Holidays are coming

Holidays are coming

Only a few weeks left to go and then it’ll be 6 weeks of school holidays. Does this include your kids or are your kids like mine all grown up and run their own lives?

Even if you haven’t got children the 6-weeks school holidays can still affect you. You may notice that your business goes quieter. You may notice your no-shows increase,  you may notice your cancellations increase,  you may notice your diaries not so busy.

I’ve got a few tips for you here to get you through the six weeks of the summer holidays.

  1. Management of your expectations – remember to give your clients notice if you are going to be having children at home over the school holidays or when you are going on holiday yourself.  you do not have to put it all over Facebook if you don’t want to but do inform your clients of the dates that you will not be available.
  2. Your own expectations – I know I am bad that I think that I can do it all in less time. I am always writing things in my diary more than I actually have time to do it. Be honest, what you can achieve. Don’t set yourself up to fail
  3. Appointments – take it lighter and easier, look after your diary. be aware of the time of when you can focus on your clients and the time that you can’t. Diary management is important over the summer holidays for yourself and your family. Be reasonable in what you can offer appointments for your clients but remember to schedule in times for your family and time for you.
  4. Cancellation policy –  remember to have this in place and remind people in your newsletter and in posts on social media over the summer break. How many times has it happened to you that you get a late cancellation or a no show especially if the weather suddenly turns nice and sunny? Also remember to send out appointment reminders because again in the lovely weather or in the busy school holidays people can forget their appointments.
  5. Getting help – you don’t have to do this all on your own you can ask for help whether it’s childminders, whether it’s swaps with other mums, whether its activities at clubs and groups, with actually getting business help with admin just over the school holidays.
  6. Prioritise –  and focus on stuff that is important. If stuff can wait from your to-do list another couple of days or another couple of weeks leave it till it’s a better time. Don’t cram stuff in because you said it needs to get done. It can wait, the world is not going to end if you don’t get it done.
  7. Now, remember your social media and blogs may be quieter over the summer break. You may not be listened to by your clients and your kids, it’s ok. Things do go quieter throughout the summer.
  8. Smile and be kind to yourself

Over the next couple of weeks create a bank of content that you can use. Schedule your social media and newsletters over the summer and remember to recycle your old content.

If you do find it’s quiet this would be an ideal opportunity to review and work on your business. Use the time to review your website update photos writer blogs update pages review and update your treatments and prices. Review your social media do you want to change the cover photo do you want to change your profile photo do you want to change any of the information or contact info full stop review your Google my business listing and update if necessary.

Use the time to review your business, review your marketing and make any adjustments. You will find that you survive the summer and will be raring to go again in September.

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