Goal Packages For Your Clients?

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Offering Goal Packages To Your Clients

Hi everyone. Ali here, from Ali’s Therapy Academy, with, hopefully, something that can help you out for your therapy practice. We are now coming up to Christmas but this idea can help anytime.
I was away last week, if you know, my spa day, yes voucher, ongoing story. On the weekend, my lovely husband, notified me, we were going away for three days or we are going away for three days to Bath for the Christmas market, which I’m absolutely thrilled with. I’m really excited about that. It also made me think, “Oh, right, two and a half days at Bath, going to mean lots of walking, need to get myself into action.”  dscn1298
Walking for me is my form of exercise. For years, a good seven years, I was walking about two, three miles a day. It was my form of exercise. That helped me to lose weight. It helped me to trim up, and it kept me trim. I’ve always loved walking, been walking for years, even back to my school days. I was not good at sprints. It was always long distance. I was a cross-country runner, was my specialty at school. I can’t run. I walk instead. I love going off for walks, and that’s been my form of fitness. I’ve tried gym. I’ve tried swimming. I’ve tried all different sorts of things, but walking is the one for me. So much so, I even did a 26 mile walk, for Help for Heroes. I know that’s for me, is my love of walking.

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Now, the last two years have not been so good. I’ve had this gorgeous cabin built in my garden, which is my office. In between therapy clients, I’m working in here, which means I’m sat at the desk, at the computer a lot of the time, and I’m not going out walking, which is a shame. I keep saying, “I’m going to. I’m going to,” but it doesn’t get done, so the weights gone back on a bit. I’m not as fit as I was.alis-cabin-november-2014-9
Now, I’ve had my spa day, and I couldn’t give two monkeys about how I looked. I knew I wasn’t going to wear a bikini at a spa day. I knew it would be a swimming cossie. That was fine. It was my day. It was me. I’m not bothered. Also, I’ve got an awards dinner that I’m going to, and again, I’m going to dress as me. I am not going to try and wear something that is not me, and squeeze into something. They haven’t bothered me.
But going to Bath has made me realize that I must do something about this. It’s kick-started me. It’s kicked me up the backside to get out there and start walking. I was off out, lovely walk this morning, done over three miles, and I’ve been out for an hour. I want to get back into fitness.
I know in a month it’s not going to be perfect, with only a month to go, but if I can get out there every day, by the time I get to December, and I get to Bath for the weekend, I will be feeling better. I will be feeling fitter. I will have lost a little bit of weight. I’ll be feeling better for being at the hotel. I’ll be feeling better for going out walking a lot of the time. I won’t struggle with the walking we’re going to be doing throughout the day.
With doing that, with a full … I’ll probably go about six week, I think, till I’m actually going (update I am going on Sunday 11th December). I’ve got six weeks to help with that. By that time, in those six weeks, it will become a habit. It will become a routine again, and I’ll be back to walking every day. That can then carry on by February next year when I go back to my timeshare, I will have hopefully trimmed up well for my bikini. I’ll just be feeling better and fitter within myself as I was two years ago.bahia-blanca-soaking-the-sun
How does this help you? What does this lead you to? Can you think of goals that your clients are targeting? With the client’s you’ve been working with, the clients that you’ve got, what are their targets? What are their goals? A lot of them could be just the general health and well-being, general MOT, but you might have some now that have a target for Christmas to get into their little black dress, or there might be some clients that you’ve got that they want to improve their fitness. They want to get well. They want to improve their health. They want to be able to do exercise.Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym
You might have some older clients that are now getting grandchildren. They want to be able to be there with their grandchildren. They want to be able to have the energy and play with their grandchildren. You might have clients that have got goals, that have got targets.
Where I’ve mentioned before, I said about January, you know, “New Year. New You.” People are always getting to New Year’s resolution in losing weight and feeling healthier, but you can be doing this now. You can be doing this next year. You can set it up now for like Christmas that you want to lose a bit of weight so you can enjoy Christmas, getting to that slimmer dress, and be a healthier person ready for the Christmas festivities, where you won’t be so healthy.christmas-xmas-santa-claus-advent
You might work with pregnant ladies. Once they’ve had that baby, they want to look into losing the baby weight. They want to feel better. They want to feel they look better. They want to have more confidence.
It could be looking at different packages. You could put a package together with an end goal, losing the baby weight, getting fitter to be able to play with grandchildren, losing weight, people turning 50 wanting to appear and be more confident and look better.
As therapists, a lot of us have a tool box of therapies that we’ve learned over the years. Again, it could be nutrition. It could be yoga. It could be exercise. It could be this technique, that technique.   It might be that you can put a package together of all your different tool box of therapies, all your different therapies, different modalities that you’ve learned, that you can put together to build a package to reach an end goal.toolbox-2016_06_11-15_44_12-utc
It might be you want to create a package with some other therapists. It might be that you’ve also added beauty to it, so you might want to help people that then can put makeup into it, or taking care of the skin routine. It might be a teenager, again, that is developing with skin problems that you want to create a package to help them feel better by adding in Bach flower remedies with a nutrition advice and skin-care routine. It might be, again, an older person that wants to feel better in the way they look, losing weight, style, what to wear, what colour suits them, or what makeup. It might be two or three of your therapists can get together and create a package, but with an end goal.
That’s the end result. You can help them. They’ve obviously still got to work with it when they’re home. It’s just something that you can put together. As I said, this was helping with me because I’ve got an end goal of feeling fitter, feeling better, for when I go away to Bath. That will take that on then to February, next year, when I go to Gran Canaria again.
It’s always a case of, is there an end goal? How can you help them to get to that end goal? It might be that you tailor, you create, special packages to help people get to that end goal. Especially if they’ve got to know you. They’ve built up that trust and that relationship with you. You know what they’re doing, what they’re working towards. Maybe they’ve got a daughter that’s getting married. Again, they feel they’re not confident to be the mother of the bride. Again, you want to help them to develop and to build that, towards that big day.7k0a0032
It’s all about being in control, helping them being in control. I’m not saying that you set targets of, like, lose weight in eight weeks, anything like that. No, you’re helping to support them, however long it takes, whether it takes months, whether it’s a year long, but you can tailor that package to help them reach that goal.
Just think about that. It might be something that you might be able to put into your own business, that you can use within your own therapy practice. It’s something that you can create and bring into it. Another way of helping your clients, but also thinking outside the box.
I hope that helps you give you some ideas. Do let me know, come into the page and let me know, and give me some feed-back, give me some ideas, what you’re thinking and creating. I’ll speak to you again …


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Availability for December 2016


Please find my availability for December evening appointments below.

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Ali 🙂


Thursday 1st – 6.30pm
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Friday 23rd finished and on Christmas break till Wednesday 4th January 2017

Day time appointments available.  Contact me for availability



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December is Hot Stone Massage month!


December – Hot Stones

December is Hot Stone Month! This is the month when winter is here and we feel the cold. Why not try something different with your massage and add hot stone for a warmer, comforting therapy.hotstones1
This month special offers –
Book a 40 minutes hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage for £30 and add a 20 minute face and head hot stone massage for FREE! A saving of £10.00
You will feel gloriously cocooned with this warming massage and will help on these cold blowy autumnal days.
Full body Hot Stone Massage (80 minutes) –  £50.00
Back/Neck/Shoulder Hot Stone Massage (40 minutes) –  £30.00
All bookings for Admirals Walk, Litthampton, West Sussex.
Book your place now. Don’t miss out!
Offer available from Thursday 1st December until Thursday 22nd December 2016
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FHT Excellence Awards – my trip to London


FHT Excellence Awards and my day in London

Earlier on at the start of this year (2016) I was very honoured to have been recommended and asked by the FHT to be their therapist for their new Ad campaign for the Therapist Register.  I was asked if one of my clients would be willing to have their photo taken and give their story of why they booked with me as their therapist.

I knew instantly who I would ask and Helen Atkinson kindly said yes.  She has been a weekly client of mine for over 14 years and only misses due to holidays or ill health (which is not often!)

Back in the Summer we went to a local photographers studio that had been booked for our photo shoot and had a fun afternoon trying to look relaxed and natural for the camera. Not easy for me!


The first advert was then released in September in the Natural Health magazine.  It was weird seeing myself as part of an advert and also the photo being shared on social media especially Facebook.   It has since been in the Psychologies magazine.


We then were in invited as guests to the FHT Excellence Awards dinner in London in October.  An occasion to dress up and put on a posh frock!  The venue was One Whitehall Place and we both accepted and looked forward to the event.

As you know me well I am very nervous in the big city and do not travel there very often so I kind of clung to Helen as we navigated the Underground and put my total trust in her!  We found the venue really easily and spruced ourselves up.

The venue was stunning and a glass of bubbles was awaiting our welcome.  We stood and chatted to many therapists and wished each other luck in their categories of awards.14708106_988565597915993_4341520869365366635_n

The 3 course lunch was divine and we were waited on beautifully decorated tables with large candelabra’s (my dad would of loved them!)  I was sat next to Janey Lee Grace http://imperfectlynatural.com/ and I have read many of her natural health articles.  It was lovely to chat to her about the industry and PR!

The Awards were so inspiring.  You think you are doing really well with your business until you hear about their achievements!  The Chairman’s special award I was really pleased with as it went to the Complementary Therapy Team of Velindre Cancer Centre (where my own dad was looked after through his treatment).


We were there from 12pm till 5pm and after lots of photos and videos were taken of the occasion we finally set off for home with a detour to Covent Garden which I had not seen before, a sit over a pot of tea in Whittards Tea Room and finally the train home at 8.30pm


I arrived back home at 11pm, very tired but a very enjoyable, fulfilled day.  Certainly a day to remember for me and my therapy business.

Thank you to all my clients for the help and support over the years.

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My Soul Week – and a day at Champneys

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My Soul Week

I have treated myself to a Soul Week once a year for the last 3 years. 

If you know me well then you know I am passionate about my work whether it is the Academy or my therapies.  I am often found on the weekend on my laptop creating or on social media – anything to do with gadgets! 

Four times a year I set myself up on a Business Retreat.  this is where I take myself off somewhere away from home with my books, pens, notepads, files and anything I need to focus and plan on my business.  I normally do this in February in Gran Canaria,  in May back home in Wales, camping holiday in the summer and during the Christmas holidays.  These are situations and times that I can focus on the business without any distractions – reading, listening to podcasts, to do lists, webinar recordings, ideas, brainstorming, brain dump and mindmapping.

So the last 3 years I have added another week to this and I have called it my Soul Week where I do nothing but be creative – I do not focus on business at all!  I make cards, paint pictures, crafting, colouring in etc anything that I have saved to do on this week, again with no distractions.  I take the week off from work (ATA Academy and Ali’s Holistics) and just focus on me with lots of walks, pampering, socials etc.

This year my Soul Week was a bit different.  At Christmas last year my husband bought me a pampering voucher for a day at Champneys, Forest Mere. I booked this in for the middle of my Soul Week to take myself off and have some alone time and I split it into a day of 2 half’s.


I arrived in the morning at 9am to a welcome tour around the Spa and explained all that was happening and what I could do.  Then helped myself to a welcome buffet breakfast which I was not expecting and lovely to have after just over an hour’s drive.  I sat there 14642010_10209845541568038_5727702091643066764_nwith my information pack and worked out what I was going to do with my morning.

 I scheduled in some sauna time, swimming and lounging round the pool to read till lunch time.  I found that Forest Mere had been through a refurb and was looking glorious. Definitely a day for feeling special, spoilt and pampering…..taking care of me!

They now have new rattan furniture around the pool especially 2 large round loungers and luckily for me one was available which I soon made myself comfy on with my bottle of 14666033_983053771800509_6451071895690254865_nwater and a good book.  While there I took in the surroundings (and people watching) and looking at what was new – such as tropical showers and water beds.  

20161019_121033After a while I also discovered a new room available with hanging rattan chairs and an imitation log fire with the sounds of logs burning and crackling.  So I made myself comfy in there to read and relaxed till lunch.


My lunch was a splendid 3 course in a very quiet but welcoming dining room and staff and I had no problem sitting there on my own.  

After lunch I took myself off to another separate room off the pool room which was filled 20161019_133614with beds with fluffy covers.  I thought this would be nice for 1/2 hour before my thalassotherapy session (prebooked) only to find that these beds were water beds filled with warm water which was so comfy and made me very sleepy – great after lunch!  I found it very difficult to prised myself off the bed, but I managed.

After my thalassotherapy session I have my afternoon planned as a business retreat.  A few of my friends thought that this was a bad idea and to really just chill out all day.  To me it was the perfect time in perfect surroundings as once I finished and showered etc, I then took myself off to a quiet corner of the lounge where I spread my stuff out on a large round table (I brought with me my notepad, some idea brainstorm sheets and gel pens) ordered coffee and cake and then for the next 3 hours I quietly worked away with no distractions journaling and working through exercises from the Denise Duffield Thomas book”Get Rich Lucky Bitch”  and I was amazed at how much I unblocked……right place, right time.  The morning helped me to relax and release for the afternoon.

I felt most relaxed and at peace on my drive home at 6pm and welcomed the quiet in my car to carry on my day.  


The result was a most productive and wonderful day for me and my business.  I felt very relaxed and very pampered while I also worked through some issues and plans for my business with a much more clear mind.

Would I do this type of day again, most definitely I am hoping to make this a once a year thing to add to my Soul Week and will be searching Champneys for future vouchers towards my day.

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Are you growing with your therapy practice?

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Are you growing with your therapy practice?

Hi Ali here from Ali’s Therapy Academy, with a little bit of help for you hopefully with self-development.

Now a lot of what I cover within the Academy is all about business. It’s working on your business. It’s thinking about marketing. It’s thinking about social media. It’s thinking about advertising. It’s thinking about Facebook pages, websites, your mission, your mind-set. It’s all about business.

I also do try and cover, and help with your self-development. I do especially at the pexels-photo (2)end of the year and the beginning of the new year, probably just at six months, I talk about business retreats. I talk about reviewing. I talk about planning and looking at your business. Also to consider for yourself, we often talk about are you doing a hobby or are you running a business? It’s that one or other.

It’s very much that you sometimes, you’ve got to sort of invest in yourself to develop your business. We’re all very good in the therapy industry in training and learning new therapies and adding them to our businesses, to our practices. We’ll learn Reflexology, Hot Stone, Thai Herbal, Bach Flowers, Nutrition, Yoga, Exercises, Shell Massage, all these new techniques that we learn that we can give our clients, but we don’t then learn how to sell them. How to put them out to our clients? How to be visible to get the clients to have these new therapies?

Adding a long list of therapies to our practice but then not knowing how to get the clients to have those therapies. To help our clients with these therapies. A lot of what I share within the Academy, is helping you to get those clients through the door. As I said sometimes it’s actually a case of learning ourselves and self-development.sucess

We often have to self-develop and grow. There’s a lot stepping out of your comfort
zone to work on and to get the business out there. We have to work on ourselves and grow ourselves. Step out and feel the fear to get our business to grow and take our business further.

What I want to discuss through today is, I really want to share my story, my img_0996experience for 2016. To share to you, and then for you hopefully you can see and understand where I’m going through and what I’m leading you to. My vision board, I always create a vision board at the end of one year for the following year, or at the start. At the start for January 2016, I created my vision board. This vision board this year was part business, part personal. I was covering both. It wasn’t just a personal, it wasn’t just a business one it was also about the personal. I knew it was time to develop on me. I knew for the business to get bigger, I’d have to work more on myself. For it to grow, It was a lot about self-development. It was things I needed to do to step out into that comfort zone, stepping into the fear.

Even a personal thing for me, in stepping into that fear, is I’ve got a fear of water, paddleboardingfear of drowning. Paddle boarding for me this summer has been on my bucket list and has been on my vision board for about the last two, three years. This year I’ve finally done it. It was absolute, a fun experience to do. Well to be honest, don’t think I stood upon the board for longer than two, three seconds. I just kept falling in! That got my fear of the water and fear of drowning because I just fell in so many times in that hour lol. My husband and I just had such a laugh that I got through that fear. I just had to do it to be able to knock that one off my bucket list. I had to step out of my comfort zone and face that fear. That was such a joy to do this summer.

There’s lots of stepping out of your comfort zones and feeling your fear. Whether it is paddle boarding. Whether it is the water. Whether it is talking to the public. There is lots of facing the fears there. We have to do this to grow, to develop ourselves and grow into our business. I’m quite happy with the way my therapy business works. It’s successful. It’s successful for me, and how that grows and develops. I’m also happy with the way the Academy is growing. The way it’s getting recognition within the organisations and with other therapists. It still needs work and for that to happen, I need to grow. I need to work on me, on some self-development this year.

A lot of it for me this year was spirituality. I needed to work on that. I needed to IMG_1734_look more into that. I did a lot of that work when I was first training back in 2000 and then when the business side kicked in a few years ago, I sort of let the business side come in and took over and the spirituality dropped. It was just where I had to be, the place I had to be at that time. To be able to work within and push my business out there, years ago. I had to stop being so spiritual. I still kept that at home, but outside into the outside world. I was happy for that. The business became more of a passion. The business side of things became more of a passion for me. I was happy with that.

I knew I needed to work on that issue. I knew needed to step back into it. Also through this year of working with that, lots of things, you know how things appear in your life? Things appear for a reason? I am not and I have not been in all my sixteen years of work, have been into unicorns. It’s just one of those things. I just don’t, not developed into that. Even though loving Harry Potter and stuff, I don’t like, never been. Unicorns have been stepping into my life so much this year that I thought, “Hmm, I think it’s telling me something. This is something I need to look at.”

I also need to look at things that I have presently pushed aside. Whether it’s havingrainbows-unicorns readings. Whether it’s having card readings. Whether it’s chatting to somebody that receives messages and having that done. It’s something that I’ve thought, “Hmm, I need to get that done this year.” The early part of this year, this is the way I’ve worked. I’ve worked a lot more in development with myself. Reading a lot more, I’m working within those lines. I finally had a reading done this year and again she was giggling because she was saying, “Oh my God, they’re all shouting at me because they know that this might be the only chance they get to tell you, to let you know and to guide you.” They were shouting all this stuff to her, to pass on to me. Everything that she passed on was like, “Yeah, I know but I haven’t been listening. Yeah, I know but I’ve just been blanking it aside.” It was all a case of, I knew but I was just not recognising it.

It was like recognising my intuition. Recognising my inner guru. Listening to the way I’m being guided. Where I’ve been getting the messages and being guided and I’ve not been listening to it. It was all in the not listening to that. Since I’ve done that, a lot more has gone on. A lot more has opened up. A lot more has happened. It’s amazing that once you recognise that and you realise that, and I should think for a lot of you that are listening or reading this it’s, “Oh yeah. Okay Al, I do all that. I listen to that. I guide, I know my guides are on.” This is all, like I said, it’s been shut off for fifteen, sixteen years. It’s all been shut off. This is all new for me again, letting this back in. It’s interesting, but you find that things come to you, messages that you see things that come to you, that you hadn’t seen for a while.

Again, like the unicorn things, the books that are coming forward, the magazines that are coming forward, the creativity more that I’m doing. The paintings I’m creating. The messages I’m creating are all kind of more intuition and more being guided. I very much love reading and listening to webinars but I’m very, very busy taking notes. I met somebody a couple of years ago who does visualisation with notes. I’m very much into mind mapping. I love mind mapping but I’m still having to write everything out before I can mind map. I met somebody a couple of years ago that does visualisation and notes which I found really interesting. I’ve been trying to do that but still not happy. It still wasn’t the right time, I was still listing and still mind mapping. That’s the way I’ve worked.

When I was at my spa day, I’m working with a book club within the Academy for those that are in the ATA Hub, I’ve set a book club up in there. We’re reading a book a month. One of the books that we’re going through with Denise Duffield-Thomas, “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”. Now I’ve read this book a couple of years ago, thought it was fantastic. It was great but didn’t do anything with it. Read it but didn’t do anything more.

This time I’m now working through the exercises in there. I sat in the afternoon at ata-book-club-get-richthe spa day, going through the exercises about writing down your money blocks and I’ve had one or two in my mind. I thought this time, as I was swimming in the pool, I thought, let’s just make a note of what I think in my money blocks and then I will deal with it the next day when I nearly have the afternoon and evening completely to myself. I will sit down and write all this down. I sat there in the spa and I just listed. There was more and more was coming in the list. I’m thinking, “Hmm, Maybe I’ve got more blocks than I thought.” I was just listing all the things I have there.

The next morning, on a Thursday morning, what with having thalassotherapy, et cetera et cetera, I was going through a bit of a healing crisis on that Thursday morning. Then the Thursday afternoon, I just sat and wrote reams of the money blocks. It was interesting that it wasn’t just to do with that, it’s to do with family and friends and one thing or another. All this came out and I thought, “Blimey, this is just through reading Denise’s book, that this has happened.” As I was doing that later on when I had moved on from that and I was doing planning, again I was listing and I was doing the mind map and I was thinking, “Gosh if I could just visualise this in notes, it would be so much better than my listings.”

As I was going through Facebook groups the other day, this person, again had popped up and she said to somebody else who said that they were getting into visualised notes, that this was a good book to look at. Looked up on Amazon what this book was, great, but a bit too much for me to do right now. Quickly looked it up on eBay and someone was selling their second hand for half price. I bought it straight away. It was the right time for me to look. Right time for me to start working with visual notes. That’s a bit more of self-development with me. Is that for me to maybe to work more within my mind mapping is to have the visual notes on. The other thing I’m finding within the spirituality is again working more, go back to working with my reiki which I haven’t done. I haven’t done for a long time.

As I’m working with clients I’m listening more to what my gut says in where I work. My clients are very much black and white. They book them for a back, neck, and shoulder massage, they have that, they leave. It’s professional people and I’m comfortable with how I’ve worked for years. I’m now starting to bring a bit more intuition within my work. I’m now getting to know my clients to notice, “Well that was a bit different tonight. What was that?” We’re chatting more about that. That’s bringing more into it. Bringing more interest to it.

The other thing I’m finding as well is within self-development, is needs. The way I’m growing. When I was growing up as a child I was very much a tomboy. My to-be-sorted-016brother was the quiet one, the studious one, the one that was the good little boy. I was the one that was always rushing and rushed off to hospital with all the cuts and stitches, out riding my bike, out for hours. I was very much the tomboy. Going to watch football with my dad. Playing football, all those things, when my brother stayed at home, read books and was the intellectual. I was the rough and tumble. That’s gone on through my life. I’ve ended up marrying an Army man. In our married life, first part of our married life was travelling around but all our friends were male. Lots of my friends were male. I was quite happy in their company and they were happy with me because I was just one of the boys. I was talking sports with them. I was drinking pints with them. Hmm…too much information! lol

I was just a good mate to them. I was just one of the friends. Again, that was in that life style. When we had children, I have two sons. Again, I have that relationship that’s fine. I’m very comfortable with, and what we do with them again now, we’re all into sport, we’re all into computers, and we’re into gadgets. It’s all those things. One thing I have lacked through my life, I’ve got my mother, but since I’ve left home, my one thing I’ve have lacked is female company. I don’t have the daughter. I lack the female company. The Army wives, we flitted in and out of one another’s lives. We were together a year if we’re lucky, so the relationships have never been long. It’s the same as what I have now.

When I was growing up all my friends that I had were all male. My school friends, most of them were male. We’ve got the same now, so again I’m trying to develop that feminine side of me. It took me to the age of fifty to like pink!. I’m fifty three now, liking unicorns. It’s the late development of the feminine side is now coming out. I’m trying to build relationships now with females, with women. Some of it is working and some of it is not. Probably some of it is not because of my fault where I can be too clingy. I can be a bit paranoid. I’m not sure on how to work that relationship. Some people, women, understand it, some don’t. The ones that do obviously stay with me. The ones that don’t disappear. They come in, teach me a lesson in life and then move on.

This is part of what I’m sharing, is that I listen to the people and they say they go off and they have weekends off with their daughters. That they go off and have a spa 14716361_10209847518697465_7525111136075240899_nday with their daughter or they have a shopping trip with their daughter. A lot of these things I do on my own. I’m quite happy with that. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all poor me, pity me article. I’m happy with that. What I’m saying is, you’re never too old to learn. Whether it’s within your business, but certainly don’t put off in learning on self-development and finding out more about you, about yourself. Certainly this year for me, 2016, this year has been all about finding out about me. On my spa day, one of the classes was about spirituality and I’m like, “Okay, I have to look at this. I have to go to this.” I’m working on spirituality. For goodness sake, at spa day one of the talks there is about this!

How many more signs do I need that this is what I’ve got to keep working on? Interesting things I’ve been finding. I’ve been doing self-development tests that you can find on the website. There’s a five language test. I’ve found out about this one on a podcast that I listened to. Sophie Jewry, The Brand Queen, mentioned this. The Five Language test. It goes though how you can test yourself, or you can test it for your child. You can find how out in the language of how you perceive and how you like things. Whether you prefer touch. Whether you prefer affirmations or the spoken word. Whether you prefer gifts. Whether you prefer service or whether you prefer quiet quality time.

If you’ve got a partner, what will they do for you, for you to feel that real benefit, for you to show your appreciation? Is it if they give you gifts? Is it that they tell you that they love you or show their appreciation to you? Is it by them doing things for you? Is it just spending time with you? Is it showing affection in public or showing affection at home? It’s all these different things. It’s the words of touch, affirmation, gifts, service, or quality time.

You go through this and you find out what it is you like. You can also get your partner to take the test. You can find out how to show him and what he’ll appreciate and what you do for him. Whether it is when you tell him you love him. Whether it is that you touch, hold hands more. Whether it is just spend more time with him. You can also find how you can make that connection with your child by doing that test for your child. Just think what you could do if you could use it within your clients. I’m not saying tell your client to take the test. There’s also questions and things that you can ask within your own client notes to find out what they want. You can mention the test to your clients to help them understand themselves.

Does your client want the touch? Does your client want the positive words to them, saying, “Well done on reaching a goal.” Would your client like a gift? It’s things in how you can use some of these questions that you can bring into your consultation. Bring into your work that you can find out more on how you can help your client. It might also be a case of that you’re just wanting to share this information with your client so that the client can use it for themselves and their own relationship. Even if they’re single. It’s the five languages test by Gary Chapman. Have a look at that and see if that might help you.

The other one that I found is really good is, “What Is Your Spiritual Archetype?” and this is by Christian Sinclair. This is fabulous. You find out what your spiritual type is, but it also tells you then about the chakras, essential oils, the crystals and the struggles that you receive about being that type. I’m just going to tell you quickly a little bit. My spiritual archetype is the mythologist. The mythologist is, “I relish in the magic and existence of unicorns, fairies and wizards.( I’m well into Harry Potter.) They are even manifested in fantasy and books, Sci fi, and Gods and legends. It goes into much more detail and it is me to a T. It’s just so interesting when you start finding out about yourself.

Remember we see them in Facebook, take these tests to find out your favourite colour, to find out your favourite food. All sorts of things. They’re great to do. Some of them are fun, some of them are a bit more, find out your spiritual guide. Find out your animal guide. Things like that. They’re great fun to do but some of them can also really help in the way you’re growing and in a way, your self-development. Those two are certainly ones that I would really recommend in having a go and finding out about yourself or your family, whatever.

It’s really interesting. In the end really I’m saying today is to not only learn about your therapies. Also look at more in self-development within you. Whether it is finding out more of what your archetype is or what the language that you do best in. Whether it’s just finding out in how you work. Whether it is facing your fear or whether it’s dealing with the mind monkeys. Dealing with manifesting. Working with your money blocks. Whatever it is, always be willing and open up to learn.


It might not be the right time now. Just make a note of it, put it to one side because it might come back years later. Might come back, weeks, months, or years later, that you’ll come back to it and it will be the right time to work at that point. You’ll know that because you’ll be getting the signs. Within our industry, we know what these signs are even if you keep ignoring them for sixteen years, you will eventually, it will all come together.

That’s my wise owl wisdom to you today is to always be up for self-development. To help yourself grow. To help your business grow.


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