Your Experience As A Client

Do you look at your own therapy practice through your clients eyes?

Now, last week, as you know if you follow my page, I had a spa day at Champneys which was lovely, a lovely day, and was a Christmas present and a voucher from my husband for Christmas. Finally used that and had a day on my own.

What I want to talk about with you today is something of what I experienced on that spa day, but you can also take into your business. Now, what I want you to do is to actually look at your own therapy practice, your own therapy business, as a client’s experience. How would they see it in their eyes? If you’ve got a really good client that you can talk to, that you can really chat with, somebody that’s been with you a very long time, maybe you can actually have a sit down and have a chat with them. Find out what their experience has been like, what it’s been like for them. What I’m also saying, is, go and have an experience yourself at a spa day, if you get the chance a spa day or day in a hotel or if you go off and have treatments yourself with another therapist or at a little centre, beauty place. Have a look. I know it’s all about you and you want to relax and enjoy, but also have a look and see how they treat you.

The reason I’m saying this is that I just want to share what happened to me. Now, the whole day, once I was there, and it was lovely, the whole day was just immense, fabulous, I absolutely loved it, but on the voucher, I received and my husband printed it off, it didn’t say anything about how you redeemed the voucher, so my husband assumed that I would just go up there for the day and hand my voucher over when I got there. I double checked and there was nothing, again, on my voucher or any print off to say what I had to do. I thought, “Being as it’s a big place, I’m sure they’re busy, I will email them to check.” Again, no contact information on the voucher. I had to go on their website to find out contact information to email them to ask them, “Do I book up and if so can I have this day? I’ve got this date in mind.” Which was only the following week. “Can I have this date in mind or can I just turn up?” In forty-eight hours, they come back with the response of, “Yes, you do have to book up because this can be busy.”

Now, obviously within your own small therapy business the clients are going to know they’ve got to book it up first, because it’s not like a spa day, they’re going to know, but I’m sure we’re all putting our contact information, email address, telephone number and our website on the vouchers for the person to contact. This wasn’t on the vouchers. As I said, as it’s a spa day you’re not sure. As I said, probably common sense said to me to contact and ring up or email, but my husband, no, he just thought I would turn up with the voucher.

Anyway, they contacted me forty-eight hours later to say, “Yes, you do have to book in advance. Yes, there are some spaces available at the spa you request on this day. Do you want to book that up?” I said, “Yes please. Here’s my contact information.” Not that they asked for that, but I gave it to them anyway. My contact information, my address and everything. “Can you please let me know what I need to provide, what I need to take with me, anything I need to know on the day?” They emailed me back saying, “Thank you very much but the resort will be in touch with you, the confirmation will be involved and you’ll get all that.” As it was, yes, I then got an email confirmation saying that my booking was confirmed and it was on this date. All it asked me to get then was to go click on the website and I had to fill in my email that was registered to get what they call a ‘guest list’ so that will give you all the information on the day. When I actually went to that and typed in my email address it didn’t recognise it, so that didn’t work. Whether it was because then I’d done that only the day before, I don’t know. That got me in a bit of a panic then of, “Are they going to expect me tomorrow?”

Also, what I noticed on their confirmation on booking it said, “Day at a spa day, arriving on the date, departing the next day.” I thought, “Oh, have they now got me in for twenty-four hour stay and I’ve got overnight accommodation or what?” Again, that wasn’t clear. It said it was a day spa, arriving at nine, having my lunch, whether my lunch was included, and a thalassotherapy session and departing at six, but then what is said on the next section was ‘Depart’, it said, Thursday the date. That was a bit confusing. Anyway, as I said, I couldn’t get the client list, so I printed off all the emails, everything that I’d received, to drive up the next day. I took that, and on arrival at reception she said, “Oh yes,” and she marked it off. They were expecting me, it was the day, which was lovely.

The girl was busy on reception, so that was fine, but she took the time then to show me where the changing rooms were, where the couple of the rooms, where I was going to go and have my lunchtime meal and also led me to my breakfast, which was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting that, so that was lovely, my welcome breakfast. She also gave me a little pack which was like a welcome pack with booklet of what classes and talks and all that were available. I grabbed my breakfast, sat down, I went through the booklet. Nothing in the booklet said anything about the thalassotherapy, about what I do, whether I just turned up there at any time and to show my ticket or anything. They had a whole lovely long list of classes and talks, but again, I didn’t know whether I had to book to go to them in advance or just turned up.

Off I went, done my sauna, my swim, just relaxing, lazing about, and I saw people queuing up outside a thalassotherapy room for their twenty-five-minute session. I thought, “Oh, are they just standing there because they want to go in now or is it they’ve got to book in advance?” When I came out to go off for my lunch I asked, and I went back to the reception, I said, “Excuse me, I’ve got a thalassotherapy session in, do I have to book that in?” She said, “Oh yes, you go and see the treatment suite.” I said, “Where’s that?” “Oh right, up the stairs.” Off I went, girl was there on reception there, and I asked her, and she said, “Do you know when you’re booked in for?” “No, that’s why I’m here, as I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s there on my voucher, but do I book, do I go straight in?” She said, “Oh no, you book your space.” I said, “Okay.” I said, “What’s available?” She said, “I’ve got this, this and this.” I said, “Oh right, I’ll book in for that time then for after my lunch.” “Lovely, right, that’s fine.”

Off I go back down, go off for my lunch.  As I’m sitting there I’m thinking, “Right, what am I going to do this afternoon? There’s walks I’d like to go on, there’s also the talk. Do I want to do that, or do I just not want to do anything?” I was sitting there mulling that over, went off then and led in the nice chill out room, waiting for twenty-five minutes before I had my thalassotherapy, still mulling things over. Goes and has my thalassotherapy session for twenty-five minutes, decided I would go to reception and ask about the class, not to go on the walk, but I’d go and do the talk.  I thought, “I’ll go to reception and ask there, do I book in or do I just go to the room?” Because, again, nothing in the booklet that said.

She had a long queue again, she was short staffed, and again, I’m not having a go at the receptionist, but she was short of staff, she was dealing with some complaints, she was dealing with other people, and I thought, “This is silly, it’s like, still ten minutes to go to the thing, I don’t even know whether I’m going to get there in time. I’m just going to go straight down to the room and be there and see what the speaker says.” I went down, speaker’s there. There’s only two of us, in we go, we have the talk, that’s lovely. All I’m saying is, on my day, was just really a lack of communications and technical things that didn’t work, short of staff, not quite sure what was going on. I’d even seen a poster outside the spa rooms to say about the thalassotherapy, but on their it still didn’t say anything about booking in, paying extra, or anything.

This is what I want you to think about. How was it with your clients on their first appearance?  Now, a spa day is different to a person self-employed working on their own. Okay, you’re probably talking to them as they book up. You will also probably have all the notification on the voucher when you give it to that person who’s buying the voucher. Because if they’re buying it as a gift for somebody else you say to them, “Oh, here’s the voucher, there’s the expiry date, there’s the details. All they’ve got to do is ring me up and book me up whenever they’re ready.” Which they’ll pass on to them when they give them the voucher. There’s not a possibility of buying vouchers on my website. If you’ve got that availability on there, make sure that you’ve got a mention of what happens when the person buys a voucher, whether it’s what becomes part of the download that gets given with the voucher itself, or whether if somebody then accesses to look at the vouchers, the information is there. There’s that part of it.

You may have a clinic, you may have beauty rooms, you may actually be running a centre. Again, not like a spa day, but again, think about it, think about what’s happening if a person comes to you for a package. Think about the communication, think about the confirmation. Again, somebody rings you or emails you to book an appointment if you’re a self-employed therapist, then you will email them back confirming a date, confirming the booking. You might set up a document or a Q&A part on your website and you’ll link it in to say, “Most common Q&A questions asked when booking.” You’ll say, “Turning up on time. Don’t wear your best underwear. What consultation sheet will be filled in.” You might put in there the healing crisis advice. You might have all that stuff in.

I create a welcome package, a welcome pack which I print of and give to client when they come in. I sometimes can also send that off in PDF when confirming a new client, I can send that welcome pack to them for them to read in advance. It’s got the welcome information, it’s got my price list, it’s got all the contacts, all the social media links, everything like that, so they’ve got it in advance. They either get it in advance or they get it as a welcome pack when they attend. It’s got lots of information in there, so I don’t always have to then repeat myself.

If this was given on the website of the spa – my questions were like, towels, I couldn’t remember whether there were enough towels, whether you got given a towel, and then I needed an extra one because of my hair. I couldn’t remember. It’s also, I’d been there last year, and I knew the place had been refurbed since then so whether things had changed. I didn’t realise there was lots of rolled up towels that are available for you to pick up and help yourself whenever. I’m still a bit of a country bumpkin, so I don’t know these things, but it would easy, even if it’s common sense that it’s just set up as like a little list before you go, of what you need to take with you.

Again, just the basics of when you’ve got a client. When they’re buying their vouchers, to be aware that when they’re coming to your appointment, that they’re going to be given a consultation, they’re going to go through a consultation with you, not to wear their best underwear because of oil or wax or whatever you’re using. Just think that when you go to a place, just see what the customer experience is like when you book up to go somewhere, see what the customer experience is like, see what you can learn, check out their flyers, check out their adverts, check out their bits of marketing, whatever they’ve got round the spa or round the centre, there might be some ideas that you might like to think and think, “Oh yeah, I can do that.” It might be, again, like I saw that poster on thalassotherapy, there was nothing there to say that you had to book up. That could have been put on the bottom of the poster, to go to treatment room reception to book your twenty-five-minute session.

There’s these type of things that you need to look at which would be great for you to look at, checking out their web … Going through the whole system of a client or a guest at these spas or days out and what your experience is, is what you can also then take back and feed into your own business, because even though they’re a big corporate, you can still take stuff back to feed to your own. Certainly, if you go to a beauty clinic or you go to … I know I’ve had treatments years ago, I’ve had therapy sessions years ago, when I’ve gone in for a full body massage and the only details they’ve taken from me is my telephone number. They haven’t taken my address … They’ve got my name and my telephone number, but they haven’t got my address, they haven’t got my email, they’ve taken no client consultation, no medical history, no nothing!

When you have got an opportunity, yes, still go and enjoy, I’m not saying, lie there and check out what the therapist is doing. Still enjoy there and enjoy your day, but also just be aware, because you can always take photographs, everybody now uses their mobile phones in their spa just to take photographs of the pool and the room and whatever. You could take photographs just as a reminder then for when you got home, or pick up leaflets or whatever just to see what they are. Think about customer experience, what you’re going through, what somebody’s going through, whether you’re a therapist on your own, whether you hire a treatment room, whether you own a clinical centre or whether you actually own a spa. Have a look and see what your experience is and how you can fit that into your own business.


If you are looking for more ideas on marketing, sales or the look of your business, then
check out the online courses that are available for you to purchase, download and work on in your own time.

Ali’s Therapy Academy Classroom

Build & Thrive Your Therapy Business
Get Savvy With Social Media
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The Look of Your Business

Marketing – How To Get Clients

How To Run Your Therapy Business



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Are you looking for an appointment?



Are you looking for an appointment over the next 2 months?  Here are the evening availability dates and times up to the end of February 2016

Dates and times available:


Thursday 5th – fully booked

Friday 6th – fully booked

Monday 9th – fully booked

Tuesday 10th – 6pm

Wednesday 11th – fully booked

Thursday 12th – 6pm, 7pm

Friday 13th – fully booked

Monday 16th – 8.30pm

Tuesday 17th – fully booked

Wednesday 18th – fully booked

Thursday 19th – fully booked

Friday 20th – any time from 6pm

Monday 23rd – any time from 6pm

Tuesday 24th – fully booked

Wednesday 25th – fully booked

Thursday 26th – 6pm, 7pm

Friday 27th – any time from 6 pm

Monday 30th – fully booked

Tuesday 31st – any time from 6pm


Wednesday 1st – any time from 7.30pm

Thursday 2nd – 6pm, 7pm

Friday 3rd – fully booked

Monday 6th – fully booked

Tuesday 7th – fully booked

Wednesday 8th – fully booked

Thursday 9th – fully booked

Friday 10th – fully booked

Monday 13th – any time from 7.30pm

Tuesday 14th – any time from 6pm

Wednesday 15th – any time from 6pm

Thursday 16th – 6pm, 7pm

Friday 17th – 7pm

Monday 20th – anytime from 6pm

Tuesday 21st – fully booked

Wednesday 22nd – anytime from 6pm

Thursday 23rd – 6pm 7pm

Friday 24th – fully booked

Monday 27th – anytime from 6pm

Tuesday 28th – anytime from 6pm

If you require a day time appointment please request availability.

Email, message or text to make your appointment.

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Self Care – 2017


SELF CARE – 2017

Happy New Year to you and welcome to 2017.  I hope you had a lovely relaxing Christmas break and managed to relax and enjoy the time with family and friends.  Myself, I had a quiet time with my husband and boys and just chilled out.

You may have made many New Year’s resolutions already such as healthier lifestyle, get fit, lose weight, exercise more, but, have you made one for Self Care.

Do you take time out for yourself or are you too busy looking after everyone else?  We are so busy these days rushing round, work, shopping, gym, mum’s taxi, housework etc that we forget to look after ourselves – we are so busy looking after everyone else.

At Ali’s Holistic Healing Hands I have been offering therapies for over 16 years now.  Some people book for a ‘pamper’ session, some for a body MOT, so as a preventative measure , but mostly for general wellbeing.  I believe in Holistic Therapies and that they are much more than a hands on alternative.  These can be  mind, body, spirit for day to day life.

So where I have presented offers before for clients and new customers, this year these offers will all be about Self Care to make sure that you look after you!  Who will take care of you if you don’t yourself?


Available from the start of January 2017 till Friday 24th February I am presenting my first Self Care session.  This is 70mins of taking time out and looking after yourself.  The session comprises of:

15 minutes Reiki

30 minutes Holistic Facial

30 minutes Back Massage or Reflexology

This will help you to be calm and relaxed, switch off your busy active mind, help towards relieving tension in the muscles, towards helping you feel special and cared for.

You will relax under a duvet and warm wheatie bag to place under your feet, or knees, or back, or stomach or shoulders – where ever you feel you need the comfort and warmth.

Lie back and relax, dream off to another world and let me help you look after you!


Email, text or message me to make that appointment.


Mobile:  07773702942

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Goal Packages For Your Clients?

facebook page heading

Offering Goal Packages To Your Clients

Hi everyone. Ali here, from Ali’s Therapy Academy, with, hopefully, something that can help you out for your therapy practice. We are now coming up to Christmas but this idea can help anytime.
I was away last week, if you know, my spa day, yes voucher, ongoing story. On the weekend, my lovely husband, notified me, we were going away for three days or we are going away for three days to Bath for the Christmas market, which I’m absolutely thrilled with. I’m really excited about that. It also made me think, “Oh, right, two and a half days at Bath, going to mean lots of walking, need to get myself into action.”  dscn1298
Walking for me is my form of exercise. For years, a good seven years, I was walking about two, three miles a day. It was my form of exercise. That helped me to lose weight. It helped me to trim up, and it kept me trim. I’ve always loved walking, been walking for years, even back to my school days. I was not good at sprints. It was always long distance. I was a cross-country runner, was my specialty at school. I can’t run. I walk instead. I love going off for walks, and that’s been my form of fitness. I’ve tried gym. I’ve tried swimming. I’ve tried all different sorts of things, but walking is the one for me. So much so, I even did a 26 mile walk, for Help for Heroes. I know that’s for me, is my love of walking.

S/W Ver: A0.03.1DR

Now, the last two years have not been so good. I’ve had this gorgeous cabin built in my garden, which is my office. In between therapy clients, I’m working in here, which means I’m sat at the desk, at the computer a lot of the time, and I’m not going out walking, which is a shame. I keep saying, “I’m going to. I’m going to,” but it doesn’t get done, so the weights gone back on a bit. I’m not as fit as I was.alis-cabin-november-2014-9
Now, I’ve had my spa day, and I couldn’t give two monkeys about how I looked. I knew I wasn’t going to wear a bikini at a spa day. I knew it would be a swimming cossie. That was fine. It was my day. It was me. I’m not bothered. Also, I’ve got an awards dinner that I’m going to, and again, I’m going to dress as me. I am not going to try and wear something that is not me, and squeeze into something. They haven’t bothered me.
But going to Bath has made me realize that I must do something about this. It’s kick-started me. It’s kicked me up the backside to get out there and start walking. I was off out, lovely walk this morning, done over three miles, and I’ve been out for an hour. I want to get back into fitness.
I know in a month it’s not going to be perfect, with only a month to go, but if I can get out there every day, by the time I get to December, and I get to Bath for the weekend, I will be feeling better. I will be feeling fitter. I will have lost a little bit of weight. I’ll be feeling better for being at the hotel. I’ll be feeling better for going out walking a lot of the time. I won’t struggle with the walking we’re going to be doing throughout the day.
With doing that, with a full … I’ll probably go about six week, I think, till I’m actually going (update I am going on Sunday 11th December). I’ve got six weeks to help with that. By that time, in those six weeks, it will become a habit. It will become a routine again, and I’ll be back to walking every day. That can then carry on by February next year when I go back to my timeshare, I will have hopefully trimmed up well for my bikini. I’ll just be feeling better and fitter within myself as I was two years ago.bahia-blanca-soaking-the-sun
How does this help you? What does this lead you to? Can you think of goals that your clients are targeting? With the client’s you’ve been working with, the clients that you’ve got, what are their targets? What are their goals? A lot of them could be just the general health and well-being, general MOT, but you might have some now that have a target for Christmas to get into their little black dress, or there might be some clients that you’ve got that they want to improve their fitness. They want to get well. They want to improve their health. They want to be able to do exercise.Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym
You might have some older clients that are now getting grandchildren. They want to be able to be there with their grandchildren. They want to be able to have the energy and play with their grandchildren. You might have clients that have got goals, that have got targets.
Where I’ve mentioned before, I said about January, you know, “New Year. New You.” People are always getting to New Year’s resolution in losing weight and feeling healthier, but you can be doing this now. You can be doing this next year. You can set it up now for like Christmas that you want to lose a bit of weight so you can enjoy Christmas, getting to that slimmer dress, and be a healthier person ready for the Christmas festivities, where you won’t be so
You might work with pregnant ladies. Once they’ve had that baby, they want to look into losing the baby weight. They want to feel better. They want to feel they look better. They want to have more confidence.
It could be looking at different packages. You could put a package together with an end goal, losing the baby weight, getting fitter to be able to play with grandchildren, losing weight, people turning 50 wanting to appear and be more confident and look better.
As therapists, a lot of us have a tool box of therapies that we’ve learned over the years. Again, it could be nutrition. It could be yoga. It could be exercise. It could be this technique, that technique.   It might be that you can put a package together of all your different tool box of therapies, all your different therapies, different modalities that you’ve learned, that you can put together to build a package to reach an end goal.toolbox-2016_06_11-15_44_12-utc
It might be you want to create a package with some other therapists. It might be that you’ve also added beauty to it, so you might want to help people that then can put makeup into it, or taking care of the skin routine. It might be a teenager, again, that is developing with skin problems that you want to create a package to help them feel better by adding in Bach flower remedies with a nutrition advice and skin-care routine. It might be, again, an older person that wants to feel better in the way they look, losing weight, style, what to wear, what colour suits them, or what makeup. It might be two or three of your therapists can get together and create a package, but with an end goal.
That’s the end result. You can help them. They’ve obviously still got to work with it when they’re home. It’s just something that you can put together. As I said, this was helping with me because I’ve got an end goal of feeling fitter, feeling better, for when I go away to Bath. That will take that on then to February, next year, when I go to Gran Canaria again.
It’s always a case of, is there an end goal? How can you help them to get to that end goal? It might be that you tailor, you create, special packages to help people get to that end goal. Especially if they’ve got to know you. They’ve built up that trust and that relationship with you. You know what they’re doing, what they’re working towards. Maybe they’ve got a daughter that’s getting married. Again, they feel they’re not confident to be the mother of the bride. Again, you want to help them to develop and to build that, towards that big day.7k0a0032
It’s all about being in control, helping them being in control. I’m not saying that you set targets of, like, lose weight in eight weeks, anything like that. No, you’re helping to support them, however long it takes, whether it takes months, whether it’s a year long, but you can tailor that package to help them reach that goal.
Just think about that. It might be something that you might be able to put into your own business, that you can use within your own therapy practice. It’s something that you can create and bring into it. Another way of helping your clients, but also thinking outside the box.
I hope that helps you give you some ideas. Do let me know, come into the page and let me know, and give me some feed-back, give me some ideas, what you’re thinking and creating. I’ll speak to you again …


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Availability for December 2016


Please find my availability for December evening appointments below.

For regular updates from Ali’s Holistics please like my Facebook page or sign up for my helpful health hints and tips monthly newsletter


Ali 🙂


Thursday 1st – 6.30pm
Friday 2nd –

Monday 5th – Booked

Tuesday 6th –

Wednesday 7th

Thursday 8th – 6.30pm

Friday 9th  – 7pm

Monday 12th – Booked

Tuesday 13th – Booked

Wednesday 14th – Booked

Thursday 15th – Booked

Friday 16th –

Monday 19th – Booked

Tuesday 20th –

Wednesday 21st – 8pm

Thursday 22nd – Booked

Friday 23rd finished and on Christmas break till Wednesday 4th January 2017

Day time appointments available.  Contact me for availability



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December is Hot Stone Massage month!


December – Hot Stones

December is Hot Stone Month! This is the month when winter is here and we feel the cold. Why not try something different with your massage and add hot stone for a warmer, comforting therapy.hotstones1
This month special offers –
Book a 40 minutes hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage for £30 and add a 20 minute face and head hot stone massage for FREE! A saving of £10.00
You will feel gloriously cocooned with this warming massage and will help on these cold blowy autumnal days.
Full body Hot Stone Massage (80 minutes) –  £50.00
Back/Neck/Shoulder Hot Stone Massage (40 minutes) –  £30.00
All bookings for Admirals Walk, Litthampton, West Sussex.
Book your place now. Don’t miss out!
Offer available from Thursday 1st December until Thursday 22nd December 2016
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