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I’m talking about marketing and 14 tips that will help you take action and put straightaway into your business.

1. don’t keep adding therapies to your list. I see it many times in the Facebook groups where therapists are asking other people what’s their most popular therapy, what’s their most popular treatment, what’s the ones that all the clients coming in for. I understand it. I made that mistake, that when I first started my therapy business I was adding treatment after treatment after treatment and I had a huge, long list. I got really passionate about my therapies, I absolutely love them. I was confusing people them.  Too many to choose from.  So, try and not keep adding more and more therapies to your list. Specialise in what you’re trained in,  for a certain target market, for a certain ailment. But if it’s that you’re still not getting clients through the door then look at your marketing. Looking at training to develop more of your marketing techniques. It may be that it’s not treatments that you need and therapies that you need to add, but it might be actually learning how to market your business, learn how to set up, do your website right, get the copyright, do it with social media. Invest in yourself and how you work with your business.

2.  market what you know. Get it out there. Be the expert, share your expertise. Get it out there that you know what you’re on about. Share your blogs, chat with people, have conversations. Don’t broadcast and just sell. Chat with them. Share what you do, what you know. Also, set up an online booking system. So, it’s making it easy for people to book up with you. If you’ve got that facility there, whether it’s with Schedul whether it’s Treatwell or 10to8.  There’s quite a few you can use out there now which are absolutely free to use, or for a small amount every month you get the online calendar, they can book people up, I think some facilities actually take payments. But it also sends out reminders for people as well when their appointment is coming up. So, take a look at that.

3.  tell and direct people to your website. Again, using your social media, using newsletter, when you’re out networking, when you’re talking to people, tell them about your website. That’s your brochure, that’s your shop window, so tell them and direct them to your website. Maybe you host your blogs on your website. So, tell them about it, direct them to it so they can go and have a look, and again, get to know, like and trust you, get to find out all about you. Not just your treatments, but about you as well.

4.  testimonials. How are you doing about testimonials? How’s your Facebook page looking for your reviews? Do you ask your client for testimonials? Do you have a visitors’ book where people can give feedback to how they received their treatment that day?  Also, they might be happy to do a video testimonial for you that again you can use, with permission of course, but you can use, sharing on a social media, on your YouTube channel, you can type up the text and create an image out of it. All of these things help again towards that know, like and trust factor. So, put testimonials in there. Ask for them.

5.  a photo of you. Now, this is another one that I see, even on the FHT register, the therapy register, on people’s own websites, even on Facebook pages, there are no photos of you. So, therapists out there, please get a photo of you up on your Facebook page, on your website, wherever. Yes, you may not like having your photograph taken. Don’t use a holiday shot, anything like that. Either get somebody to take photos of you in your treatment room … Mobile phones now are really taking really good photographs. If you can’t afford to get a professional one done, as I said, just using a mobile phone and getting the photographs that way. People want to see you. It’s not so much now about the professional image with the white tunic on and whatever, they want to get to know you and who they’re dealing with first. So, get some photos of you. Also, try and get some photos done with real people. We’re all now starting to use and add photographs to our website, to our social media pages, getting from the image-free resources. But, if you can, get real images, real photos. Photos of your clients, or of your family there as a stand-in.

6.  Google yourself and Google your business. Are you easy to find? Are you using Google Business for a start, for the room wherever you work at, the clinic you work at, or if you’re working from home are you using it for there, for Google your business? But if not, just go in and Google and search and find out, are you coming up? Massage in your area. Reflexology in your area. See where you’re coming up on the pages, see what information’s coming up for you. Because sometimes people are not keeping a check on it and they’re going, “Oh yeah, I came up on the first page when I searched.” Sometimes, when you’re used to putting in your name and you’re working on your website, when you then go and Google search it, it comes up because the computer’s familiar with you searching that and searching your business. So, suddenly get your mobile phone out and have a look through your mobile phone, because that won’t be expecting it. Google search and see where you come up and what happens.

7.  Gift vouchers. Are you doing gift vouchers? You probably are. Do your clients know you do gift vouchers? So, again, get the word out there. Put it there on your website, put it out on your social media pages and share photographs of those gift vouchers. You can get some now that look really classy, you can print off a voucher but present with your homemade, handmade card, you can put it in a box all lovely, beautifully wrapped up with some fun confetti of unicorns or something in it. You can now present gift vouchers in so many different ways, not just at Mother’s Day and Christmas and Valentine’s, but at least get one post out per month that you provide gift vouchers.

8.  value yourself. Believe in yourself and value yourself. Don’t keep offering discounts. Don’t let friends and family try and talk you down and say, “Give it to me a bit cheaper because I know you.” You’ve trained, you’ve worked hard yourself, so value yourself in how much you charge. If you have a worry in that, in that you’re not confident in setting your prices, obviously come and have a chat with me. But the ideal person to go and have a look with is Denise Duffield-Thomas. She works with Money Blocks. So, maybe have a read of her book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, have a read of that and see whether it’s money blocks there that are stopping you from believing in yourself and charging the prices that you want to charge.

9.  Facebook groups. I’m seeing more and more therapists are doing this now, which is great. You can run this in different ways. Either like a VIP group, which is for your clients only, so that you can chat to them, share your expertise more, share documents with them, maybe give them special offers, therapy treatments, maybe a membership where they pay every month, towards their treatment a month, and the extra information they get. You might wanna work it that way. Or, you might want to run an open Facebook group where, again, you still talk to people, share with people, Facebook Lives, information, sign-ups to maybe info that you’re storing on Dropbox or somewhere. But it also then creates that know, like and trust in your group and they get to know you before they buy. So, again, it’s another way of getting your business out there and marketing by creating a group.

10.  having a passive or residual income. So, we’re selling products or services online. So, it might be with products like Neal’s Yard, Arbonne, Forever Living. You might make your own products. You also might want to do your own essential oil blends, you might want to look at marketing WheatyBags, gift packs, things like that that you can create. Again, think outside the box, think differently and then either just have it in your marketing that this is what you sell or make it a shop area on your website where you could sell your gift vouchers and you can sell your products

11.  Rebook. Ask. Do you ask your clients to rebook? Do you ask them when their next appointment will be at the end of the first one? This can be really scary if you’re new to it, you can find that really scary and asking them to book, “Would you like to book for your next treatment?” Another way around it is that you can say to them, “Can I help you in any other way?” Another thing that you can do is to do a recommendation. because don’t forget, you are the expert. You know a 100% more than your client about what their issues are, about what’s working for them and what they need to be done and they’ve come to you for help. So, maybe then,  share your recommendations, your healthcare advice. As maintenance, come and see you every four to six weeks for maintenance. Or to see you in a block of six or block of four or block of six treatments. Maybe you wanna give them the offer of paying for four treatments and they’re getting the fifth one free and then they can book as and when they want to.Or they can book them all out already knowing that they’ve got all these treatments booked in. So, do ask.

12.  Please, please, please make sure you’ve got a cancellation policy in place. This comes round again to valuing yourself. Because you value yourself and you want your client to value you also. If they don’t value you, they won’t have a problem not showing up, cancelling at the last minute, anything like that. The other thing is placing a booking fee, that when somebody books up you take a booking fee. Now, it’s not a deposit because a deposit has to be refundable. Okay? You’re putting in a non-refundable booking fee so if somebody doesn’t turn up you then get to keep that money. So, again, if you’re doing a big treatment package or whatever, how much your costings are, or you wanna start afresh now, it’s the non-refundable booking fee, take that into consideration. But please get that cancellation policy in place, inform your clients of it, put it in the welcome pack, put it on your website, put it on your social media, on your leaflets, wherever. Make your clients aware that it exists. Even if you have to put it on a sign on your noticeboard or somewhere in your treatment room, make your clients aware that this exists.

13.  self-care and development. If you can’t work, if you don’t look after yourself, then you’re no good for your business. If you can’t work, you can’t earn. So, make sure it’s self-care, you look after yourself, but also self-development.

14.  sack clients. This took me years to have the courage to do. Those that are energy vampires, those that are time vampires, those that mess you about, those that just really are not valuing you, sack them. Because once you sack them and you get rid of that negative energy it clears it and the good clients will come to you. The clients that will love you, the clients that will be loyal to you, the clients that you’ll love working with. So, sack the clients you don’t need.

You can take those tips away today, overview what you’re doing and have a look at it. So, whether it’s putting your photo on your social media page, whether it’s checking and asking for testimonials, checking your views, looking at and maybe researching an online booking system. Whatever. Have a look through those 14 tips and see what you can do and implement into your business

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