Essential, Blends & Products

Essentials, Blends & Products

Autumn dates start in October 2023

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My Essentials, Blends & Products course taught at Ali’s Holistics is comprehensive and practical. All my courses are taught to the highest standards maximizing your learning outcomes. This Essentials, Blends & Products training course is fully approved and accepted by The Federation Of Holistic Therapists (The FHT) Please note this course is not just for qualified therapists.


Description: Ali’s Holistics is pleased to offer you the Essentials, Blends & Products training course online and for the practical session at a venue of mutual agreement.

Title:  Essential, Blends & Products CPD Certificate

Recognised:  This course is recognised and approved by the Federation Of Holistic Therapists (The FHT)

Cost of the Course: The cost of this course is £150

Payment Method:  Payments can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or by calling the Ali’s Holistics office on 07773702942 Contact the office or email to arrange a date and time to start the course by mutual agreement or to join a pre-arranged date.

Duration: This is a 15-hour online theory and 4 hour in person attendance practical training course. Please see the COVID-19.

Venue:  Online and practical venue by mutual agreement

Brief:  This Essentials, Blends & Products training course is taught by Ali’s Holistics.  You will study and gain knowledge of the principles of using Essential Oils, Blends, Herbs, and making natural Products.

Requirements: This course is available for complete beginners with no previous experience.  Learners must be over the age of 18 and meet the pre-course pre-requisites, which are show below.

COVID-19 Alternation: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, for the foreseeable future, all theory and practical sessions for this course will be completed via Zoom.


We will study the theory of this subject via the online platform Zoom and screen sharing at times and dates/days by mutual agreement of convenience.

It is important that you meet the pre-course requirements listed below and that you have the necessary equipment to complete the practical module of this course. Equipment, essential oils, herbs, oils, etc. will be supplied for use on a practical day or you can provide your own.  If you have any questions, please contact Ali’s Holistics before the scheduled practical session.


Ali’s Holistics will give you as much Zoom and email support as needed to make sure that you are competent in this therapy.

Once we can, I will revert to face-to-face practical training, but only when it is safe to do so.

Please note that Ali’s Holistics will always follow the guidelines set by the UK Government and recognised Professional Association.


Essentials, Blends & Products Certificate Course – More Details

This Essentials, Blends & Products training course taught by Ali’s Holistics is comprehensive and practical. You will study and gain the knowledge of the principle of the use of Essential Oils, Blends, Herbs and the making of Natural Products. You will learn the benefits of Essential Oils and how to implement them into your home-made Natural Products for yourself and your clients. And, the sources and effects of essential oils, be able to provide treatments safely and effectively to clients in different circumstances and be able to apply essential oils in mediums such as waxes, creams, lotions, and water products.

This course is available for qualified therapists and herbal practitioners.

During the course we will cover the following topics:

  • The History of Aromatherapy
  • Health, safety, and hygiene
  • Legislation and working practices.
  • Reflective practice
  • Good practice and legal obligations
  • Why and how Aromatherapy works.
  • Anatomy and Physiology for hair, skin, and olfactory system
  • Physiological therapeutic effects of essential oils
  • In-Depth knowledge of 25 essential oils, 8 carrier oils and 5 herbs
  • The making of infused oils
  • Where the essential oils come from and how they are harvested
  • Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Business studies
  • The making of Natural Products including Recipe Book.


Due to the current National Occupational Standard (NOS) wording, you cannot call yourself an Aromatherapist after completing this course.

Please note that one-day courses or online courses in Aromatherapy are not recognised qualifications or insurable. This means they do not meet the National Occupational Standard or Core Curriculum.


Course information

Qualification gained:  CPD Certificated in Essentials, Blends and Products


Course Recognised:  This course is recognized and approved by the Federation Of Holistic Therapist (The FHT)  This course has been awarded 15 CPD points


Course Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this training course.

Class Size:  A maximum of 8 learners per class, this allows the tutor to monitor individuals progress and development.


Manuals and Certification:

Training manuals will be downloadable to each learner via email before starting the training course. These manuals will be available to download for 60 days once your course has started. It will be the student’s responsibility to download and save the training manuals within this time. Manuals can be read on all devices. The recipe book will be printed off and given to you by Ali’s Holistics on attendance of the practical session. Certification of your course will be posted to you once you have met the learning outcomes.


Learners will be required to show achievement of a range of relevant learning outcomes and assessment criteria, as set by the NOS and Accrediting Body by:

Practical assessments and theoretical knowledge will be assessed during your training time.


Dates, Bookings, and information:

Please contact the office and Ali’s Holistics to chat about the date and time to start your training.