Natural First Aid for Winter Ailments

Natural First Aid for Winter Ailments

Most of us feel lucky if we get through the winter without succumbing to flu, coughs, sore throats, a cold, or all four. Dropping temperatures and a lack of sunlight weakens our immune system which means we pick up bugs more easily! So, for your best chance of keeping healthy for the rest of the winter, wrap up warm, get as much sunlight as possible and try some of my natural remedies to help keep those winter ailments at bay!Aromatherapy

People with arthritis may experience their condition worsening in the winter months with the cold causing even achier bones and joints. For smaller areas such as knees, fingers, hips and neck use Arnica Salve.  For all over use try a blend of aromatherapy essential oils including Lavender, Ginger, Black Pepper, Clary Sage and Marjoram.  Hot Wheatie Bags can also be used – these are heated in the microwave.

You could also use Bergamot and Lavender Essential Oils in a burner or on a tissue behind a radiator to fragrance your room.

Bronchitis symptoms can be caused by viruses or bacteria and is a sign that your immune system is under performing.  Tea-Tree in the bath or in a burner would be my first suggestion.  Lemon is also anti-viral and antibacterial but is inappropriate for the bath if you have sensitive skin. Diet and lifestyle issues should be considered, particularly any stress. My favourite ‘de-stressing oils’ include Bergamot,  Geranium,  Frankincense and Clary Sage.   Any of these works well with Tea-Tree or in combination.

Benzoin is also a particularly good oil for chest problems and Melissa (Lemon Balm) can also help. Avoid the ‘hot’ oils that are likely to sensitise the mucous membranes of your respiratory tract, like Eucalyptus and Menthol/Mint. Vicks and Olbas Oil both include these ingredients. For a ready-made solution try Organic Defence.

Circulation problems
These are very common in winter, especially with people whose mobility is limited. Ginger is one of many oils that may help. However, Thyme is stronger and likely to be more effective.

Chilblains are swellings, usually on the fingers and toes. They occur in cold weather when small blood vessels beneath the skin narrow to help keep blood warm: if they narrow too much, insufficient blood and oxygen reaches the skin. Chilblains may become infected if the skin breaks down. Try a blend of Chamomile (natures’ steroid) and Tea-Tree to help stop itching.

Are are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. Herpes Simplex is ‘systemic’, which means it is in all of us – usually harmlessly. However, when the immune system is compromised, it can lead to highly infectious outbreaks of blisters/sores. Tea-Tree if used regularly in the bath or on the skin will control the symptoms but if outbreaks are frequent a GP’s advice should be sought.

Nasal congestion
For nasal congestion, a few drops of Chamomile, Geranium and Lavender on a tissue inside your pillowcase or nearby can be beneficial. Chamomile has a natural anti-inflammatory action, Lavender is antibacterial and Geranium is balancing for the hormones and relaxing. Three other oils that may help are Benzoin, and Tea-Tree.   Avoid ‘hot’ oil and camphoric treatments such as ‘Vicks’ or ‘Olbas Oil’ as they are stimulants and, in the long term, can irritate the mucous membranes of the body.  Eucalyptus Salve is a good alternative.

I would also suggest that when running a bath you run hot water first to create a steamy atmosphere. Add Tea-Tree and Lavender (six drops of each) to the bath (not directly under the tap). Leave the steamy atmosphere to develop for five minutes or so, and then add cold to suit and bathe for at least 10 minutes. Lavender is antibacterial and a painkiller, whilst Tea-Tree is anti-viral and also an immune system tonic, which will help your condition.

Using Your Oils

Once you’ve decided on your blend of oils use one of the following methods for treatment:-

Mix 4-10 drops with milk (to aid dispersion) to the bath.

Put 4 – 6 drops in water on top of an Aromatherapy burner.

Add 2 drops to a tablespoon full of Sweet Almond Oil and massage affected area or back.

Add 2 drops to a tablespoonful of fragrance free shampoo or bath and shower gel.

Put 2 drops onto a pillow or night clothes. Or, put the oils on a tissue and breathe in the aroma or put the oils on a hanky and lay on a nearby radiator.

Note: For children it is important to adapt the quantities according to weight. The above guidelines are based on the treatment of an individual weighing 10 stones and the quantities need adjusting down according to the weight of the child.  Oils are not suitable for use during pregnancy.

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Elderberry & Propolis Throat Spray

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Elderberry & Propolis Throat Spray

Are you looking for something natural to help with your throat.  Well here is a naturally soothing and delicious herbal blend.

Made using a traditional recipe of organic honey, elderberries and propolis, our soothing throat spray helps to support the immune system and is full of natural goodness.Elderberry and Propolis throat spray

Naturally protective, with antiseptic properties, propolis is used by bees to seal and protect their hives.  It is combined with antioxidant-rich elderberries and soothing honey – a natural energy booster.


  • Naturally soothing
  • Helps support the immune system
  • For all the family – aged 6 years or over
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • No genetically modified ingredients

How to Use:

5 full sprays in the mouth up to four times a day. For children aged 6 – 12 years, 2 full sprays up to four times per day. Not recommended for children under 6 years.

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Organic Berry Complex with Antioxidant



NEW Organic Berry Complex with Antioxidant Vitamin C

A powerhouse of antioxidants to help boost collagen and skin’s radiance

This delicious, highly nutritious organic complex is bursting with organic acerola cherry extract, rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and phytonutrients to help boost your skin’s collagen production, support your immune system and give you antioxidant protection.Berry Complex

Carefully blended with organic superfruits, omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, to provide a natural source of fibre and non-animal protein. Organic Berry Complex is ideal for all the family, vegetarians and vegans.


  • Radiance boosting skin food
  • Collagen boosting
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress
  • Helps support the immune system with vitamin C-rich acerola cherry
  • Add to water, juice, smoothies, muesli, yoghurt or cereal
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No preservatives
  • Organic açaí is a natural antioxidant to help give protection from ageing free radicals
  • Organic acerola cherry extract is rich in vitamin C to support the immune system and normal collagen function of the skin
  • Organic blackcurrant, blackberry and blueberry are high in antioxidants and vitamins
  • Organic pomegranate juice is antioxidant antioxidant
  • Organic green bell pepper is a source of fibre to aid digestion
  • Organic chia seed helps give greater endurance and wellbeing
  • Organic goji extract helps increase longevity, beauty, strength and libido

How to Use:

It’s easy! Just add 1 scoop of Organic Berry Complex powder to water, juice or your favourite smoothie for a delicious, skin-boosting drink. Just great to add to your Nutribullet Blast drink as I do daily!  Or simply sprinkle over muesli, yoghurt or cereal, and enjoy!

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Helping Your Animals on Bonfire Night


This is a timely reminder for you that this is not only brilliant for humans but this is also safe for animals! Rescue Remedy is very comforting for pets on bonfire night. The best way to give it is on a treat. Otherwise, dab it behind the ears, on the paws or just add a few drops to water or food. May also be helpful with firework noises!

Rescue Remedy

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November Offer – Hot Stone Reflexology!



Upgrade to a hot stone reflexology for free when you book for a reflexology session for £30.00 a saving of £10.00!!!
* spending an hour on some quality ‘me’ time for yourself
* relaxing
* soothing, warming and comforting with hot stones
* may help with circulation and joint pain

Available now till Friday 27th November. Email, phone or text for more information or to book!

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One morning I was walking…….

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One Morning I Was Walking…….

I try to go walking most mornings and I am very lucky that I live about 20 minutes from the sea front in Littlehampton, West Sussex.  So I can walk for about an hour and cover 3 miles from my front door into Littlehampton, along the seafront to Rustington and back.20151012_093645

Now most days I plug in my mp3 player and I used to listen to the Archer’s omnibus podcast and also Rhod Gilberts Radio Wales show, then I also added business podcasts so I had time to learn as I walked.

These mornings were enjoyable and I looked forward to me catching up to the lastest ‘soap’ news and creating new ideas while I was benefiting my health with exercise.

A couple of mornings I was out without my podcasts because I had not recharged my ipod overnight!  Gasp! Oh my goodness, I will have to walk and listen to the noise of the traffic and life going on!

Well I did a couple of mornings – at different times – between 8am and 8.15am start and I have to say I noticed a difference!

I left the house at 8.15 for my walk (I was lucky the weather was lovely and sunny for October)  and yest the traffic was busy, there were people about and it was the general hub of every day life.  The view was still lovely but I felt crowded, harassed and bothered.  So even after an hours walk I still felt quite tense.

When I left the house at 8am – what a difference. Honestly, it was the same weather, but such a different feel.  The sun was up over the water but had a lovely glow, there was no traffic, hardly anyone about only dog walkers who all smiled and said ‘good morning’ and the only other life about was the birds, singing.  Now this feeling was really strange as when I looked out into the water I could of been anywhere and actually I felt like I was walking along the coast in Gran Canaria (not as a dramatic view!) as I do in the mornings on my holidays there. The weather was comfortably warm, it was peaceful and I suddenly realised what people really meant when they said how it felt a joy to be alive!20151012_093635

Now as a therapist I know all about mindfulness, relaxation and meditation but I admit I have my problems in achieving this – certainly not practising what I preach, but suddenly in the moment I knew what it meant, how it felt.

I was very grateful to be there at the moment, taking in the surroundings, my feelings, the way my body reacted.  My head is normally so busy, even without podcasts, my head is busy with ideas and what I have to do for the day.  To suddenly stop and appreciate what is around, not to take it for granted and to realise and be grateful for what I have around me – to stop – I am so pleased I had that moment, that feeling and that realisation.

I still go out now most mornings around 8am.  Even when the weather is bad.  The sun doesn’t shine so much, the wind blows that bit more but the peace is still there.  The waves may be higher, but the relaxation is still there.

If you can try and get outside, whether it is on the coast or in the countryside, but if you can in the morning and really ‘feel’ what is about and really ‘see’ your surroundings.

It is really amazing to be mindful of our place of home, our world.

PS  As an add on to this, while in Chichester to attend a meeting, I have for many months20151022_122537 been wanting to have a look at the canal and on my way back to the my car I decided to stop and have a look.  I did not realise how beautiful and again how quiet the area could be.  Again under my nose and not realising that in the centre of a busy city there is a peaceful, beautiful area that you can just go to and ‘be’.  Take a look at your area, you might suddenly find somewhere that you did not really see!

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