Are you fed up with the admin for your therapy practice?

What is outsourcing?

We all know how busy things are with running a business. we have to wear so many hats, bookkeeping, accounts, social media, marketing, sales, admin, content creator, you get my drift.

To run a successful business we need to know about the things of working on your business. You can’t expect clients to just turn up at our door or email or telephone to make that appointment, without having to put some work into it. We are so good at our gifts by providing our therapies,  we love being with our clients and giving them a memorable start to finish service. But, sometimes we can be so busy with our clients that we forget about the other things.

Often when I’m chatting to therapists about working on their business and the things that they could look at to do to help them bring clients through the door and to help them be more organised, and the answer I often get is “I haven’t got time to do that”. Some of it is down to them not acknowledging that the admin that needs to be done, some of it is really not knowing what needs to be done or how to do it. But, often the case is that they don’t want to do it, they don’t like doing it, they want to spend time with their clients which is totally understandable but then the business can struggle and they may end up not have a business at all.

Now, there are ways you can get around this. Obviously the first is to learn how to do it all and then you spend time looking at your planning and your marketing and fitting that into the hours of your day whether that’s first thing in the morning before the children get up or soon after the school run or last thing at night once they’ve gone to bed or you slot it in around your clients……….

Or you could outsource it

“obtain (goods or a service) by contract from an outside supplier. “there can be no question of outsourcing components from other countries”

Outsourcing is where you can delegate work that you don’t like doing or don’t have time for, to somebody else. Somebody who is the expert or has the speciality in doing that. If you’re like me you may not like doing the accounts or bookkeeping or anything to do with numbers/maths so that was my first one on my list that I outsourced to a bookkeeper and accountant. There is no way that I will do my end of year accounts I don’t trust my own figures and probably don’t realise what exactly I could claim for so I pass that on to my accountant.

Why does it seem so scary when we talk about outsourcing or giving some work to somebody else to do? Is it because we like being in control. or is it because we don’t think they will do it as well as ourselves. but why struggle and do something that could take you hours that could take them probably less than an hour there’s nothing wrong in getting help.

I can think of the times I’ve read posts from therapists who have said they’re going on a weekend course or a one day course to learn about bookkeeping and then putting that into their own business. How long does it take to do the bookkeeping every week or month or to do the end of year accounts? it could take them hours it could take them days where if you gave them to a bookkeeper or an accountant they can do it in the least amount of time. Why would you be doing your own accounts?

Think of it this way, how would you feel if you knew somebody who was an accountant that learnt massage on a weekend and was then providing treatments to their friends and family and you could be doing it instead. Role reversal. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Businesses now, often look towards VA’s or virtual assistants to help them with the admin Some VA’s also specialise in social media looking after Facebook accounts also creating newsletters and using platforms such as MailChimp. Some will take over the social media for you, some can be left to create blogs for you or transcribe audio or make a blog look pretty if you just give them the text.

If you outsource the different parts of work that you just disliked doing or didn’t have time for, that would leave you free to do the things you love – working with your clients.

There are many people now, who will provide admin services. Check out your local networking or search in Facebook and local groups you may be surprised how many people there are that can help you with your work.

Have a look and create a list of the jobs you don’t like doing and see who could do it for you because the money that you earn with your clients will pay for your own admin. 🙂 

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