the Federation Of Holistic Therapists magazine International Therapist that was published after our first Worthing meeting in January 2015.

Have fun and dream big with your Vision Board but remember to plan and take action!

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FHT LSG Worthing meeting January 2017 with Peter Timblick and NLP

NLP – with Peter Timblick

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017

Well what a fantastic meeting we had this week for the start of 2017 and the start of another year for us as a group.

It was a very busy and well attended meeting with our guest speaker for the evening Peter Timblick of Limitless NLP



Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.

It is a method of influencing brain behaviour (the “neuro” part of the phrase) through the use of language (the “linguistic” part) and other types of communication to enable a person to “recode” the way the brain responds to stimuli (that’s the “programming”) and manifest new and better behaviours.

What would happen if you really believed you could, if you had belief, passion and determination to really achieve and exceed your goals? Would you like to wake up every morning with a smile, full of excitement about the day ahead, would you?

NLP helps your vision of your goals to be bigger and brighter. NLP uses many different techniques to help clients achieve their goals. When it comes to success, NLP has 5 principles for success to achieve the desired outcome:

  1. Know your outcome

Step 1 in the five principle for success is to really know what it is that you want to achieve or what you want your outcome to be.

  1. Take action

When you know what, you want to achieve, you need to take action. Quite simple, yet so many people sit and ponder what they should be doing next. Never actually doing what it takes to get what they want.

  1. Have sensory acuity

Be aware of the subtle signals that people give to show their emotions.

  1. Have behavioral flexibility

Be aware of your behaviour and of others.

  1. Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence

How do you stand, how you carry yourself. The thoughts that run through your mind and how you act. Make sure what it is that you want in your head and how you want to carry yourself to achieve your outcome. Is it conducive to getting the results you want?  Be sure that you act, behave and carry yourself in a way that is conducive for the end result you wish to achieve. This does not mean being false. It means act in the way that will do you proud.


One of the key factors in getting what you want is KNOWING what you want. And not just knowing what you want but WHY. This is why so many goals, targets, dreams and New Year’s Resolutions fail. Because people pick something based on someone else’s goals and dreams, not their own. In NLP there are 9 keys to achievable goals

Step 1. What specifically do you want?

Step 2. Understand your present situation. Where are you now?

Step 3. Specify the outcome as if it is happening now.

Step 4.  How will you know when you have it?

Step 5. When you achieve this, what will it allow you to do or get for you?

Step 6. Is it self-initiated and self-maintained? Is it only for you or are there others involved? If others, what is their role?

Step 7.  Are you clear on where, when, how and with whom do you want it?

Step 8. What resources are needed?

Step 9.  Is the outcome you are seeking good for you AND for the greater good? For those around you?

When it comes to decision making, we don’t want to get it wrong. We want to ensure we have looked at all possibilities before deciding. We also don’t want to spend a lot of time because, well, there are OTHER decisions to make!  To make this decision NLP uses Cartesian Questions – “X” equals the thing you are thinking about doing.

Peter went through much more in his talk (this was just my notes!)  and many questions were asked.  He also recommended many books to us to find out more on the subject and shared his training courses with us.

What a great tool for self-development NLP is!

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A Weekend Retreat For Me And My Business

Weekend Planning Retreat In Suffolk

Today is Blue Monday, well not in this little cabin!

I am back from a weekend in Thorpeness, Suffolk for a Planning Retreat with 7 other ladies.

I only knew these ladies through the group we were all in on Facebook, so I had made an acquaintance with them in there but not face to face.  So, I was going to share a house for a weekend with strangers!

To some of you this would be totally nerve racking, to some it might be a no, no but to me it was a win, win!  I get to go for a weekend away, somewhere different with my own agenda for work.

I am always going on about Business Retreats and how we should plan them regularly for our business.  This was perfect as one of those and a whole weekend for it.

The house was a holiday rental that one of the ladies found on AirBnB and it was huge, beautiful and old fashioned.  Very warmly and welcoming.  Just the place to relax.

The lady who had found this venue had also set up an agenda for the weekend that as individuals we could step in and out of as we wished:

Friday – welcome supper, introductions, expectations and plans

Saturday – EFT, Vision Board, Blogging and out with the old

Sunday – Salt dough words, guided meditation, setting goals

This was just what I was looking for.  I had already set up part of my vision board and had run a workshop on this.  Now the weekend gave me time to focus and finish it.  I set up my own agenda to complete while I was there:

  • Catch up with my journaling – life and business
  • Set up and write into my new Minerva planner
  • Plan a few more months of marketing into my ATA Planner
  • Create a list of ideas/titles for Facebook Live videos to create
  • Write out all my words of focus for the year
  • Go through and mind map my ideas and projects I have for the year
  • Brain dump jobs to outsource to a VA
  • Create pictures with Sharpies and paints
  • Discuss business books and get recommendations
  • Discuss self-help books and discuss recommendations

Now I knew I would not have time to get all these done so before I left I prioritised what needed doing (important), what was on my mind all the time (emotionally) if possible (not necessary) So I was there with an agenda, a focus, and a purpose for the weekend.  I may of ended up just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the company and chat but I knew that if I did that I would kick myself when I got home for wasting the opportunity (even if I really needed to chill out!)

It was so peaceful there that I really enjoyed the sleep and woke up early.  If you know me I am not an early bird!  So, I grabbed the opportunity on both mornings to journal before breakfast with my tea and biscuits and no social media.

I joined in on the afternoon with the vision board and looked at magazines that I didn’t have to finish my board off, but also with seeing others I got ideas to create more when I got home – images of inspiration for my spiritual development and also a board of me.  These 2 boards are a breakdown of my main vision board.  A further in depth look.

After lunch I gave a miss to the EFT and blogging and cracked on with working and writing into my new Minerva Planner.  This planner is wonderful but, I have to say that I bought the pdf version and printed it off, decorated in washi tape and added to a Filofax cover.  Even with this version I was still nervous to first write into it! Lol.  Once I got going though I didn’t have a problem sharing my ideas, dreams, goals, targets, lists, and plans into this planner.  I was writing into this not with a biro but with colourful gel pens and it does make a difference….eye catching and makes me want to look.  No pencil or biro work for me.

Before tea, we were all talking and sharing about our planners and discovering that we were all stationery addicts!  Most had been into Leonie Dawson workbooks, now some were trying Clare Mitchel’s Awesome Planner and others like myself were into Sophie Jewry’s Ultimate Planner and her Minerva Planner.  Some had purchased 6 planners for the year!  I had my eye on Clare Mitchel’s but didn’t want too many planners to work with.  I then discovered that she had now released this with the portal on pdf download, so that made my mind up and that evening I went onto the website, made the order, received the email and now looking forward to printing off the pages I need to add to my planner.  I still have to look into the portal and read the emails (but that is a job for later on today!) So many subjects were covered in our chat – unicorns, fairies, predictor pens, oracle cards, readings, organising, social media, scheduling, mentors and icons, podcasts to name a few!

After our evening meal, we then chatted about “Out with the old” and burning our written down thoughts into the open fire.  That is something I have not done before but found very interesting, thought provoking and emotional.  The evening was then spent discussing business books, recommendations and finding out one another’s book wish list.

Sunday, we were setting off for home late afternoon so the day was spent doing our own thing and the agenda was forgotten.  Here I created my list of ideas and titles for my FB Live videos and the re purposing for social media.

Lunch was at the pub or eating up the food that was left and not to be taken home.  I managed to get lot’s of planning done and by the end of the afternoon I really felt a sense of accomplishment.  I set my goals and accountability and said my goodbyes.  My 3 hours home were listening to podcasts.

Would I do this again? most definitely.  Would I recommend to anyone else? Yes I would.

Each person is different, everybody has their own agenda.  Did everyone complete what they set out to do?  Some did, some didn’t but nobody felt that they did not get their opportunity.  For some it was taking time out for themselves and self-care, for me it gave me the time to focus and plan with no distractions………no tv, no music, no noise, just general, helpful chatter.  We all helped with the cooking and setting up of meals, and the bonus of a dish washing machine.

I got home yesterday evening and up this morning with more clarity, more motivation and a plan in action to take ahead for the next couple of months.

If you get the chance to be involved in a retreat for your business or can do this own your own in a B&B etc, then I can highly recommend.  I have always done them on my own for an hour, for a morning, an afternoon or a day locally, this is the first time I have gone away for a weekend in a group.  This shows that I am feeling good in myself, confident in myself and can see the benefits of what this weekend would do for my self-development and my business.

This might be something I would consider organising for therapists and the ATA Academy later this year.  Watch this space!

Are you looking for more information to help your therapy business?  Then check out my website Ali’s Therapy Academy for free info for you to download.!

Also available in the classroom, Online Courses for you to download and work on in your own time.

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Your Experience As A Client

Do you look at your own therapy practice through your clients eyes?

Now, last week, as you know if you follow my page, I had a spa day at Champneys which was lovely, a lovely day, and was a Christmas present and a voucher from my husband for Christmas. Finally used that and had a day on my own.

What I want to talk about with you today is something of what I experienced on that spa day, but you can also take into your business. Now, what I want you to do is to actually look at your own therapy practice, your own therapy business, as a client’s experience. How would they see it in their eyes? If you’ve got a really good client that you can talk to, that you can really chat with, somebody that’s been with you a very long time, maybe you can actually have a sit down and have a chat with them. Find out what their experience has been like, what it’s been like for them. What I’m also saying, is, go and have an experience yourself at a spa day, if you get the chance a spa day or day in a hotel or if you go off and have treatments yourself with another therapist or at a little centre, beauty place. Have a look. I know it’s all about you and you want to relax and enjoy, but also have a look and see how they treat you.

The reason I’m saying this is that I just want to share what happened to me. Now, the whole day, once I was there, and it was lovely, the whole day was just immense, fabulous, I absolutely loved it, but on the voucher, I received and my husband printed it off, it didn’t say anything about how you redeemed the voucher, so my husband assumed that I would just go up there for the day and hand my voucher over when I got there. I double checked and there was nothing, again, on my voucher or any print off to say what I had to do. I thought, “Being as it’s a big place, I’m sure they’re busy, I will email them to check.” Again, no contact information on the voucher. I had to go on their website to find out contact information to email them to ask them, “Do I book up and if so can I have this day? I’ve got this date in mind.” Which was only the following week. “Can I have this date in mind or can I just turn up?” In forty-eight hours, they come back with the response of, “Yes, you do have to book up because this can be busy.”

Now, obviously within your own small therapy business the clients are going to know they’ve got to book it up first, because it’s not like a spa day, they’re going to know, but I’m sure we’re all putting our contact information, email address, telephone number and our website on the vouchers for the person to contact. This wasn’t on the vouchers. As I said, as it’s a spa day you’re not sure. As I said, probably common sense said to me to contact and ring up or email, but my husband, no, he just thought I would turn up with the voucher.

Anyway, they contacted me forty-eight hours later to say, “Yes, you do have to book in advance. Yes, there are some spaces available at the spa you request on this day. Do you want to book that up?” I said, “Yes please. Here’s my contact information.” Not that they asked for that, but I gave it to them anyway. My contact information, my address and everything. “Can you please let me know what I need to provide, what I need to take with me, anything I need to know on the day?” They emailed me back saying, “Thank you very much but the resort will be in touch with you, the confirmation will be involved and you’ll get all that.” As it was, yes, I then got an email confirmation saying that my booking was confirmed and it was on this date. All it asked me to get then was to go click on the website and I had to fill in my email that was registered to get what they call a ‘guest list’ so that will give you all the information on the day. When I actually went to that and typed in my email address it didn’t recognise it, so that didn’t work. Whether it was because then I’d done that only the day before, I don’t know. That got me in a bit of a panic then of, “Are they going to expect me tomorrow?”

Also, what I noticed on their confirmation on booking it said, “Day at a spa day, arriving on the date, departing the next day.” I thought, “Oh, have they now got me in for twenty-four hour stay and I’ve got overnight accommodation or what?” Again, that wasn’t clear. It said it was a day spa, arriving at nine, having my lunch, whether my lunch was included, and a thalassotherapy session and departing at six, but then what is said on the next section was ‘Depart’, it said, Thursday the date. That was a bit confusing. Anyway, as I said, I couldn’t get the client list, so I printed off all the emails, everything that I’d received, to drive up the next day. I took that, and on arrival at reception she said, “Oh yes,” and she marked it off. They were expecting me, it was the day, which was lovely.

The girl was busy on reception, so that was fine, but she took the time then to show me where the changing rooms were, where the couple of the rooms, where I was going to go and have my lunchtime meal and also led me to my breakfast, which was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting that, so that was lovely, my welcome breakfast. She also gave me a little pack which was like a welcome pack with booklet of what classes and talks and all that were available. I grabbed my breakfast, sat down, I went through the booklet. Nothing in the booklet said anything about the thalassotherapy, about what I do, whether I just turned up there at any time and to show my ticket or anything. They had a whole lovely long list of classes and talks, but again, I didn’t know whether I had to book to go to them in advance or just turned up.

Off I went, done my sauna, my swim, just relaxing, lazing about, and I saw people queuing up outside a thalassotherapy room for their twenty-five-minute session. I thought, “Oh, are they just standing there because they want to go in now or is it they’ve got to book in advance?” When I came out to go off for my lunch I asked, and I went back to the reception, I said, “Excuse me, I’ve got a thalassotherapy session in, do I have to book that in?” She said, “Oh yes, you go and see the treatment suite.” I said, “Where’s that?” “Oh right, up the stairs.” Off I went, girl was there on reception there, and I asked her, and she said, “Do you know when you’re booked in for?” “No, that’s why I’m here, as I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s there on my voucher, but do I book, do I go straight in?” She said, “Oh no, you book your space.” I said, “Okay.” I said, “What’s available?” She said, “I’ve got this, this and this.” I said, “Oh right, I’ll book in for that time then for after my lunch.” “Lovely, right, that’s fine.”

Off I go back down, go off for my lunch.  As I’m sitting there I’m thinking, “Right, what am I going to do this afternoon? There’s walks I’d like to go on, there’s also the talk. Do I want to do that, or do I just not want to do anything?” I was sitting there mulling that over, went off then and led in the nice chill out room, waiting for twenty-five minutes before I had my thalassotherapy, still mulling things over. Goes and has my thalassotherapy session for twenty-five minutes, decided I would go to reception and ask about the class, not to go on the walk, but I’d go and do the talk.  I thought, “I’ll go to reception and ask there, do I book in or do I just go to the room?” Because, again, nothing in the booklet that said.

She had a long queue again, she was short staffed, and again, I’m not having a go at the receptionist, but she was short of staff, she was dealing with some complaints, she was dealing with other people, and I thought, “This is silly, it’s like, still ten minutes to go to the thing, I don’t even know whether I’m going to get there in time. I’m just going to go straight down to the room and be there and see what the speaker says.” I went down, speaker’s there. There’s only two of us, in we go, we have the talk, that’s lovely. All I’m saying is, on my day, was just really a lack of communications and technical things that didn’t work, short of staff, not quite sure what was going on. I’d even seen a poster outside the spa rooms to say about the thalassotherapy, but on their it still didn’t say anything about booking in, paying extra, or anything.

This is what I want you to think about. How was it with your clients on their first appearance?  Now, a spa day is different to a person self-employed working on their own. Okay, you’re probably talking to them as they book up. You will also probably have all the notification on the voucher when you give it to that person who’s buying the voucher. Because if they’re buying it as a gift for somebody else you say to them, “Oh, here’s the voucher, there’s the expiry date, there’s the details. All they’ve got to do is ring me up and book me up whenever they’re ready.” Which they’ll pass on to them when they give them the voucher. There’s not a possibility of buying vouchers on my website. If you’ve got that availability on there, make sure that you’ve got a mention of what happens when the person buys a voucher, whether it’s what becomes part of the download that gets given with the voucher itself, or whether if somebody then accesses to look at the vouchers, the information is there. There’s that part of it.

You may have a clinic, you may have beauty rooms, you may actually be running a centre. Again, not like a spa day, but again, think about it, think about what’s happening if a person comes to you for a package. Think about the communication, think about the confirmation. Again, somebody rings you or emails you to book an appointment if you’re a self-employed therapist, then you will email them back confirming a date, confirming the booking. You might set up a document or a Q&A part on your website and you’ll link it in to say, “Most common Q&A questions asked when booking.” You’ll say, “Turning up on time. Don’t wear your best underwear. What consultation sheet will be filled in.” You might put in there the healing crisis advice. You might have all that stuff in.

I create a welcome package, a welcome pack which I print of and give to client when they come in. I sometimes can also send that off in PDF when confirming a new client, I can send that welcome pack to them for them to read in advance. It’s got the welcome information, it’s got my price list, it’s got all the contacts, all the social media links, everything like that, so they’ve got it in advance. They either get it in advance or they get it as a welcome pack when they attend. It’s got lots of information in there, so I don’t always have to then repeat myself.

If this was given on the website of the spa – my questions were like, towels, I couldn’t remember whether there were enough towels, whether you got given a towel, and then I needed an extra one because of my hair. I couldn’t remember. It’s also, I’d been there last year, and I knew the place had been refurbed since then so whether things had changed. I didn’t realise there was lots of rolled up towels that are available for you to pick up and help yourself whenever. I’m still a bit of a country bumpkin, so I don’t know these things, but it would easy, even if it’s common sense that it’s just set up as like a little list before you go, of what you need to take with you.

Again, just the basics of when you’ve got a client. When they’re buying their vouchers, to be aware that when they’re coming to your appointment, that they’re going to be given a consultation, they’re going to go through a consultation with you, not to wear their best underwear because of oil or wax or whatever you’re using. Just think that when you go to a place, just see what the customer experience is like when you book up to go somewhere, see what the customer experience is like, see what you can learn, check out their flyers, check out their adverts, check out their bits of marketing, whatever they’ve got round the spa or round the centre, there might be some ideas that you might like to think and think, “Oh yeah, I can do that.” It might be, again, like I saw that poster on thalassotherapy, there was nothing there to say that you had to book up. That could have been put on the bottom of the poster, to go to treatment room reception to book your twenty-five-minute session.

There’s these type of things that you need to look at which would be great for you to look at, checking out their web … Going through the whole system of a client or a guest at these spas or days out and what your experience is, is what you can also then take back and feed into your own business, because even though they’re a big corporate, you can still take stuff back to feed to your own. Certainly, if you go to a beauty clinic or you go to … I know I’ve had treatments years ago, I’ve had therapy sessions years ago, when I’ve gone in for a full body massage and the only details they’ve taken from me is my telephone number. They haven’t taken my address … They’ve got my name and my telephone number, but they haven’t got my address, they haven’t got my email, they’ve taken no client consultation, no medical history, no nothing!

When you have got an opportunity, yes, still go and enjoy, I’m not saying, lie there and check out what the therapist is doing. Still enjoy there and enjoy your day, but also just be aware, because you can always take photographs, everybody now uses their mobile phones in their spa just to take photographs of the pool and the room and whatever. You could take photographs just as a reminder then for when you got home, or pick up leaflets or whatever just to see what they are. Think about customer experience, what you’re going through, what somebody’s going through, whether you’re a therapist on your own, whether you hire a treatment room, whether you own a clinical centre or whether you actually own a spa. Have a look and see what your experience is and how you can fit that into your own business.


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