How do you get your clients to keep coming back

Client Retention

When you are running your own therapy business there is a million things you could do to help you attract new clients and build your therapy practice/clinic.
Amid all the options we have for marketing our businesses, sometimes the simplest ones are the most effective because all the bells and whistles don’t matter one bit if you don’t take the time to create amazing customer experiences.
No matter what type of business you run, creating that amazing customer experience is critical to your success. You need a plan in place to delight your customer from the second they first discover your business and every step of the way after that when they become your client.
Building an amazing customer experience is truly the most powerful marketing strategy your business will ever implement or execute on.
Because it is simply good business practice, as people who love doing business with your company will keep coming back for more. They won’t be able to resist talking about your business and sharing it with their friends. And, you will be able to woo more customers into being clients by wowing them before they even book.
As a member of Ali’s Therapy Academy, the members worked through and created their own individual customer experience through their Monthly Module.
Sometimes it’s the little things that stand out in a client’s mind differentiating between a great massage and an exceptional experience. Pay extra attention to the little details and you’re sure to make a memorable impression.
The following are just a few ideas. This is by no means the extent of what you can do, but rather a starting point to springboard your creativity. The possibilities are endless! In the member’s group, we have created 12!
  1. When a new client is filling out your intake paperwork, offer them a warm herbal neck pillow or wheatie bag that can be heated in the microwave. They feel great and smell like heaven. Your client has only been in your room for 2 minutes and already they’re impressed.
  2. If you have clients who wear contact lenses, have eye drops etc available to help them if needed.
  3. Put something pretty on the floor under the face cradle. (I have a pretty bowl with rocks) Granted, most clients have their eyes closed at this point. But for those that don’t, they will take note of your attention to every detail. (It’s just a simple bowl of rocks. But the effect? “Wow! You’ve thought of everything!”)
Why Client Experiences Matter
Customer experience isn’t about what happens once someone books with you, it’s about all the steps before that and how you move each would-be client through their journey with your business.
Attraction – Discovery – Research – Choice – Purchase – Use
We work in a saturated market. If you Google search your area for a therapist, look on Facebook or attend a Complementary event you will see that there are a lot of people who do the same as you.
You may feel crestfallen, overwhelmed, lack confidence or just plain don’t feel good enough compared with all others. You think their branding looks better, their skills are better, they look better therapists, they offer more…… Remember these are just your mind monkeys playing tricks with you. You have done your training and you left college/training school with amazing skills. You are an amazing therapist. Stop comparing yourself to others for a start. You are you and you are unique.
How can you stand out from all the others? Why would clients look at your therapy practice?
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