FHT Worthing and Emotion Code

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FHT Worthing LSG Meeting 18th May 2016

Well what a fabulous and interesting evening last night with the Federation of Holistic Therapists Worthing LSG group last night and if you weren’t there you really missed out!

This evening the speaker was Anita Young from Free Yourself Now  who was talking and demonstrating to us all about Emotion Code.20160518_195809

I knew something of this as I had met Anita a few years ago at a therapist group Zest in Southwater she regularly attended and one month gave a talk herself.  Now I am the first to admit I am very sceptical of things like this but I have to say I was impressed!

First let me tell you about last night.  Anita was explaining about Emotion Code and how it was developed by Dr Bradley Nelson  about all things are vibrational energy.  He believes emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body from your sub concious mind.  Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. Anita then went on to explain to us about calibrations of frequency – that emotions and feelings resonates at different levels of frequency.  She then went into examples of this:20160518_204134

1000 hz = enlightenment

540 = unconditional love – Mother Theresa

528 = Nature

400 = reason/logic

155 = lower ego

150 = anger

30 = guilt – Hitler

20 = sin/shame

Anything above the  level of 200 hz is self empowerment and below there is no spirit.

70% of human consciousness is below the 200 level!  It is that smash, grab and don’t care emotion – want, want, want. – possessions.  The job of our healing profession is to get the critical mass over the 200 + level and then the whole world will change.

To some of us in the room this was already know but to a sceptic like me this was intriguing.  Anita then went on to demonstrate about identifying trapped emotions and working to release them.  In average a single person can have 480 trapped emotions.  And this is tested by using the Kinesiology sway test.  Again when she was demonstrating this I thought that she was exaggerating the movement but when 4 different people volunteered you could see the results.  Anita was not exaggerating it, it was just because of her sensitivity and use of working with energy.  Emo-CodeChrt

With each volunteer she went through a series of questions and they also asked themselves with an answer of swaying forward for yes and backward for no.  You work with the chart of rows and columns to get a result of emotions, then questions to identify the emotional block.  Once the block has been recognised then the use of a magnet and run 3 times from the tip of the head down the back to help release the blocked emotion.  Sometimes when asking to release the block it can say no as it is resisting or not ready.

When it came to the 4 volunteers each with a different result – some not responding due to dehydration and then seeing the change once they had rehydrated!  Also seeing the reaction on their faces when they were swaying in answer – was a picture in itself!

This was only an introduction to Emotion Code and I could go into more detail here on what happend through the evening, but to be honest you had to be there! I Google searched for information and found this link to get free info from Bradley Nelson’s website.  Check it out if you want to know more.

It was an really interesting and fun evening.  Anita certainly new her stuff in a very relaxed and fun manner.  She certainly left us wanting to know more.

 FHT Worthing LSG

Ali’s Therapy Academy

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Are you into the latest passion and craze!



Adult Colouring In

So I am sure you have been in many shops especially The Works, WH Smiths or any newsagents and have seen the assortment of adult colouring books and magazine that are now available for us ‘adults’.  Unless of course you have been living on another planet!  year colouring in

This is now used as a great relaxation and stress relieving tool recommended by our industry.

Children have had it right all the time!  You lose yourself in the mindful task of staying in within the lines and creating beautiful pictures.  Time can be lost, breathing can become regular and this results in a calm body and mind. 

I love to do this on weekends to take myself away from my laptop and my work (my other passion!) and have now collected a lovely collection of books, pens and crayons for colouring in.

The assortment are too numerous to mention but you can find themed days of the week, nature, mandalas, wildlife, mystical and now even Star Wars and Harry Potter!  You can also find free pdf sheets on Pinterest or just search Google.  Many people are creating their own pdf colouring books.  I even bought the fortnightly magazine for 6 months Art Therapy!  11846633_10206560032432363_5258287903671563359_n

I often recommend this to my own clients because I can see the benefits myself and this is a simple, cheap way to help yourself and have fun.  I have been known to take this on holiday camping and abroad, on the plane.  Is this childish? Absolutely not!  Is this fun? Definitely yes!  Is it calming and relaxing? Another definite yes!

How many colouring books do you have stashed away? 

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Keeping a journal has many positive health benefits.  By regularly recording your thoughts it can help with your personal growth and development.

I started journalling 3 years ago but I had heard of it and first tried on my holistic training course 17 years ago!  At the time I struggled to do anything with it….. I didn’t know what to write about or what to add.  I was worried about it being like a diary. I was ‘thinking’ about it too much.  In the end I gave up!

Then 3 years ago I met a lovely therapist Jo Turner who was developing her interest in mindfulness and zen doodling.  Part of her new business www.joodlesmindfulness.co.uk was running workshops in her home in the practice of calm and part of that was journalling.  journal cover

This has made such a difference!  This new way of journalling is also with the use of different media and I have developed more creativity.  In this I not only use writing but drawing, painting, photos and other materials – fabric, stickers, toppers all to record my feelings, emotions, reflections, rants, questions, conversations and also daily gratitude’s – what I am grateful for that day.  This can also help with a busy mind…..sometimes writing things out can help with something that is puzzling or unclear.  it can settle things in your mind.

I now run 2 journals – one personal and one for business.  My personal has become very visual as I learn to be more creative and more free flowing and not so regimented, but I can see my development in both as one interacts with the other.

I am still trying to make this become a regular daily habit in the morning but I do easily get distracted! so this is either done in the evening or as a catch up on the weekend.

If you look on Pinterest or Facebook there are some beautiful and interesting examples of journalling to check it out.  It has become a big help to me and a bit of an addiction.  I was bad before for stationery but now I buy lots of pens, paints, stickers etc and my excuse is for my journalling.  journalling stash

Do check it out and give it a try, see what it can do for you in your daily life and development.

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What does your therapist group mean to you?

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What does your therapist group mean to you?

You are a Complementary/Beauty Therapist and you are busy with your therapy practice and life.  You are juggling, clients, therapies, school runs, family time, meals, exercise etc, etc, etc the list goes on and on.  You are glad when you can find 5 minutes peace to yourself.11193313_10153318368964743_2281941552065203064_n

So then you receive an email or an invite on social media to attend your local therapist support group.  What do you do?

  1. Ignore and delete the email because you are not interested
  2. Read the email to see what it has to say
  3. Check out who the speaker is
  4. If the speaker is interesting then you check your diary to see if you are available
  5. If you are not interested in the speaker then you delete the email
  6. Contact the organiser to say that you will be attending
  7. Contact the organiser anyway because you will attend whether you are interested in the speaker or not
  8. Make a note in your diary and see if you are free on the night then you will attend

Does any of those sound familiar to you?

As a therapist in my earlier years this was exactly how I reacted!  First couple of years I didn’t even bother reading the invite, then when I acknowledged the groups, I  would then read the email and if I was interested in the speaker I would book to attend,  if not I wouldn’t go.

The thing is now years on I see these groups with a different view point.  Admittedly it is different for me now as I have organised and run my own groups in the past and now am co-cordinator for my local one in Worthing and see it from a totally different point of view.

There are many reasons why to attend your local meetings:

  1. They are organised for official organisations by local therapists or therapists have set these groups up on their own.
  2. You are lucky if you have one of these groups local in your area.
  3. There is a different speaker at each meeting.
  4. You can obtain CPD points – whether automatically on attendance or if you write a reflect and review about the meeting.
  5. It is attended by likeminded people and fellow therapists.
  6. It is a place where you can chat and share – get support.
  7. It is a place to network and build business relationships.
  8. It is a place to get to know about other therapies and to get help if you are stuck with a client – build a referral team.
  9. You can use it as a place to grow your confidence and self-development
  10. If you want to get into speaking you can use this as a trial run, to practice to willing, supportive ears.
  11. If you work on your own and feel lonely this is the place to go to, to discuss with other therapists, books, training etc

These meetings are such an opportunity and great value. These meetings are not all about 11822641_1653886341501346_1912860285110415720_nthe speaker.  You never know what you might learn or find out on the evening whether it is from the speaker or a fellow therapist….new therapy, insider tip, therapy rooms available, best venues for workshops, latest App, you just never know what nugget you will take away with you.   Chatting with fellow therapists is a form of networking and build relationships.  Here you can find recommendations for web developers, printers, accountants etc all the people you need help from for your business and others have already used so these businesses will be used to working with the therapy industry.  It is a way to support one another, there is no competition.  What better place to learn from one another and feel safe to ask questions as we as therapists are all going through the same thing.  We have been there, done that, got the t-shirt!  These meetings can help students through their training.  It is a place to showcase, advertise and market your therapies, talks, workshops and presentations

I can keep listing and pointing out the reasons why these groups are great to attend and support, there is no need to feel alone as these groups are there to hold your hand.

Which group do you suport?

FHT Worthing

Ali’s Therapy Academy


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I Am Worrying About Our Therapy Industry

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I must admit I am starting to worry about our industry.

I am worrying about what I am seeing in social media, especially Facebook.

Why am I worrying?  Well I am pleased to say I am seeing a wonderful array of posts from many therapists and businesses sharing their knowledge, motivation, hints, tips, expertise and being the caring professional business which is their gift.

But what I am seeing more of and worrying about is the posts that are offering therapy training online and learn to massage in a weekend!  I am seeing more and more of this and I wonder how good their training is.  I remember with my training for a holistic therapy diploma it was full time, 3 days a week for a year in college, hands on assessments and many hours of case studies in college and at home with a variety of different cases, in total over a 100 hours home case studies just for reflexology alone!  I have seen some in Facebook groups discussing training and they only have 5 case studies with 3 of them being their children!  Surely that is not enough variety to experience and cover their module.


I always recommend therapy businesses to promote and or sell products within their business to recommend and help their clients but also to improve their income.  Again most are doing this fine, but I am seeing companies recommending and training their consultants (non therapists) to encourage and promote the use of essential oils internally! But also creeping in now are therapists recommending the use of essential oils internally – that is against every training and reading that I have received since 2000.  Is there a new way of thought or training that I have missed?  I am not a teacher of therapies, only an advisor for business, but when I read this it makes me want to stand up and scream and shout out that this is so wrong!

Our industry has always had a troubled life – not being taken seriously, being knocked down by the medical profession, being dismissed by the drug companies, not being allowed to use the word treatment and being ruled by the ASA for our marketing for what we can and cannot say.  Often we are fighting our corner to be taken seriously and professionally and we have organisations that are doing this on our behalf, but these type of things do not help and will drag us down and pull us back even more.  We have our Code of Ethics, our Insurance and our Certificates to prove our professionalism but I am not surprised now if a person raises their eyebrow or brushes me off as a waste of time when I say what I do.  This really does not help us, what can we do to stop this happening?

As a therapy business mentor I am often researching and monitoring the ‘competition’ out there in social media.  Many of the mentors I have become friends and built relationships with and it is great that we can all help and support one another, but I am noticing new business coach and mentors.  A natural health product company now have consultants setting up their Facebook Business Page as a business coach and mentor and when you look on their timeline it is a front to sell their products and sign up to their team!  To me that is not helping to coach and mentor a person with their business, it is a way for them to recruit for their team.  I may have a lot of people disagree with me on this and it might not be the company’s idea but I have seen a few of these now the last couple of weeks.  Again I believe this is not a help to the health/therapy industry, I find this is an underhand tactic.

We all have to work to survive and we all need business but surely we have to look at and monitor ourselves.  We know what is right and wrong, we have choices.  But if this carries on this industry will never be taken seriously and for the value that it is really worth.


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Overwhelm, Organisation & Scheduling – Time Management

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Overwhelm, Organisation & Scheduling 

This workshop was held yesterday and what an interesting morning it was.  I really do believe some buttons were pressed!

Lots of things were identified through the morning and some brainstorming and light bulb moments were made.

Each therapist is different and each business is different but there is a common feeling of overwhelm in our life’s but what was coming through yesterday was should there be.  Are we putting more pressure on ourselves than need be?  Are we trying to be perfect?

In all of the workshops for whatever subject, I discuss and share different options, 20160227_115208different ideas and different ways – almost multiple choices, of the ways that things can be done or achieved.  Some will work for you some will not, some will be suitable, some will not.  It has taken me many years to find ways that work for me whether that involves time management, systems or marketing but that does not mean I stop there.  I will always continue to try new ways and see what works and what doesn’t for me and my business.  But with all these different ways available, doesn’t mean that you have to do all of them.  You have choices.

Yesterday we covered, Apps that can be used to help with our business – Asana, Evernote, Dropbox, Skype, Mailchimp etc, systems that can be used for organisation – database, newsletters, follow up emails, direct mail, testimonials, , marketing planner, bookkeeping, filing, client management/relationship systems, project management tools and information management tools etc.  These are all great if you need them.  Nobody knows your business but you.   You know if you have a steady stream of clients coming through and where they are coming from, what marketing works for you, what support your clients need.  I am not there to tell you that you NEED email templates, monthly newsletter, and blogging every month, social media 3 times a day, video testimonials and I can keeping adding to the list and did!  Databases I would highly recommend setting up, but the others are your choice –  do, delegate or ditch.20160227_115135

Also what I discovered yesterday is mindset.  We all struggle with days of procrastination and feeling meh.  Then comes in your drive, determination and goals plus knowing what moves your mood such as going out for a walk, meditation, journaling, visualisation or for me playing loud music especially trance music with its upbeat, high tempo, repetitive music gets me motivated and focused! We can easily be distracted.  Again organisation comes into focus with 90 minute planning, 90 day planning and setting deadlines.  Many people keep things in their head which can create overwhelm, here its ideal to brain dump – write everything down onto paper that you are thinking and clear your head and with your to do list, schedule into your diary of when you are going to do them and work ‘on’ your business.

To get to the bottom of this it might be a case of looking and monitoring your time to see how long things take you and what you do during your day and I mean everything.  It might be a case of not realising how long you spend on things and what you are achieving.  You might be taking more coffee/tea breaks then you realise and time flies by while you are on Facebook.  Do this for a couple of days and then take a look at your activities.  Check out this article and download the template to help you see what you are doing and achieving with your time. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_07.htm

We all manage time differently.  There is not a right way or a wrong way, but as with all things it needs just YOU to implement.


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