Marketing For Holisticpreneurs







I’m talking about marketing and 14 tips that will help you take action and put straightaway into your business.

1. don’t keep adding therapies to your list. I see it many times in the Facebook groups where therapists are asking other people what’s their most popular therapy, what’s their most popular treatment, what’s the ones that all the clients coming in for. I understand it. I made that mistake, that when I first started my therapy business I was adding treatment after treatment after treatment and I had a huge, long list. I got really passionate about my therapies, I absolutely love them. I was confusing people them.  Too many to choose from.  So, try and not keep adding more and more therapies to your list. Specialise in what you’re trained in,  for a certain target market, for a certain ailment. But if it’s that you’re still not getting clients through the door then look at your marketing. Looking at training to develop more of your marketing techniques. It may be that it’s not treatments that you need and therapies that you need to add, but it might be actually learning how to market your business, learn how to set up, do your website right, get the copyright, do it with social media. Invest in yourself and how you work with your business.

2.  market what you know. Get it out there. Be the expert, share your expertise. Get it out there that you know what you’re on about. Share your blogs, chat with people, have conversations. Don’t broadcast and just sell. Chat with them. Share what you do, what you know. Also, set up an online booking system. So, it’s making it easy for people to book up with you. If you’ve got that facility there, whether it’s with Schedul whether it’s Treatwell or 10to8.  There’s quite a few you can use out there now which are absolutely free to use, or for a small amount every month you get the online calendar, they can book people up, I think some facilities actually take payments. But it also sends out reminders for people as well when their appointment is coming up. So, take a look at that.

3.  tell and direct people to your website. Again, using your social media, using newsletter, when you’re out networking, when you’re talking to people, tell them about your website. That’s your brochure, that’s your shop window, so tell them and direct them to your website. Maybe you host your blogs on your website. So, tell them about it, direct them to it so they can go and have a look, and again, get to know, like and trust you, get to find out all about you. Not just your treatments, but about you as well.

4.  testimonials. How are you doing about testimonials? How’s your Facebook page looking for your reviews? Do you ask your client for testimonials? Do you have a visitors’ book where people can give feedback to how they received their treatment that day?  Also, they might be happy to do a video testimonial for you that again you can use, with permission of course, but you can use, sharing on a social media, on your YouTube channel, you can type up the text and create an image out of it. All of these things help again towards that know, like and trust factor. So, put testimonials in there. Ask for them.

5.  a photo of you. Now, this is another one that I see, even on the FHT register, the therapy register, on people’s own websites, even on Facebook pages, there are no photos of you. So, therapists out there, please get a photo of you up on your Facebook page, on your website, wherever. Yes, you may not like having your photograph taken. Don’t use a holiday shot, anything like that. Either get somebody to take photos of you in your treatment room … Mobile phones now are really taking really good photographs. If you can’t afford to get a professional one done, as I said, just using a mobile phone and getting the photographs that way. People want to see you. It’s not so much now about the professional image with the white tunic on and whatever, they want to get to know you and who they’re dealing with first. So, get some photos of you. Also, try and get some photos done with real people. We’re all now starting to use and add photographs to our website, to our social media pages, getting from the image-free resources. But, if you can, get real images, real photos. Photos of your clients, or of your family there as a stand-in.

6.  Google yourself and Google your business. Are you easy to find? Are you using Google Business for a start, for the room wherever you work at, the clinic you work at, or if you’re working from home are you using it for there, for Google your business? But if not, just go in and Google and search and find out, are you coming up? Massage in your area. Reflexology in your area. See where you’re coming up on the pages, see what information’s coming up for you. Because sometimes people are not keeping a check on it and they’re going, “Oh yeah, I came up on the first page when I searched.” Sometimes, when you’re used to putting in your name and you’re working on your website, when you then go and Google search it, it comes up because the computer’s familiar with you searching that and searching your business. So, suddenly get your mobile phone out and have a look through your mobile phone, because that won’t be expecting it. Google search and see where you come up and what happens.

7.  Gift vouchers. Are you doing gift vouchers? You probably are. Do your clients know you do gift vouchers? So, again, get the word out there. Put it there on your website, put it out on your social media pages and share photographs of those gift vouchers. You can get some now that look really classy, you can print off a voucher but present with your homemade, handmade card, you can put it in a box all lovely, beautifully wrapped up with some fun confetti of unicorns or something in it. You can now present gift vouchers in so many different ways, not just at Mother’s Day and Christmas and Valentine’s, but at least get one post out per month that you provide gift vouchers.

8.  value yourself. Believe in yourself and value yourself. Don’t keep offering discounts. Don’t let friends and family try and talk you down and say, “Give it to me a bit cheaper because I know you.” You’ve trained, you’ve worked hard yourself, so value yourself in how much you charge. If you have a worry in that, in that you’re not confident in setting your prices, obviously come and have a chat with me. But the ideal person to go and have a look with is Denise Duffield-Thomas. She works with Money Blocks. So, maybe have a read of her book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, have a read of that and see whether it’s money blocks there that are stopping you from believing in yourself and charging the prices that you want to charge.

9.  Facebook groups. I’m seeing more and more therapists are doing this now, which is great. You can run this in different ways. Either like a VIP group, which is for your clients only, so that you can chat to them, share your expertise more, share documents with them, maybe give them special offers, therapy treatments, maybe a membership where they pay every month, towards their treatment a month, and the extra information they get. You might wanna work it that way. Or, you might want to run an open Facebook group where, again, you still talk to people, share with people, Facebook Lives, information, sign-ups to maybe info that you’re storing on Dropbox or somewhere. But it also then creates that know, like and trust in your group and they get to know you before they buy. So, again, it’s another way of getting your business out there and marketing by creating a group.

10.  having a passive or residual income. So, we’re selling products or services online. So, it might be with products like Neal’s Yard, Arbonne, Forever Living. You might make your own products. You also might want to do your own essential oil blends, you might want to look at marketing WheatyBags, gift packs, things like that that you can create. Again, think outside the box, think differently and then either just have it in your marketing that this is what you sell or make it a shop area on your website where you could sell your gift vouchers and you can sell your products

11.  Rebook. Ask. Do you ask your clients to rebook? Do you ask them when their next appointment will be at the end of the first one? This can be really scary if you’re new to it, you can find that really scary and asking them to book, “Would you like to book for your next treatment?” Another way around it is that you can say to them, “Can I help you in any other way?” Another thing that you can do is to do a recommendation. because don’t forget, you are the expert. You know a 100% more than your client about what their issues are, about what’s working for them and what they need to be done and they’ve come to you for help. So, maybe then,  share your recommendations, your healthcare advice. As maintenance, come and see you every four to six weeks for maintenance. Or to see you in a block of six or block of four or block of six treatments. Maybe you wanna give them the offer of paying for four treatments and they’re getting the fifth one free and then they can book as and when they want to.Or they can book them all out already knowing that they’ve got all these treatments booked in. So, do ask.

12.  Please, please, please make sure you’ve got a cancellation policy in place. This comes round again to valuing yourself. Because you value yourself and you want your client to value you also. If they don’t value you, they won’t have a problem not showing up, cancelling at the last minute, anything like that. The other thing is placing a booking fee, that when somebody books up you take a booking fee. Now, it’s not a deposit because a deposit has to be refundable. Okay? You’re putting in a non-refundable booking fee so if somebody doesn’t turn up you then get to keep that money. So, again, if you’re doing a big treatment package or whatever, how much your costings are, or you wanna start afresh now, it’s the non-refundable booking fee, take that into consideration. But please get that cancellation policy in place, inform your clients of it, put it in the welcome pack, put it on your website, put it on your social media, on your leaflets, wherever. Make your clients aware that it exists. Even if you have to put it on a sign on your noticeboard or somewhere in your treatment room, make your clients aware that this exists.

13.  self-care and development. If you can’t work, if you don’t look after yourself, then you’re no good for your business. If you can’t work, you can’t earn. So, make sure it’s self-care, you look after yourself, but also self-development.

14.  sack clients. This took me years to have the courage to do. Those that are energy vampires, those that are time vampires, those that mess you about, those that just really are not valuing you, sack them. Because once you sack them and you get rid of that negative energy it clears it and the good clients will come to you. The clients that will love you, the clients that will be loyal to you, the clients that you’ll love working with. So, sack the clients you don’t need.

You can take those tips away today, overview what you’re doing and have a look at it. So, whether it’s putting your photo on your social media page, whether it’s checking and asking for testimonials, checking your views, looking at and maybe researching an online booking system. Whatever. Have a look through those 14 tips and see what you can do and implement into your business

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Holidays are coming

Holidays are coming

Only a few weeks left to go and then it’ll be 6 weeks of school holidays. Does this include your kids or are your kids like mine all grown up and run their own lives?

Even if you haven’t got children the 6-weeks school holidays can still affect you. You may notice that your business goes quieter. You may notice your no-shows increase,  you may notice your cancellations increase,  you may notice your diaries not so busy.

I’ve got a few tips for you here to get you through the six weeks of the summer holidays.

  1. Management of your expectations – remember to give your clients notice if you are going to be having children at home over the school holidays or when you are going on holiday yourself.  you do not have to put it all over Facebook if you don’t want to but do inform your clients of the dates that you will not be available.
  2. Your own expectations – I know I am bad that I think that I can do it all in less time. I am always writing things in my diary more than I actually have time to do it. Be honest, what you can achieve. Don’t set yourself up to fail
  3. Appointments – take it lighter and easier, look after your diary. be aware of the time of when you can focus on your clients and the time that you can’t. Diary management is important over the summer holidays for yourself and your family. Be reasonable in what you can offer appointments for your clients but remember to schedule in times for your family and time for you.
  4. Cancellation policy –  remember to have this in place and remind people in your newsletter and in posts on social media over the summer break. How many times has it happened to you that you get a late cancellation or a no show especially if the weather suddenly turns nice and sunny? Also remember to send out appointment reminders because again in the lovely weather or in the busy school holidays people can forget their appointments.
  5. Getting help – you don’t have to do this all on your own you can ask for help whether it’s childminders, whether it’s swaps with other mums, whether its activities at clubs and groups, with actually getting business help with admin just over the school holidays.
  6. Prioritise –  and focus on stuff that is important. If stuff can wait from your to-do list another couple of days or another couple of weeks leave it till it’s a better time. Don’t cram stuff in because you said it needs to get done. It can wait, the world is not going to end if you don’t get it done.
  7. Now, remember your social media and blogs may be quieter over the summer break. You may not be listened to by your clients and your kids, it’s ok. Things do go quieter throughout the summer.
  8. Smile and be kind to yourself

Over the next couple of weeks create a bank of content that you can use. Schedule your social media and newsletters over the summer and remember to recycle your old content.

If you do find it’s quiet this would be an ideal opportunity to review and work on your business. Use the time to review your website update photos writer blogs update pages review and update your treatments and prices. Review your social media do you want to change the cover photo do you want to change your profile photo do you want to change any of the information or contact info full stop review your Google my business listing and update if necessary.

Use the time to review your business, review your marketing and make any adjustments. You will find that you survive the summer and will be raring to go again in September.

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Are you fed up with the admin for your therapy practice?

What is outsourcing?

We all know how busy things are with running a business. we have to wear so many hats, bookkeeping, accounts, social media, marketing, sales, admin, content creator, you get my drift.

To run a successful business we need to know about the things of working on your business. You can’t expect clients to just turn up at our door or email or telephone to make that appointment, without having to put some work into it. We are so good at our gifts by providing our therapies,  we love being with our clients and giving them a memorable start to finish service. But, sometimes we can be so busy with our clients that we forget about the other things.

Often when I’m chatting to therapists about working on their business and the things that they could look at to do to help them bring clients through the door and to help them be more organised, and the answer I often get is “I haven’t got time to do that”. Some of it is down to them not acknowledging that the admin that needs to be done, some of it is really not knowing what needs to be done or how to do it. But, often the case is that they don’t want to do it, they don’t like doing it, they want to spend time with their clients which is totally understandable but then the business can struggle and they may end up not have a business at all.

Now, there are ways you can get around this. Obviously the first is to learn how to do it all and then you spend time looking at your planning and your marketing and fitting that into the hours of your day whether that’s first thing in the morning before the children get up or soon after the school run or last thing at night once they’ve gone to bed or you slot it in around your clients……….

Or you could outsource it

“obtain (goods or a service) by contract from an outside supplier. “there can be no question of outsourcing components from other countries”

Outsourcing is where you can delegate work that you don’t like doing or don’t have time for, to somebody else. Somebody who is the expert or has the speciality in doing that. If you’re like me you may not like doing the accounts or bookkeeping or anything to do with numbers/maths so that was my first one on my list that I outsourced to a bookkeeper and accountant. There is no way that I will do my end of year accounts I don’t trust my own figures and probably don’t realise what exactly I could claim for so I pass that on to my accountant.

Why does it seem so scary when we talk about outsourcing or giving some work to somebody else to do? Is it because we like being in control. or is it because we don’t think they will do it as well as ourselves. but why struggle and do something that could take you hours that could take them probably less than an hour there’s nothing wrong in getting help.

I can think of the times I’ve read posts from therapists who have said they’re going on a weekend course or a one day course to learn about bookkeeping and then putting that into their own business. How long does it take to do the bookkeeping every week or month or to do the end of year accounts? it could take them hours it could take them days where if you gave them to a bookkeeper or an accountant they can do it in the least amount of time. Why would you be doing your own accounts?

Think of it this way, how would you feel if you knew somebody who was an accountant that learnt massage on a weekend and was then providing treatments to their friends and family and you could be doing it instead. Role reversal. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Businesses now, often look towards VA’s or virtual assistants to help them with the admin Some VA’s also specialise in social media looking after Facebook accounts also creating newsletters and using platforms such as MailChimp. Some will take over the social media for you, some can be left to create blogs for you or transcribe audio or make a blog look pretty if you just give them the text.

If you outsource the different parts of work that you just disliked doing or didn’t have time for, that would leave you free to do the things you love – working with your clients.

There are many people now, who will provide admin services. Check out your local networking or search in Facebook and local groups you may be surprised how many people there are that can help you with your work.

Have a look and create a list of the jobs you don’t like doing and see who could do it for you because the money that you earn with your clients will pay for your own admin. 🙂 

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Outsourcing – Valuable To Me, Goobledeegook To You!

What is outsourcing

I had to use this title as I often get asked this when I mention it to other therapists. The look on her face was a picture as I waffled ways to increase her client numbers and income with marketing, social media, blogging etc.

From her expression, I suddenly realised I had become someone who was talking gobbledegook! (or Welsh!)  It did confirm that I have become pretty proficient in this business lark but it also made me realise that just like we talk to client’s and don’t use too many A & P or muscle terms, I had to think about my language. I know you can all relate to that in your own therapy businesses.

So “what the hell is outsourcing”? Well it is getting some help, in basic terms. Getting someone to do the stuff that is stopping you either working with  clients or more importantly stopping you working “on” your business to get the customers through the door in the first place. Here are some examples of outsourcing:

  • VA – Virtual Assistant. A lot of my advice is all about writing good content and repurposing it across many mediums from blogs, social media, talks, podcasts, memes etc.

How many times however has that piece that you have written (or worse you only thought about writing) sat on your computer and never got any further?

I can hold my hand up as I am guilty of this on occasion especially with my businesses. So I have used a VA. The great advantage of a VA is that you don’t employ them they are freelance, you can opt to use them when you want and for what you want. They charge you buy the hour and a good VA will tell you how many hours they estimate the job will take. My VA puts together my newsletter and I literally email across a load of content and she makes it look beautiful and even posts it out which saves me hours and takes her 30 minutes.

  • Accounts and Book-keeping. Now you may love figures but from my experience, most therapists find it deadly boring and I am with you. From the start, I employed a book-keeper and an accountant. Shop around and make sure you get quotes for the time spent. If you have a good bookkeeper, they should keep your account fees down by doing the majority of the work. Get referrals from other people and shop around before deciding, accountants do NOT have to be expensive. So, if it seems expensive look elsewhere – avoid large firms as their costs are more and hence prices go up.

I have had people say to me “oh I have learned to do that so I can do it myself.  It saves me paying for an accountant”.  Ok, I get that but look at it another way.  If you knew an accountant that learned massage over a weekend and was then massaging their family and friends because they could, wouldn’t you be a bit annoyed? Their skill is to be an account, your skill is to be a massage therapist!

  • If you want to move forward in your business and you are struggling to take time to work “on” your business, then get a cleaner. Your time is better spent on your business and to be honest you can earn more. I live in a house with 3 men! They are not bad but no common sense between them, so do not think of voluntarily hoovering, cleaning, washing up etc.  So, I am in the process of researching a cleaner and then looking at my numbers for earning and costings to see what I need to do to be able to afford that cleaner easily. You may spend hour ironing, (what’s ironing?;))  that you could outsource to someone else.

What you do is create a team to support you and your business – whether that is home or at your work. Your bookkeeper/accountant, your VA/Admin, your IT who takes care of your website (they build it, host it and maintain it – you can edit it).  What happens if your website gets hacked or goes down, who do you turn to instead of hours of hairpulling.

Places to find outsourcing can be on sites such as and Check out these sites as again you can get people to do just the odd job including website issues and design of logos. Or you may have a family member that would be happy to help you for free or a friend for a free treatment. I shouldn’t cost you a lot and it can be free.

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How do you get your clients to keep coming back

Client Retention

When you are running your own therapy business there is a million things you could do to help you attract new clients and build your therapy practice/clinic.
Amid all the options we have for marketing our businesses, sometimes the simplest ones are the most effective because all the bells and whistles don’t matter one bit if you don’t take the time to create amazing customer experiences.
No matter what type of business you run, creating that amazing customer experience is critical to your success. You need a plan in place to delight your customer from the second they first discover your business and every step of the way after that when they become your client.
Building an amazing customer experience is truly the most powerful marketing strategy your business will ever implement or execute on.
Because it is simply good business practice, as people who love doing business with your company will keep coming back for more. They won’t be able to resist talking about your business and sharing it with their friends. And, you will be able to woo more customers into being clients by wowing them before they even book.
As a member of Ali’s Therapy Academy, the members worked through and created their own individual customer experience through their Monthly Module.
Sometimes it’s the little things that stand out in a client’s mind differentiating between a great massage and an exceptional experience. Pay extra attention to the little details and you’re sure to make a memorable impression.
The following are just a few ideas. This is by no means the extent of what you can do, but rather a starting point to springboard your creativity. The possibilities are endless! In the member’s group, we have created 12!
  1. When a new client is filling out your intake paperwork, offer them a warm herbal neck pillow or wheatie bag that can be heated in the microwave. They feel great and smell like heaven. Your client has only been in your room for 2 minutes and already they’re impressed.
  2. If you have clients who wear contact lenses, have eye drops etc available to help them if needed.
  3. Put something pretty on the floor under the face cradle. (I have a pretty bowl with rocks) Granted, most clients have their eyes closed at this point. But for those that don’t, they will take note of your attention to every detail. (It’s just a simple bowl of rocks. But the effect? “Wow! You’ve thought of everything!”)
Why Client Experiences Matter
Customer experience isn’t about what happens once someone books with you, it’s about all the steps before that and how you move each would-be client through their journey with your business.
Attraction – Discovery – Research – Choice – Purchase – Use
We work in a saturated market. If you Google search your area for a therapist, look on Facebook or attend a Complementary event you will see that there are a lot of people who do the same as you.
You may feel crestfallen, overwhelmed, lack confidence or just plain don’t feel good enough compared with all others. You think their branding looks better, their skills are better, they look better therapists, they offer more…… Remember these are just your mind monkeys playing tricks with you. You have done your training and you left college/training school with amazing skills. You are an amazing therapist. Stop comparing yourself to others for a start. You are you and you are unique.
How can you stand out from all the others? Why would clients look at your therapy practice?
Further resources:
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Mantras That Help Me With My Business




My Mantras I Run My Business By





I don’t stand in front of a mirror and say these over and over again (you can do if you want to) but I say these to myself and when the going gets tough!  I also have them pinned around HQ and in my phone/tablet.


The first 2 are my favourite, I say these a lot and to a lot of other therapists and business owners.


This is one of my favourites and one I am constantly saying and repeating. Why?  Because when we are creating something such as FB posts, blogs, website, leaflets, business cards etc we often put it on hold until we are ready to go with it.  We hang on because we are not sure of the wording or how it looks etc.  PUT IT OUT THERE!  What is the point of creating something and then waiting for it to be perfect, so it works? Put it out there NOW and you can always update and tweak later as you are working with it.  People won’t know what you are doing unless you have something out there, your website, business card, leaflet etc. Be consistent and take small steps every day. Just get started!



This is my second favourite because it works hand in hand with the first one.  Again, don’t wait for it to look or sound perfect, just get it out there.  People are looking for someone like you to help them, not for you to get everything perfect first.  They do not have the time.



One of the most famous marketing tips.  I do think that we can over think things – again to be perfect.  When we are thinking up of branding, business name, leaflets etc.  We try to be clever or with a marketing design, we over complicate things – just keep it simple – simplicity in itself.



This helps me get out of bed in the morning and motivates me if all I want to do is curl up and hibernate.



This is personal for me.  I have lived for over 20 years now on the South Coast and the first few years I struggled in making connections with people.  I would be asked to talk slower and quieter. I would accommodate them and alter my way of speaking.  I did this until one day I asked myself why.  Why was I trying to keep everyone happy? I should be me!  I am from South Wales, Welsh and very proud of it (I have lost my accent, yes) So, from that day I am me.  I am loud, and I do talk fast – that is me!



Now this one is more for me, but it can help you also.  As therapists, you can teach people to look after themselves and live a healthier life. You can inspire and motivate others to what you say and do, you never know who is watching.  For me, I love to help therapists and share what I have experienced and learnt over the years.  It is amazing that through social media you find out from World Wide that people contact to say they love following what I do and help inspire them every day with their business – they even ask themselves “what would Ali do?” Amazing and that is in New Zealand!  With the internet, you never know who you are helping.



Be consistent, take action and implement – small steps every day.  Building a business and being a success, getting clients takes time.  It does not happen overnight and there is no get rich quick scheme.  It takes consistent small baby steps every day to get to where you want to be, so it is working ‘on’ your business every day.  You can do all the training in the world, but they are a waste of time if you do not put that training in place and use the learning.



I like everyone else are human.  There are days when I am on social media and I see therapists and mentors posts and think they are doing better than me.  I meet others at support groups and think they are better therapists than me.  I then remind myself that I am still in business, my clients love me and are loyal, I love both of my businesses and I am me.  Authentic and nobody else can do what I do – there are many therapists and mentors out there but none of them are me!

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