My Soul Week 2017

My Big Adventure To Glastonbury

Last year I took a week off in October just to have time for me and do things I wanted to do – not work-related, not housework, no chores, just things that I wanted to do for me.  In that week I achieved creating lots of paintings, colouring in, making cards, reading, walking and even a day trip to the Champneys Spa in Forest Mere.

The more I took time out for myself that week, the more I enjoyed,  I  called it my Soul Week as I did anything that fed my soul.  It was a wonderful, selfish week and I thoroughly benefited from it that I promised myself that I would pencil one in my diary every year from then on.

This year was pencilled in for October again and I was scanning the offers for Champneys for another spa day.  This year though an idea was sparked.  I have been wanting to go to Glastonbury the last few years to visit some famous spots and hoped to go camping there.  Husband was not too keen though (many excuses made, no good campsites etc) so a lightbulb moment came to me while chatting with a friend, of why not go on my own for 2 days with an overnight stay?

Google was searched and my room was booked for the night and all put into my diary.

The night before I was very nervous in going as anxiety kicked in and negative mind monkeys played games.  I shared my thoughts on FB and a lovely therapist left me a comment to say that I should think of it as an adventure – wonderful and that is exactly what it became.

My trip there was beautiful and I was lucky with 2 glorious days of sunshine with stunning scenery.  I found it easily and excitedly walked my way to the town from my hotel car park.  I eagerly searched the bookshops and immersed myself in all things spiritual and holistic.  I wandered around and in, many of the shops and took in the architecture and people around.  I didn’t feel out of place or worried about being on my own.

After finally checking into my room (which was huge by the way and I would highly recommend) I  on my walking boots and walked to The Tor.  It was a steep walk up with many steps but still a glorious evening with sunshine.  As I got to the top everybody disappeared and I had the area to myself. Gosh, it was breathtaking, what views, what energy.  Plenty of time to soak it all in and meditate and say my thanks.  I was there for over an hour watching the sunset with not a soul in sight.  Peace and quiet with just the birds singing.

I left before it got too late and as the sun was setting and people arrived as I walked back down the hill and made my way back to my room.  I had taken my journals with me as I wanted to write down my learnings from the 2 days, but I have to say I wrote more like 6 pages of learnings about my self and some realisations that were incredible.

After checking out the next morning, I walked to The Chalice Gardens and Well which is situated below The Tor and spent a glorious couple of hours wandering around the gardens in Autumn.  Many seats are set up for quiet reflection and to drink the spring water. I had the company of a robin with me who sat quietly with me on one seat for 10 minutes.  He/she was lovely company.

The Chalice Well is breathtaking and peaceful and really pulls you to sit and be.  For having such a busy mind, this was one place where I sat mindfully with no problem (pity I cannot be here every day).

I made my way back through the town for one last time and then back to the car.  Many purchases were made of Oracle Decks and books – “Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell (who I am seeing on Sunday – lucky me) and “F**k it the ultimate spiritual way” by John C Parkin.  Both became clear why these were bought on reading the description.

I have always been told that the Universe will let you know and that it will point you in the right direction or show signs.  I have to say after those 2 days in Glastonbury I totally believe, because of things that were discovered and fell into place all made sense by the end of the week.  A lot of these things are personal discoveries to me so I will not share in here but just to say it left me amazed.

Has this fed my soul?  Oh definitely yes.  Would I visit again?  Yes for the day at least?

Definitely an adventure and now planning more for me next year.  Where should I visit next?


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Part 2 – How and what to blog

Blogging – What Do I Do Now?

Let’s recap from the previous blog, why blogging is important as a marketing tool.

There are main four things that you can use blogging for:

  1. It drives to the website
  2. It shows your expertise
  3. It builds up a relationship
  4. It builds up for clients to book

There are many ways that you can blog. Whether it’s sitting there typing something up, whether it’s creating a video and then getting that transcribed and using that as a blog. You can actually set up a strategy for the whole year so that you’re using national celebrations, national awareness, to blog on. You might want to blog little bits on your own experience that’s been happening to you. But it’s an online world now. More and more people are using social media. It’s not something that we can avoid.

I hear a lot of people saying though “Oh, yeah, but blogging, oh, you know, it’s something I’ve got to do but haven’t got time for.”  Maybe you haven’t got a website, and you just think, “Oh, that’s it, I can’t blog then.” You can now create long posts on Facebook and use that as a blog. Or actually, use what they call ‘notes’. If you look on your Facebook page, there is a section when you’re going to put a status update, it asks you, do you want to add a photo, a Facebook live, put an offer on, etc. One of them will create a note. That gives you a lovely header and a nice big long page that you can write on. Or short, if you want to create a short one. On the left-hand side where all the categories are and the tabs are, there’s a special one for notes and they all go in there. So again, it’s somewhere there that you can lead them to your notes, where you’ve got all your blogs and they don’t get lost in your timeline as posts can.


People won’t just book straightaway from a website. Not normally. They’ll normally check out your website to see what you do and how much you offer your treatment. They want to find out if it’s what they’re looking for if you can help them with their problem. So that’s where the blogs come in, again, to share your knowledge, to show you know what you’re doing.

There are many things that you can use within that blog. This is what I’ve thought about before when I’ve talked about using Facebook Live. It’s repurposing. So, you’ve written that blog. Or you don’t want to sit at that screen and you get a blank screen. Why not look at Google Docs and under their tab of tools on a document, there’s voice recognition? So, you can talk it out. Again, you can do this, you can talk it out, get Audacity or something to record what you’re saying, and then get someone like or somebody you know with VA or someone, to transcribe that audio for you. But again, you can use Google Docs. Talk it through, talk out loud your blog, and then Google Docs will type it up. So, you’ve got the blog done for you. You can then just copy and paste that into your website.

To help me, I created a blog post dump sheet so that I can create the titles, date it’s going to publish, a category that it’s going to be in and more. This just helps me when I get an idea to store that idea somewhere and at a later time really break it down what I want to include – images, web links, call to action etc.

So, blogs are really powerful things. They can really share and help people get to know you and to build trust and to see what you’re doing. So, this is why I always recommend, that you just get started.  Don’t wait to be perfect, practice helps you get better.  My first ones, like my newsletters, were awful as I did not quite understand the tech either so images were a bit misplaced, but as I worked with it more and learned more than, the better they became.  You could just do a small post on Facebook and then build up to creating your blog post.

The more you do, the more you practise, and I don’t mean practice sitting at home writing it up and then binning it. Practice putting it on, start your blog.

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Blogging Part One – Why should I blog?


Today’s blog is about…. blogging and why it’s such a powerful tool to use as part of your marketing.

Now I’m often, and I’m guilty of this when I first started, for quite a few years always running offers on a reduction in therapies. Even possibly giving therapies away, doing them for free, or saying that they’re half price. It’s fine, I agree to do that to a certain extent if it’s a recommendation or a referral or if it’s a promotion of getting a new therapy out there. I can totally understand why you want to reduce the price and offer it, putting it as an offer.  But what I really want you to try and do is to think of value added. Others talk about this as well, and that is grouping things together, or being able to offer something as well as that therapy, that’s not going to cost you a lot, that you can do as an add-on. So like reflexology, add in 15-20 minutes free hand massage. Or having a facial and offering a hand massage or a foot massage for free. So you’re valuing that little treatment that you’re doing that is taking you only 15-20 minutes and not much product, but it’s almost like valued to £20. So that’s the added value, it’s that retail value that you’re adding to your therapy.

But, what I want you to think of is that you’re using a lot of social media to promote yourself. So your adding things there, you’re telling people about your qualifications, your training, your experience, what you’ve done, etc. Hopefully, you’re doing a newsletter as well, where you’re sharing helpful hints and tips. And blogs should be the third part of that because what you’re sharing is that you’re an expert. You are sharing valuable content for free, in those three ways of marketing pillars or media.

So social media, newsletters, and blogs, you are giving to people for free. You might also have a freebie sign up like a checklist, or the tips to self-care, tips to self-help, tips to using essential oils, tips to taking care of the feet, hand, or foot massage, hand massage, tips to take care of tension, you are giving them all of that absolutely free. So why give them a therapy at a cheaper price as well? These are your four things that you are giving to people, you are sharing with people, you are helping people. You are giving away valuable stuff there. That should be the ones that you give away. Your therapies then come in as their full value. You are sharing your expertise. This is what blogging, social media is all used for. You are sharing your expertise.

Just think about it, the years of training you’ve put in, the years of studying, the assignments you’ve written up, all the assessments you’ve done with body massage, hands-on with your case studies. Think of all that training you’ve done. You look at that than compared to somebody else. So you’re an expert because you know then that person that’s looking for help. There are people are there that are looking for you to help them. They might be looking some more specifics. That’s why we say to niche and have your ideal client. So they might be looking more for helping with aches and pains, for helping with fertility, for helping through with pregnancy massage, for helping with nutrition. They might be suffering from an allergy problem. They might have trouble sleeping.

So there are people out there that’s Google searching for you – “massage therapist in their area,” for “reflexology,” “Indian head massage,” whatever. They’re Google searching for you, in their area. And if you’re blogging about your knowledge, about fertility, about nail care, facial care, if you’re blogging about the skin, caring for feet, if you’re blogging what you’re trained in and what you know, your therapy practice will come up.  This is what you can do within a blog. You can share these helpful hints and tips, you can share the advice, you can maybe share your knowledge, maybe an own history of you, of why you’ve become involved in that.  You can then build up that relationship and leads to them becoming your clients.

What you do with your blogs is that you drive them to your website. You can write up a blog, attach it to your website. You can then share the link on your social media page. You can share the link in your newsletter. So, you can just write a couple of lines at the beginning of your blog and then to read more, highlight it and tag it then onto your website, so that you can then read more about it. Might be you want to talk about summer care, might be winter care. Autumn. SAD syndrome. There can be all sorts of things that you can discuss and talk about with a blog.  It builds trust and relationship. People get to know you. They get to find out about your business, about you, and then the more they read and the more they like them, they eventually will make that appointment and book you up.

In Part 2 of this blog, I will take you through how you can blog and ways to create ideas.  Also about using Notes on Facebook as added value.

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It’s September And Back To School

It’s September And Back To School

Well, it’s been over a week now that they are back at school and how are you?

For some of you, the last 6 weeks of the summer school holidays have been an absolute joy as you have spent some quality family time with your children or grandchildren and you have spent very many happy days together.

For others, you may be feeling wrung out!  The last 6 weeks have been awful – “are we there yet” “I’m bored”  still wringing in your ears with trying to keep them happy and active over the summer.

Lol, I am probably exaggerating a bit but I remember when my boys were young, I was always relieved when they went back to school and life got back to normal 😉

Starting a new school or a new year can be a worrying time for all concerned.  The children with new places, new faces, and parents, first-day nerves, morning routine and being prepared.

So I thought I would go through a couple of things that might help all of you in your daily life and routine whether children, parents or grandparents.

First Day Nerves

For children, the first day or first month can be a nervous time, new teachers, new classroom, uniform, classmates, new classes and more.  Just finding their way around each day.  Bach Flower Remedies or Rescue Remedy is a great support to this.  A blend of flower vibrations to help with the person’s emotional state.  Suitable for children and mums and dads.  The remedies help with nerves for fear of know and unknown things, lack of confidence, overwhelm, lack of energy, mental tiredness, overconcern, protection, unwanted thoughts, and fears.

Because my boys did not like taking any medicine or medicine like (I am a witch!) Bach Flower is great because I added it to their breakfast cereal milk and their school drink.  So they were taking the remedy without realising.  Also great to sneak into the husbands coffee if he is struggling……  It helped to keep them calm and face the day.  They took it all in their stride.  Contact me if you want more information on this.

Morning Routine

How are your mornings?  Are you good that you are up early to get everything ready for the day or are you rushing around throwing everything into bags?  Some are super organised and prepare the school lunch boxes the night before (I was not one of them!)  Some children are up early and helpful, some need a wet flannel to get them out of bed in the morning.

There are lots of blogs, articles, information, Facebook groups etc to help you set up a daily morning routine but here is an article I like from “A Fine Parent”

Night Time Routine

I could never get this right!  There would normally be tantrums about going to bed, turning the light off and going to sleep lol  Again trying to get into a routine is a great idea but not always possible.  Here is a suggestion from Aha! Parenting

Lunch Boxes

I have 2 boys that are a stickler for routine in their lunch box.  It never changed in all their school years.  It would be the same every day……. marmite sandwich (yuck 🙂 ), a packet of crisps, bar of chocolate for one and the other was a hand and pickle sandwich, a packet of crisps, bar of chocolate and small yoghurt pot.  Never changed in all their years.  I tried but they wouldn’t eat anything different.  I was so worried about them eating healthy.  Now they are at an age where I have given up and they sort their lunchtimes out themselves, but I do like to prepare a healthy lunch box for me on occasions.  Check out Pinterest for healthy lunchbox ideas


Do you often hear the familiar sound of “mum have you seen my PE kit?” Do you have trouble remembering what different things are happening during the day? doctors, dentists, mums taxi, after-school clubs, swimming, friends birthday party invite, friends sleep over – the list goes on.  There are many ways to be organised whether it takes pretty planners (I am a stationery addict) or giving everyone their own tasks.  I found this website 2 years ago.  It is American but I love her suggestions and receive her newsletter to give me ideas to help myself and my family.  Check out Organize 365 you might be surprised!


These are just a couple of my suggestions and ideas.  They may not work for you but they will certainly give you an idea or 2.  Try out Pinterest for lots of ideas to help with your daily life, certainly, there are alternative and complementary therapies to help with Back To School and Back To Work.

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Are You Doing These Tips In Your Marketing?


We always talk about how you can do the marketing and this I will cover time and time again. You know, when we’re looking at your marketing pillars and what you can use for marketing and different things. But there’s really four points I want you to remember when you are thinking about your marketing. Because it might be that you’re doing all the pillars, you are putting everything in place, but it might be these four main things that you may not be thinking of when you are doing the marketing, and that’s why it might not be succeeding that you want it to do, or getting the clients that you want.

Tip one – Really is to stop marketing to everyone.

Now, you may have heard this.  I know in the first few years of running my own therapy business that I was out there, and if anybody asked me, “Oh, can you do this therapy?  Yeah, I can do it for everyone”. I can massage the elderly. I can massage children. I can massage mums, dads, females, women, men. You know, all my therapies would help everyone.  So I was marketing the same way.  Yes, I did get clients. But again, not as many as I wanted. It took me a long while to create and get the business and to get the clients that I wanted

Then finally, with having some proper marketing training, which I then obviously had to tweak for my own business, I realised what was going wrong, that I was putting my marketing message out to everybody. Yeah, I can work on everyone, but when you put your marketing message out to everybody, nobody will see it.  What you need to do is not to market to everyone, because then it’s like a scattergun approach. It’s just scattering everywhere and nobody seeing it.

What you need to do is where we call the ideal client. Now, in the marketing world and in the corporate world, they’ll all know what I mean with that. But a lot of therapists and myself included, years ago thought, “What?” You know, “What’s an ideal client? What’s the target market? I’ll work with anyone. I’m not ruling anyone out because if I rule anyone out then they’re not going to know about me, I’m not going to be able to work with them. No, no, I’m not missing anyone out.” That’s fine, but if you use that same marketing message to everyone, nobody’s going to see it.

You will have a client who you love working with. Look at the clients you’ve got now, is there a common denominator for the clients you’ve got, that the ones you really like working with? Looking at that common denominator, if there’s something that stands out, that’s your ideal client.  Or there’s a client that you’ve got that you really like and you want more of that client, that’s your ideal client. That’s your target message or your target market.

You have a marketing message for that ideal client. If you then want to also work with children, you want to work with mums, you want to work with the elderly. Well, if you start talking about fertility or pregnancy massage or sports injuries, the elderly are probably not going to look at it. So if you want to work on the elderly, you’ll have a marketing message for the elderly. If you want to work with the dads, you’ll use the language and the marketing message for the dads. If you’re looking for the mums, if you’re looking for the children, have a marketing message and be specific. If you can nail it down and you only want one ideal client, even better, because that just means it’s simpler marketing for you.

Tip number two – Stop selling the services, sell the solutions.

Okay? So when you’re putting your leaflets together, when you’re doing your website, when you’re talking about reflexology, when you’re talking about massage, when you’re talking about Indian head, if you’re talking about beauty therapy treatments, if you’re talking about hairdressing, don’t talk about what it is you can actually do, okay? People don’t really want to know all about what it is you are, what you’ve trained in, how many years you’ve been training,  what qualifications you have, all that, they don’t want to know that. They want to know what’s in it for them.

So you start then, sharing with them the benefits. So it’s the solutions and the benefits. So you’re selling them the solution of what you can do. Now, I know in our industry we have to be very careful because of the Advertising Standards Agency, and we’ve got to be careful of what we can say. If you go to their website, and also on the Academy website, there’s a link there that takes you straight to the ASA, so you can find out what you can and cannot say. We can’t talk about conditions.  But we can’t talk about it in our marketing.

We are helping and aiding people and supporting them with their back problem. We’re not dealing with that back problem. That’s how we market it. We’re not working on that back problem. We are helping and aiding our clients to help with their back problem. We’re supporting our clients. When you’re going through this, you’re talking about the solutions and you’re talking about the benefits, it’s what are they going to feel? What’s their experience in having a therapy session with you? You know, sell your therapy room. What type of experience are they going to get. Look at what they’re feeling will be. So it’s all about what’s in it for them and why they should come and see you.

Tip number three – Be visible.

This is one I always see and I get when I chat to other therapists and I ask them “How are you doing?  What marketing pillars are you doing?” They say to me, “Oh, well I’ve tried everything, I’m not getting clients.” And I say, “Okay, right, that’s fine. Let’s have a look then.  Do you have a Facebook page?” “Yes.” “Right, how many times are you posting?” “Oh, not much because it doesn’t bring anything.” “Do you have a website?” “No, not yet, can’t afford it.” “Okay. Do you do any marketing?” “Do you have a database? Do you send out newsletters? Do you keep in touch with clients? Have you got a freebie?”

You might be looking at me going, “Oh, but God, Ali, that’s all work, that all takes expense.” You are not running a business any different to whether it’s Tesco’s. You’re running a business like any other. We’re all in business the same. So you use the same marketing techniques. Again, I hear other people saying, “Ah well, you know, you’ve got marketers that put it out there that you’ve got to do this, this, this, and this. And it’s different for us because we’re heart-centered.”

People will not just buy from you. They will Google search ‘massage Littlehampton’ or ‘massage Newport’, or ‘reflexology Liverpool’, whatever. They will type that in and they will get given a whole list of therapists. They will then go and investigate. If there’s no pictures of you, if there’s no pictures of your therapy room, if there’s no evidence of you being a business, they won’t find you. This is all about building that evidence.  You’ve got to put the Facebook posts or the social media posts out. You’ve got to put information out on your website. Blogging is even better because then that’s continuous, that just keeps refreshing your website if you continually blog, and share your expertise, share your help, share your knowledge. Go and network to other local businesses, networking groups, women’s support groups. Go and do talks. It’s being visible. You are the face and you are your business. So don’t hide behind your logo. Be there, show your face, show who you are. Even be authentic, share stories of yourself.

Tip number four –  Build relationships. 

Clients aren’t going to book with you straight away.  They’re not going to Google that in, see the number, and go, “Oh yeah, ring. Hello, can I make an appointment for massage, please?” They will normally then go through the system of checking your website out, maybe checking your social media, looking to see if there are any reviews. Just seeing what you do and what you provide. Because they’re not instantly going to go on what you look like or what you offer.

This is where I talky about building a database. You’re at a fair, an event, you’re standing there at your stand you’ve paid for that for the day, you’re doing mini taster treatments, and then you might be chatting to them, and they’re saying, “Oh, that’s lovely. Oh yes, I’m going to book for one of them. Haven’t got my diary with me now, but I’ll be in touch.” And that’s the last you hear of them. So this is where you then collect email addresses and you build up and you create a newsletter and send out to these people. They can easily unsubscribe. If you’re using something like MailChimp, they can easily unsubscribe from it.

Keep in contact with them via newsletter, or you send them the odd offer now and again, or you’ve got maybe a freebie that you’ve got added up onto your website, or you’re sharing stuff on Facebook page you build a trust, build that relationship a rapport. Then they go, “Yeah, she’s making sense actually. Right, yeah, she certainly sounds like she knows what I need. That’s me, she’s talking to me.” So they’ll then ring up, or they’ll email or they’ll text, or whatever, to make that appointment.

Four tips to help you get out there with your marketing.  It is about being consistent.

If you are looking for more information to help with your therapy practice, check out the library of resources that are available for free on the website

If you are looking for more specific information such as marketing there are many online courses and webinar recordings available in the classroom.  Take a look you might find what you are looking for


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25 #holisticpreneur Habits You Can Still Create This Year

25 #holisticpreneur Habits You Can Still Create This Year

We are coming towards the end of June and half the way through 2017!  This year is flying by. How do you think you are doing?  Are you up to date or flagging behind?

This is the perfect time to review how you are doing this year and still time to make any changes.  Changes that can become a habit.  Do you find that you want to make changes but don’t keep to it?  It maybe that you are trying to make too many changes at once, just try to keep it to 3 at most.

I have been trying to set myself a morning routine which is not too bad, but, I am trying to add too many new habits into that routine and not achieving any.  I have finally achieved a routine for the morning now when I stopped beating myself up and was away from the situation at home.  

Instead of my normal pot of tea and scroll through social media for over an hour, I now used that time to catch up on an FB Live videos, webinars, audios, pdf’s anything as part of learning.  I save all this information in a Dropbox folder that I have named Morning Learning and then instead of switching on the TV or going straight to social media I now arm myself with notepad and pen, pot of tea and my tablet to read, watch or listen to information to help my self-empowerment, spirituality or my business.  This I have taken to this really easily and has quickly become a habit.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for tweaks that will positively affect your personal and professional lives.  Now, remember do not try and do all of these and don’t get overwhelmed.  These are here as suggestions and they might help you create your own.

1. Wake up the same time every morning

I am not a morning person, I am definitely a night owl, but I do now try to wake earlier in the morning, (early for me is 7.30am) but I do take my time and not rush to prepare for my day.

Hal Elrod ( is the author of what is being widely regarded as “one of the most life changing books ever written” — The Miracle Morning — Based on the premise that how you start your day largely determines the quality of your day, your work, and your life, The Miracle Morning gives you the ultimate morning ritual and teaches night owls how to beat the snooze button, even if you’ve never been a morning person.

2.  Meditate

In our industry, we know it’s important to take time out to calm your mind every day. Breathe in and out, clear your mind of your thoughts, and just be present. Download a useful meditation app like Headspace to start with guided meditations and then graduate to whatever works for you.

 3. Drinking water

 It’s no magic bullet, but the benefits of water are many. … In fact, drinking water (either plain or in the form of other fluids or foods) is essential to your health as you know.  Sipping water with lemon will kick-start your day. Try a glass about a half hour before breakfast; the lemon juice in your belly will help your body absorb your breakfast nutrients better.

4. Affirmations

Repeat 3-5 positive affirmations every day. This will dramatically start improving your relationship with yourself through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. An example for me would be, “You are loved. You are worthy. You are enough.” If you have trouble coming up with things to say, make a list of all the things you like about yourself next time you’re feeling particularly proud or accomplished and refer to it in times of self-doubt.

5.Write up or create a professional mission statement

Personal mission statements help with personal development.  They force you to think deeply about your life, clarify its purpose, and identify what is truly important to you.It imprints your values and purposes in your mind so they become a part of you.

6. Develop SMART action plans for your goals and targets

Making an action plan is the number one secret to effective goal setting, regardless of what your goal is.  SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time.  Break your plan down into baby steps and attach a realistic deadline to each step.

7. Keep a journal

Document daily or weekly reflections in a feelings journal.  You can do it anytime, when you’re feeling lost or confused,  where you felt proud or at peace for comfort. Re-read entries for business ideas or to re-ignite a passion that may have dwindled out of tribulation.  I have 2 journals – 1 personal and 1 business.  I like to keep them separate and I doodle, paint, draw pictures, quotes, poems, successes, failures, goals, targets, ideas, remembrances like gig tickets, train tickets, leaflets, brochures etc.

8. Plan out your day in advance.

The old adage– if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  Pick the top three tasks you need to accomplish in a day, and only plan on working on those three things.  Schedule your tasks the night before, so there’s no thought involved when you sit down with your coffee in the morning. Just get to work.

9. Set specific times to check and answer emails.

Since most of us communicate professionally through email, we can’t simply shirk the responsibility altogether. Set designated times (ie 30 mins slots at both 9 AM and 4PM) to check and respond to urgent emails. It’s easier than it sounds since I’m personally tempted to check my inbox for important messages multiple times every hour.

10. Create weekly meal plans.

We have enough stressors in our daily life. Don’t make food one of them. Every Sunday or Monday (or whatever day you designate), plan your meals for the week. Make a shopping list and get all the ingredients in one go. You’ll save time, energy, and the most valuable asset of all, your sanity!

11. Find a workout buddy.

Add some accountability to your workouts by committing with a workout buddy. Exercise be more fun with a friend, plus, you’ll have to justify yourself to a 3rd party every time you want to skip a workout, which is more difficult than it sounds.

12. Go for a 10-15 minute walk every day.

Walking is my favourite form of exercise and I try and get out for at least 30 minutes every day and often listening to a podcast while I walk.  Spending time outdoors is a natural antidepressant. Whether it’s in the morning or on your lunch break, commit to spending time in fresh air and outside of your therapy room.

13. Network with people outside your industry.

One of the best lessons I learned from my 17 years in the holistic therapy industry is to never underestimate the power of referrals. Making connections in other industries only broadens your horizons and exposes your business to potential new clients or client referrals. Make friends with web designers, marketing, graphic designers, VA’s,  or accountants.

14. Write more handwritten notes.

The tactful art of the hand-written “thank you” note was lost long ago, but you need to bring it back in 2017.  Send snail mail to your clients, to your team who have helped you build your business web guys etc, your suppliers. Set yourself apart from the masses by adding a touch of class and gratitude to your correspondence.

15. Trade in night time TV for good books.

Trade in your TV re-runs for a good book. It will help you fall asleep at night.

16. Get more sleep.

Habits of successful people, make sleep a priority. Insomnia and sleep disorders are largely out of our control but set the mood by getting in bed an hour earlier. Lower the temperature, turn off your phone and pull out a good book.

17. Invest in your home.

Your home should be your safe haven, so make it a place you want to be. Allow yourself to buy fresh flowers every week (I love the smell and look of fresh flowers), light a candle every night to unwind,  – do whatever you need to do in order to feel relaxed in your space. This is especially important for those of us who work at home.

18. Donate items you don’t use to charity once a quarter.

Clutter is one of the easiest ways to not want to spend time in your home. You don’t need to become a minimalist, but declutter your wardrobe or rooms of your house. Getting rid of old things will make room for new things to come into your life! Also, giving back can reduce stress, stop overwhelm, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. 

19. Practice accepting compliments with “Thank You.”

It’s healthy for both you and your relationship(s)– romantic, friendship, and professional– to accept compliments with a simple “thank you” instead of an “OMG, no way. My hair looks horrible today!” This will not only improve your own self-esteem, it also will make those giving the compliments feel as though their feelings are recognised and validated.

2o. Take time off.

I am the worst for this! None of us is the Energiser Bunny, and having a solid work-life balance is incredibly important. We aren’t programmed to work seven days a week for twelve hours each day. As a full-time holisticpreneur (holistic therapist and business mentor), I understand the difficulty in closing your computer and refusing to post on social media for an entire day.  For your mental health, though, commit to giving yourself at least one day off each week preferably 2!

21. Identify your personal or professional role model and reach out to them.

Studies show that most people who succeed have a mentor. This is because they’re inspiring in the right ways, they can walk you through the right doors, they’re a serious source of anxiety relief, and most importantly, they know what it takes to succeed in your field.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

22. Keep a list of your best ideas.

Your ideas are wonderful and unique, so you shouldn’t lose them in the shuffle of everyday life.  Each day, write down your ideas, any and all ideas that come to mind and keep them all in one place. Sift through and edit your ideas every month or so, and put the best ones at the top.

23. Create, and look at your vision board regularly.

It helps you to visualise your dream life and all you hope to achieve while living it. Similarly, posting your vision board in an easily accessible place, like your PC, phone or pinned up on your office or bedroom wall keeps you abreast to your long-term goals.

24. Celebrate milestones.

It’s okay (and healthy) to self-promote your progress and share your joy through social media, emails or other correspondence.  Give a gift to yourself or celebrate with a friend. This will generate support and encouragement by others which only gives you more fuel to keep going.

25. Eliminate toxic influences.

Unfriend, unfollow, or delete whatever contacts you need in order to channel positivity and support. Value your mental and emotional health by identifying stressors and cutting ties with those friends or family who find joy or comfort in bringing you down or by being unnecessarily dramatic.

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