What Can You Do When Your Therapy Business Is Quiet?

What Can I Do When My Therapy Business Is Quiet?

Are you at the moment finding things a bit quiet? Finding that your diary might be a bit empty? You might be finding now, in the summer weather, that people aren’t ringing through, or they are not making the appointments. Maybe you find that you go through ups and downs in your business throughout the year. Maybe you’ve been in business a while, and you know within these 12 months when you can have your ups and downs,  your busy times and your quiet times.

What do you do in those quiet times? You’re looking at your diary, it’s looking rather empty, or it could be a case of, you get up in the morning, you’ve got a couple of appointments, and all of a sudden they cancel. Or, it’s even that you’ve got a client booked in and they don’t show! What do you do in those times that the diary is looking empty, or you’ve now got some free time? What is it you do within that time for your business? Do you think, “Right, I’ll go and sit, I’ve got an hour, two hours, I’ve got the rest of the day free.” What are you going to do? Are you going to do the housework, go and do the shopping? No, don’t do that.

What you’re going to do is try and keep in the mindset, try and keep in the business mindset,  that even if a client doesn’t turn up, hopefully, you’ve got cancellation policy in place  you’re ringing them up or you’re texting them, to find out where they are and you’re going to send them an invoice for the no-show. Have you put a cancellation policy in place?

So, you’ve gone through that, you’re finding then you’ve got a couple of hours, or you’ve got an hour, or you’ve got some time free. What do you do with it? If you work from home, don’t go and get a cup of tea, and sit in front of the TV. Yes, I do believe in self-care, but in times like this when you are scheduled in your diary to work, then still work.  So, if you know that one of your friends is free and you want to do a bit of socialising, that’s fine, I totally go for that, because sometimes it’s getting away from the work, getting away from the business can spark something in your mind. You might even be chatting to somebody else, can spark things off for you, give you that light bulb moment of things that you might want to do or try within your business – when you’ve got that time for your business, when you’ve got that cancellation, when you’ve got that no-show,  when your diary is looking that bit empty, this is the time to sit and review and work on your business.

  1.  Look at your website. This is a time to have a look and to review, so look at the content, look at the wording, look at the images, look at your blogs, look at the links, check that they’re working. Look to see whether it needs a refresh, look to see if it’s still you. Don’t forget, you might set your website up when you first start off in business, you might be a couple of years down the line now, you’ve changed, you’ve grown yourself, you’ve got self-development, you might now know your ideal clients, and your website might not be showing the image of you now. It might now be what you’re putting out there, what you’re seeing.  Also, look at images. You’ve probably all got images of your treatment rooms, you’ve got images of clients, you’ve got images of therapies, hope you’ve got images of yourself on there, but how old are those images? Has your hair changed? Has your face got a bit older? Have a look at what images you’ve got on there, they might need updating a bit. So have a look at those, as I said, have a look at the content, have a look at what the links are, see if they’re all working, see what your tabs are, see the wording, whether the wording is correct and it’s not anything against what the ASA have slotted in their rules and regulations. So it’s time to have a look and have a refresh, and see what’s going on. If you can, and you know how to work it, check Google Analytics and see what pages are working, what pages people aren’t looking at, how long they’re staying. You might be wanting to have a look to see how you can get people to stay on there longer, you might want to put a video on there. So have a look at all these things that you need to do within a website because it might just be a time to have a look through and see what you’re doing.
  2. Social Media.  Social media is changing a bit, there are some good things and there are some bad things about it, but I think it’s always good to give it a review. Again, check your page out. Is there much happening? Are you getting much interaction on there? Are you posting much on it? Are you regularly getting new likes? Are you getting people interacting with you? Are they leaving? Are they sharing it? Are they leaving comments? You want to have a look at all of that and review that, but then also, have a look and create new images. You want to look at the posts, find what posts were popular, find where posts that nobody made any comments on. Maybe you need to create more posts on there. Have a look and see if you can share posts from your page into different groups. I don’t mean selling, I mean sharing your blogs, sharing your information where you’re helping. Not your offers, not your promotions, stuff where you’re sharing helpful advice. Things like that again where you’re building relationships on. It’s making that contact. Maybe you want to change the Facebook cover, maybe that needs an update, again just to give a fresh. Maybe you need something as a pinned post on your page as well.  Have a look, maybe you might want to try a few ads,  just again to get it out there, whether it’s just visibility, whether it’s actually selling something, or whether it’s just to make us want to get likes, try Facebook ads.  This might be the time to try Facebook Live video. You might want to try and create a video, yourself, of your treatment room.  a video you can do, showing people round your room, or the clinic where you’re at. So again, it’s just creating interaction, it’s creating visibility and it’s again, just putting your business out there and sharing and helping. So these are the things that you can do within just purely on social media, within your quiet time just to get things done and put in place while you’re quiet.
  3. Have a look and review your marketing pillars. This is a time to brain dump. Write down all the marketing that you’re doing. You can put down there, just everything that you’re doing. Even if you look at it and you go, “All I’m doing is social media.” So you write down what social media you’re doing and what you’re doing within the social media. It might be that you’ve got leaflets, you’ve got postcards, you’ve got business cards, you’ve got a website, you’re in groups.  You want to see what’s working, what’s not working. You might want to have a look through and see what offers you’ve done that you’ve got bookings from. You might find offers that you’ve done that you created that nobody’s booked up for. So you want to find out what’s working and what’s not working.  It might be again, a time to have a look through your marketing and see what you’ve got planned in and schedule. You might want to look in advance and say, “Right, I’ve got no bookings coming up for July, I need to get something in place.” Plan your blogs, plan your social media, plan your offer. What are you going to do, in that time that you can create some interest ready for July to get the bookings in for your July? Or it could be August, you know when you’re looking for, it might be immediate, it might be later on, a few weeks in advance that you want to have a look at. Plan it.  Have a look at texts, emails, maybe you want to reconnect with some clients. Maybe you want to offer some availability dates to your favourite clients, your ideal clients. Maybe there’s a client you haven’t seen for a long while, offer them something, send them a text and offer them something. Make it feel like it is just for them and offer them something. Also, check your visibility. Are you being visible enough? Or are you sat there in your therapy room expecting people to come to you? Have a check and see what your visibility is like. Good one to do is to Google your name and see what comes up and where. Whether your blogs are coming up, whether your business is coming up. Google your name or your business name and see what’s happening with that, because that’s how people find businesses these days, is they’re on their phone and their Google search on the phone. We all like recommendations and referrals, but also, a lot of people are looking and searching on Google, so type your business in and see what comes up.
  4. Developing your skills. This is an ideal time, as I said, even if you’ve only got an hour. There may be a webinar you want to watch, there might be some Facebook Live videos you want to catch up on. There might be a podcast you want to listen to, there might be some help you want to research on. It might be looking at how you do MailChimp, or how you create a database, or how you create that freebie. You might have bought some online courses that you haven’t looked at yet. You might want to use that time to research with some training that you actually want to go and attend, whether it’s a conference or whether it’s a local Federation of Small Businesses or Chamber of Commerce event. You might want to search and see what networking is going on.  Use that time to develop your own skills to help your business.
  5. Strategy. This is an ideal time to get everything out of your head and onto paper. I don’t mean lists, don’t write it all down as a list, get some felt pens, sharpies, gel pens, whatever and just write, all over A4 sheets, or get wallpaper backing paper, and just write on there in all sorts of different colours, anything that comes out of your head. Just brain dump, whether its thoughts, whether it’s ideas, whether it’s things you’d like to try, things you want to create, things you want to learn, things you want to do. Just write everything down.  Once you’ve put everything down on paper, out of your head that’s the time then to either find a mentor, someone you know, someone you trust, someone you work with, someone you’ve been following, get together with them, whether it’s online or you can actually do face-to-face. Even if it’s a friend, business colleague that you know, that you’ve met through networking and you’ve got a good relationship get together with them and build a strategy. Put all these ideas in place and build a strategy of what you want to do, because sometimes, and we often know, working alone is lonely.
  6. Database.  It doesn’t matter how many times I mention this to people and I ask therapists this, have they got a database? They look at me totally blank. All the email addresses that you collect, whether it’s from your clients when you’re doing a consultation, whether it’s at events and fairs where you’ve got a stand and people are coming to your table, you should be collecting their email addresses there, or whether it’s talking to people and leads, and people are asking you maybe over the phone or their emailing you, get their email addresses to create a database, because then you will have sat on a lot of information there, that you can send an email out as a newsletter, as a hints and tips. Anything with helpful advice that you can help them with their problem, help them with their issue, you can be their support, because it’s not for them to remember you, you’ve got to remind them that you exist.

So that’s the tips, that’s my six things that I think are great for when you’re quiet in your business, to work on your business, to create the interest, to create the refresh and the buzz back in your business. It’s not a time to go off and catch up with the housework or to go and do the shopping. Keep the time for your work, it’s scheduled in your diary as work, it’s a working time, so use that time. Again, it might be you might want to go off for a walk down the beach or in nature or wherever, that’s fine because again, that when the head can be working. You might be want to be listening to a podcast when you’re taking the dog for a walk, anything like that, that you can do, it gets the brain thinking, gets the head going.

Does this create ideas for you? What do you think you can do? Pop in and share your ideas.

You can also hear this in more detail on my podcast “Keeping Your Business Healthy” or watch it here on video.

Still looking for help with your therapy practice.  You can get access to a library of free information at the website Ali’s Therapy Academy  Your one stop shop for all things Therapy Business.

Maybe you are looking for a course to help you improve your business skills.  Check out Ali’s Therapy Academy Classroom where there are many online courses available for you to download and work on in your own time.

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National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week

The Story Of A Stationery Addict!

OMG how I love stationery!  I cannot get enough of it!  I think this has now become my obsession and has overtaken handbags!!!!!!

I love looking in Paperchase, The Works, The Range, Swiggle – basically, all stationery shops and any shops that sell stationery.  I can lose myself in Pinterest for hours as I look through boards about stationery, the same with Instagram and Facebook.


There are so many to choose from and just so pretty and colourful and useful and …………..what’s not to love?

I have always loved stationery since a child. Then it was all about pens.  I can still remember my favourite shops in Newport (my home town) and the hours I spent looking at pens – ballpoint and ink, and saving my pocket money to buy my pens to use at school.

Now I’m a BIG stationery fan and use it in many ways in my business to help me to really sort out my thoughts, plan my work and capture ideas.  My family call me Gadget Girl as I am one for my gadgets – smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apps, ipod etc.  I can remember my first business gadget – my PDA (personal digital assistant) but you cannot beat a good pen and paper.  I love a good mindmap or brainstorm with coloured pens and everything!

My business is planned on paper – pretty planner sheets created and printed off for me to write on and file.  Even though I have and use Evernote, Dropbox, Asana and others on my PC I still jot down an idea or work out a project on paper.

If you are a member of the Academy you will know by the photos I share and the videos I have created sharing my planners, sheets and folders.  I have to be careful as I can see shiny new notebooks and absolutely have to have them only for me to put them in a drawer or box as they are too nice to use!  How addicted is that?

How do I keep it under control and organised?

  • I have one planner that I schedule all my jobs to do for my business for the week.
  • I have one notebook on my desk where I write all calls, conversations and reminders.
  • I have Evernote to store all online info on projects and ideas.
  • I have Asana as a blueprint for my business and time management.
  • I have Dropbox as a backup for all my business files for Academy and Holistic.
  • My smartphone – when I am out walking I listen to podcasts business or otherwise.  When out and about I use my phone to take pictures, use a voice recorder to record ideas or blogs and the memo to jot down notes that sync up with my PC to look at later.

Let’s look at my planners and notebooks individually:

Daily planner and Minerva


My weekly planner, I bought at Hobbycraft and in this I write my daily tasks and projects I want to achieve in that week.  I love it because is is very pretty, the sheets it comes with is not dated so pages do not get wasted and really good quality paper and dividers which does not bleed using gel pens and Sharpies.  I also use a Minerva Planning Notebook from Sophie Jewry which has sheets set up for brainstorming, lists, projects, braindump, product funnel, projects and ideas and so much more.

Business Project File

I created this A4 folder to add my own sheets I have created to braindump and mindmap ideas and projects and plan them out.  Also in this folder I file my wish list of products and items I want to buy for the business, my book list, notes of ideas and projects that have yet to worked on, blog ideas, FB Live ideas.  Here and my Minerva are where ideas and stored and started.

Arc Files

I love the Arc System from Staples.  The covers and paper are easy to remove and replace.  I have now even worked out how to make my own covers! So much fun and I can swap them to match my mood ????  I have these now in A4 and in A5 so I can use them to make lots of notes when researching when at work or when on the go.  Theses notebooks are used for all sorts to do with my business, drafts for ebooks, reports, blogs, articles, FB live, webinars, podcasts……the list is endless.


Too many notebooks to take photos of and list in here, but here is a photo of my recent purchase and reason for this blog National Stationery Week.  The little Inspirations and Ideas book I will carry in my handbag and use on my Business Retreats in cafes or out an about etc. The Unicorn and Flamingo  books I don’t know yet, but they are just lovely! They will be used as journals I expect, but the flamingo one is very girly and sparkly!

So you can see I am a Stationery Addict and why 😉

Where are you keeping all of your notes?

Don’t make it too hard, don’t have too many places to find your notes

Whatever you do – don’t have stacks of bits of paper and never be able to find anything

If you want to know more about Time Management,  how I schedule and organise my business and how it can help you check out my online course Overwhelm, Organisation & Scheduling 

Do you wonder where time goes?

Could you do with more hours in your day??

Time is the most precious currency for all of us. We can always replace money and business, but never time. We all have the same 1440 minutes to utilise today. No one has more than 168 hours in their week and it’s how we use this time that will ultimately be the key defining factor in the level of success that we achieve with our business and fulfilment we attain in our life.

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The Use Of Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

Do You Use Essential Oils At Home?

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has seen a huge increase in the UK.  They have been added to products for a long while now as companies jump on the bandwagon of trend and add ‘natural’ to their products which I have written about before.

Now though there are many more MLM (multi-level marketing) companies that are selling products that are about aromatherapy and essential oils.  Some that are recognised, well known, trusted and been around for a long time such as Neals Yard Remedy shops and NYR Organic.  Beautiful, organic, natural products from a British company.

My career first started when I went to an ‘Aromatherapy’ presentation and tried some products for my eczema which really helped.  This was a Swiss Herbal company and I loved and benefitted from the products so much that I bought into and became a consultant.  I learned lots from them and soaked up all the information – I believed every word they said.  2 years later I started my training for a diploma in holistic therapies.  One of my qualifications after 2 years was as an Advanced Aromatherapist.  Since then from 2000 I have continually learned and trained in many levels specialties and continue to do so.

What I learned from that company and in my training though were very different!  I am also now seeing that come across in many of these aromatherapy businesses.  Many consultants are not trained therapists in the use of essential oils but they sell them and promote the use of.  I am pleased that essential oils are promoted for health and wellbeing but not in how to use them.

I and many other therapists are now making people aware of the safe way to use essential oils.  On Facebook and at Holistic events I often see consultants from different businesses recommending the use of oils by ingestion and neat on the skin!  These are the 2 biggest no, no’s we are taught with oils as they are not safe.  Essential oils used neat on the skin can cause an irritation or skin burn and as for taking internally……….

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils – a concentrated fragrance extracted from the leaf, flower and seed of the plant in many ways including steam distillation.

The safest and most common ways to use aromatherapy:

Inhalation – using an oil burner, place 2-3 drops of essential oil in the water, light up the candle and enjoy!  Also, place 2-3 drops on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale.

Bath – this works through the skin and inhalation.  Fill bath to the required depth of water.  Add 2 -3 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil or milk and put into the bath, agitate the water and enjoy.  This can also be used in a foot bath.

Massage – use essential oils with a carrier oil for massage.  Add 15-25 drops with 100 ml of carrier oils such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil, shake and stir to use.  Why not buy a pre-blended massage oil from NYR, health shop or ask a qualified and insured therapist to prepare one for you.

Cautions – essential oils only aims to help with mild symptoms not a medical treatment for diseases.  For high blood pressure, first 3 months of pregnancy or epilepsy, check with your doctor before use.

Lavender – helps to relax and ease stress, refreshes a tired mind.  Also may aid headaches,
period pain, and high blood pressure.  Effective for insect bites, cuts and sunburn.  This oil is the ONLY oil that can be used neat on the skin.

Tea Tree – helps to calm and refresh the mind.  Can be effective for acne, head lice, eczema and cuts.  Antibacterial and antiseptic.  A very strong smelling oil.

Peppermint – helps to relieve anger and anxiety.  Effective for stuffy nose and cough by steam inhalation, stomach ache, nausea and constipation by massage.  Great for cooling feet in foot bath or added to cream.

Eucalyptus – aids concentration, ease cold and stuffy nose.  Ideal to use in a room to help prevent spread of germs from colds, flu etc.

Ginger – helps to regain energy, eases hangover and nausea.

These oils are great to get you started and to have as home use.  I would recommend keeping on hand as a reference and guide:

Aromatherapy For The Family – An introductory guide to the use of holistic aromatherapy for harmony and wellbeing by The Institue Of Classical Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy – A guide for home use by Christine Westwood

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Are you getting a good nights sleep?



World Sleep Day is Friday, March 17, 2017

“World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. It is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society (founded by WASM and WSF) and aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. As of 2016, World Sleep Day had a total of 394 delegates in 72 countries around the globe.”

Last week – Friday 17th  in this country we celebrated World Sleep Day and you may have seen many promotions and opportunities about sleep.  The average person spends around a third of their life asleep. In this time, our bodies are able to replenish energy stores and make repairs, while our minds organise and store the memories of the day before. The amount of sleep you need depends on your age, sex, health and other elements, and sleep cycles change as we grow older.  Sleep – we all do it, but nearly half of us don’t do it well. And whether you sleep well or not, it is essential to our health and wellbeing. Without it we’re not much good at doing anything else – our health suffers, our love life suffers, work suffers, the list goes on.  Nearly a third of the UK population are suffering with insomnia which can affect their health.  

Sleeptember (which runs through the month of September to highlight the benefits of a good night’s sleep) and National Sleep In Day in the autumn (it’s the day the clocks go back when we all get an extra hour in bed!)

But also for the UK March is National Bed month.   During National Bed Month, it’s important not just to look at the health of your bed, but your bedroom environment too. You need the right environment to get a good night’s sleep and that means a bedroom that’s cool, quiet, dark, tech free, clutter free and comfortable.

The Sleep Council has for many a year designated March to be National Bed Month. As Spring approaches and we get into spring cleaning, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mode, it’s an appropriate  time also to be thinking about giving grotty old mattresses their marching orders – and invest in a better night’s sleep with a comfortable new bed.  Here is a test to find out the quality of your bed! Bed Awareness

Here’s a relaxing ritual in 4 easy steps to help you with that essential snoozing…

  1. Light and noise can disrupt sleep, try using black out curtains or an eye mask and ear plugs.
  2. Turn your tech off an hour before bed time to stop your brain buzzing and being active!
  3. Run yourself a warm, soothing bath to help you relax and add relaxing bath products containing lavender, mandarin, geranium or chamomile
  4. Hop in bed and just take in a moment and allow yourself to relax!

There are also some lovely products from NYR Organic that can aid sleep.

Goodnight Pillow Mist –   a special blend of organic essential oils promotes a sense of calm for a more restful night

Beauty Sleep Supplement – supports skin’s natural night time regeneration,

Beauty Sleep Body Butter – with an aroma-therapeutic blend of essential oils to calm the mind and enhance a restful sleep.

Check out these and other products here

Are you getting a good night’s sleep?  Have you checked your bed lately?

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Do you make these mistakes?

Mistakes I Find When Chatting To Therapists

 This blog has come about because of a discussion that was made in the ATA Hub today. I just thought it would be really good to follow this up on here and just to explain a few things and a few pointers, things that I find.

What I’m finding when I’m chatting to them, is that a lot of them haven’t done the groundwork. Great training at college or at schools, anywhere like that, with the therapies. They come away really gifted with what they can do. Whether it’s massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy, whatever. It actually comes down then to setting up and running the business. This is where they can falter. It’s the groundwork, it’s the core and the foundations are not built and put in place.

Who’s your ideal client? Who’s the person that you want to work with?” I get the obvious answer, and I used to say exactly the same thing, that I want to work with everyone and I can work with everyone. This is exactly what we were taught for, was to help people. This is perfect in our industry. I’ve been a therapist for 16 years and I should think for about the first six years with that I was marketing to anyone and everyone, because I wanted to help anyone. It’s this thing that you have to realise that you cannot be there for everyone, you cannot work with everyone, that it’s better if you can specialise.  Don’t be like every other therapist that’s out there.

Also, the other things that you’re looking for is to be building that database. I ask therapists “Have you got your therapy list in place? Have you got your database? Are you in contact with the names? Have you got in contact with your clients?” I get a blank look. Even if you haven’t got any clients you still put that system in place, you still have that system ready, so that when you can put names in there, even if you’re just putting your friends and family in there to start, you can start working and building that relationship by sending newsletters, by sending helpful hints and tips. It’s showing them your knowledge and your expertise. It’s putting that word out there and having these systems in place so that when you are busy with your clients, you’re not trying to set up newsletters, you’re not trying to set up your database. It’s already there in place. This is one of those important ones.

Secondly, you get what you work for. It’s our industry, we love to work hands on, we love to work with our clients. We love what we do with a passion. It’s not always working ‘in’ the business and working with the clients.  The thing is, if you don’t put the work ‘on’, you haven’t got a business. It’s that, yes, it’s self employed, I’m my own boss, I can sit back, this is nice and comfortable, but you’ve got to put the work in.

Especially when just launching, it’s hard graft, it is hard work, and it is not as easy as we are led to believe. I don’t want to paint a picture of doom and gloom, but I just really want you to be aware that it’s not as easy as we think. It does take hard work.  The easy bit is working with our clients. The hard bit is the working ‘on’ the business. It’s doing the social media,  the bookkeeping,  the accounts, it’s end of tax year, the marketing,  the newsletters,  the promotions, the offers, it’s all these things you’ve got working on behind the scenes.

Some of these things you can outsource.  What you’ve got to do and you’ve got to think of is that you’ve got the bookkeeping, there’s the accounts, end of year accounts; outsource it, give it to somebody else to do. Because, just think, you’re doing therapies, you’re spending time working that and earning money.  If you’re like me that don’t like playing with numbers and I never trust myself, I give that straightaway to a bookkeeper. I used to spend two or three days towards the end of my tax year pulling my accounts together for my accountant to have the 24 hours. I’ve numbered the receipts, I’ve put everything in columns in the red book. I’ve done it all properly. My accountant’s had them for 24 hours, has done all my accounts and then has charged me over £200 for it.  What I do now is I work with a bookkeeper and she sorts it for me every month. End of the year it’s all done. I’m working with my clients, doing the job I love, instead of chewing the end of a pencil trying to sort all my figures out. Let me ask you.  How would you feel if you found an accountant went and done a weekend course and was now offering massage to friends and family instead of …? Can you see that if you switch it back round, that we’re all saying that we’re learning, we’re doing our bookkeeping, we can do our own books because it saves us money. We wouldn’t like it if they were doing our job. They’ve got a passion and a love for doing figures. I’ve got a passion for doing massage.

Also, we’re looking at thirdly, is that it’s hobby versus work. Again, it’s another one that I talk to therapists about. I’m saying to them, “You’re running a business.” They go, “Oh no, I’m just seeing my friends and family. If you take that payment for that treatment, you are running a business. Minute you start taking money you are running a business. I know therapists that work full time, have got a full time job, and then they still run a therapy business and take it very seriously and run that hard as well.

Another one that I’m often seeing and I’m hearing is that they set up, they launch therapies, they build beautiful business cards, leaflets. They set up either in a treatment room or they’ve converted a room in their own home, and they’re all beautifully set up and they’re ready and, that’s it. There’s nothing. They expect to able to open and that they exist. They think clients will find them. They think the public will find them and come to them……. Sorry, that doesn’t happen. If it does to you, please tell me your tips. I’d love to know that!  You’ve got to let people know that you exist. You’ve got to be visible. You’ve got to let people know that you’re there and that you exist.

It’s all about keeping in touch, because you can’t expect people just to turn up and book with you, especially if they see your social media posts or they may see your website. They’ve got to feel and build a trust with you and build a relationship with you. This is where you’re sharing your hints and tips on Facebook or any type of social media, that you’re blogging. Hopefully you’ve got a blog onto your website. Again, that you’re sharing bits and pieces in there. Again, helping people. Also, then it’s all this evidence that you’ve got that you show your expertise.

You’ve gone through all that training and will know more than them. Share these little bits of hints and tips and advice. Show that you care, people will then start come in and looking and learning from you and building a trust and relationship with you. When that happens, that’s when they book, because they feel they get to know you, that’s when they book up with you.

Underestimating money and time. Now, I discussed this on Tea and Business with the Academy members on Monday morning. The big one with this is, knowing your numbers. You should really track your numbers. If you do it right from the start, again, with a system, then you can carry that through, it will become a habit, you will end up doing this no problem when then you’re busy.  In your own time, in your own diary, in your own business planner, in your marketing planner, you can keep a track of your numbers. It’s your social media numbers, it’s your database numbers, it’s your client numbers, it’s your income, it’s your expenses.

All these things that you keep an account of, that you’re keeping a note of every month, so you can keep a track on your goals, your targets, and whether you’re actually earning enough money to cover the expenses you’re having to pay out. It’s no good waiting to the end of the year or just monitoring your bank account to see how much money you’ve got, because you suddenly might find that you haven’t got enough to cover the room rent or something. It might be that you suddenly find that your diary is looking a bit empty towards the end of the month, so then you can put things in place to get more bookings in. It is, it’s knowing your numbers. These things help a business and it helps towards success, is to know and to track the numbers.

Another point is customer service and care. In our industry it’s so much easier because we do care about our clients, we do look after our clients,  we give them the time, because it’s quite emotional for them. Again, you have to take this into consideration because it’s your time. You’ve got to remember to book that in, to put that into your pricing. Where we’ve been on about before, about how to consider your prices, thinking about how much it’s going to cost, what you’re training’s cost you, what things you need to cover, also remember the time.

Another one I see, and again, I’m guilty for this when I first started, was I’d loved the passion with my therapies and I was adding more and more and more therapies to my list. I’ve got a lovely toolbox of therapies now that I can offer, but when I was first doing that and I was getting qualified in that I didn’t know how to sell the therapies, I didn’t know how to attract the clients through my door to perform the therapies with. I had a bright, lovely, shiny new therapy and no clients to work with it. Again, I’m seeing that more and more therapists are getting more and more therapies added to their lists, but they don’t know how to market, they don’t know how to sell their therapy. This is why I built the Academy in place, is to help therapists give them that business knowledge, give them that confidence and the hand-holding to get them through those stages.

Running your own therapy business takes consistency – with the social media, consistency with the blogs, consistency with any of the marketing and in many marketing pillars. It’s not just social media and it’s not just a website. There’s many marketing pillars that you have to do for your ideal client, your ideal customer, whatever you want to do. It’s got to be perfect and in point there, so you’ve got to many marketing pillars.

These are just some of the common mistakes that are being made when I chat to therapists when we are reviewing their business.  Do you do any of these?

Have a chat with me to see if I can help you Ali’s Therapy Academy 





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Hygge – Part Of Your Self Care

Hygge – A Part Of Your Self-Care

We are heading towards the end of February, the nights are drawing out and Spring is on its way, not long to wait!

For the last 14 years at the beginning of February I am lucky enough to have a week’s holiday in the sun in Gran Canaria.  This an opportunity for me to get some winter sun, to recharge my batteries and to get me through the winter back at home.  I do feel I suffer with SAD syndrome from January to March and this week away helps me (that’s my excuse anyway!)

I chat to my clients a lot about looking after themselves, that therapies are much more than a ‘pamper’, about how they can help themselves, the benefits of exercise, the use of essential oils and much more to help them with their health and wellbeing.  The thing is I don’t always practice what I preach!  Too busy looking after others and not enough for me, not good.

So, this holiday in February, after a very busy January, really brought it home and made me realise that I need to look after myself more, what we call “self-care”.

I have created and put in place a list of ideas and suggestions to help as reminders and
to make happen.  In my list is the usual – walking, reading, book massage appointments, socialise more with friends, trips out to cinema etc, date nights with hubby, cinema night in, home spa (facials and manicures), pj days, yoga, meditate, journal, be creative, lazy mornings and tea in bed.


Something that I had heard about but to be honest knew nothing about was Hygge.

Many therapists that I know, talk about this in their blogs, share and promote in social media posts and practice this themselves.  As I said I knew nothing about this until I came across a book in The Works, while I was taking a break from work for some exercise and retail therapy 😉 I took this as a sign, listened, and bought the book.  What an eye opener and definitely a message to me.

Hygge Comfort & Food For The Soul“by CookNation 

“Hygge (hoo-ga) is only ever meant to be felt, not explained”

It is so deeply engrained in the Danish psyche and way of life that it contributes to making Denmark officially one of the happiest places on earth.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is an ambience, a mood, an attitude, cosiness,  contentment and appreciation incorporating warm drinks, comfortable cloths, beautifully lit rooms, candles, blankets, walks in nature in Autumn, roaring fires etc.  Hygge is a way of life, moments of stress, worry and concern can be replaced.  Phones, laptops and social media are not part of hygge, these things only serve to distract from the ultimate goal of being in the moment and enjoying it fully.

Some suggestions for an indulgent hygge:

Indoor – Eat cake (oh a definite one for me!) sit in a cosy corner of your house or favourite spot wrapped in blankets, a candlelit bath, listen to music (I often play thumping trance or rock music but this is a chance to listen to soothing – Michael Buble, Van Morrison, classical music – whatever you find soothing), choose a feel-good film and make sure you have a blanket/duvet and popcorn with you, cosy up in a thick jumper thick socks and a hot chocolate with marshmallows or do daily yoga.

Outdoor – Walking in the Autumnal leaves with hat, gloves and scarf, I love the sound of this – creating a beautiful fairy light snug in the corner of your garden with a blanket nearby, chiminea/firepit and a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa. To create this, you can use lanterns, table top lamps, candles, fairylights, soft furnishing, b-b-q, firepit, chimenea.  Don’t forget stargazing Collect driftwood, if not by the sea then collect treasures from lakes, lochs, rivers and streams and take home to use as indoor or outdoor decorations and bike rides.

I love the idea and principles of Hygge and a lot of these I do already but it is great to be reminded to incorporate these into your daily life.

Remember for self-care –

  • Look after yourself
  • Be mindful
  • Enjoy and appreciate each day
  • Love a lot
  • Slow down
  • Light a candle
  • And sit and enjoy a cuppa!
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