Outsourcing – Valuable To Me, Goobledeegook To You!

What is outsourcing

I had to use this title as I often get asked this when I mention it to other therapists. The look on her face was a picture as I waffled ways to increase her client numbers and income with marketing, social media, blogging etc.

From her expression, I suddenly realised I had become someone who was talking gobbledegook! (or Welsh!)  It did confirm that I have become pretty proficient in this business lark but it also made me realise that just like we talk to client’s and don’t use too many A & P or muscle terms, I had to think about my language. I know you can all relate to that in your own therapy businesses.

So “what the hell is outsourcing”? Well it is getting some help, in basic terms. Getting someone to do the stuff that is stopping you either working with  clients or more importantly stopping you working “on” your business to get the customers through the door in the first place. Here are some examples of outsourcing:

  • VA – Virtual Assistant. A lot of my advice is all about writing good content and repurposing it across many mediums from blogs, social media, talks, podcasts, memes etc.

How many times however has that piece that you have written (or worse you only thought about writing) sat on your computer and never got any further?

I can hold my hand up as I am guilty of this on occasion especially with my businesses. So I have used a VA. The great advantage of a VA is that you don’t employ them they are freelance, you can opt to use them when you want and for what you want. They charge you buy the hour and a good VA will tell you how many hours they estimate the job will take. My VA puts together my newsletter and I literally email across a load of content and she makes it look beautiful and even posts it out which saves me hours and takes her 30 minutes.

  • Accounts and Book-keeping. Now you may love figures but from my experience, most therapists find it deadly boring and I am with you. From the start, I employed a book-keeper and an accountant. Shop around and make sure you get quotes for the time spent. If you have a good bookkeeper, they should keep your account fees down by doing the majority of the work. Get referrals from other people and shop around before deciding, accountants do NOT have to be expensive. So, if it seems expensive look elsewhere – avoid large firms as their costs are more and hence prices go up.

I have had people say to me “oh I have learned to do that so I can do it myself.  It saves me paying for an accountant”.  Ok, I get that but look at it another way.  If you knew an accountant that learned massage over a weekend and was then massaging their family and friends because they could, wouldn’t you be a bit annoyed? Their skill is to be an account, your skill is to be a massage therapist!

  • If you want to move forward in your business and you are struggling to take time to work “on” your business, then get a cleaner. Your time is better spent on your business and to be honest you can earn more. I live in a house with 3 men! They are not bad but no common sense between them, so do not think of voluntarily hoovering, cleaning, washing up etc.  So, I am in the process of researching a cleaner and then looking at my numbers for earning and costings to see what I need to do to be able to afford that cleaner easily. You may spend hour ironing, (what’s ironing?;))  that you could outsource to someone else.

What you do is create a team to support you and your business – whether that is home or at your work. Your bookkeeper/accountant, your VA/Admin, your IT who takes care of your website (they build it, host it and maintain it – you can edit it).  What happens if your website gets hacked or goes down, who do you turn to instead of hours of hairpulling.

Places to find outsourcing can be on sites such as fiverr.com and peopleperhour.com. Check out these sites as again you can get people to do just the odd job including website issues and design of logos. Or you may have a family member that would be happy to help you for free or a friend for a free treatment. I shouldn’t cost you a lot and it can be free.

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