Accredited or not accredited.

Accredited or not accredited.

Ali’s Holistics training is not accredited with any association.

This does not mean that you will not be properly trained. Ali’s Holistic courses have been recognised and approved by The Federation Of Holistic Therapists.

This means that the course and training have been looked at and achieves the standard for FHT to approve the qualification, certificate and to get insurance.

Why the FHT?

I qualified as a holistic therapist back in 2000. I trained for 2 years and in those 2 years of being a student I was introduced to The Federation of Holistic Therapists, joined as a student member and once qualified I upgraded my membership and have continued my membership in all that time. I am now registered as a Fellow.

As well as supporting their members with advances in their trained field, they keep us up to date with new information so we continue to work with the highest professional standards and code of ethics.  With the FHT you also added to their Register so that the public can be reassured with their booking with you that they are booking with a fully professionally trained and insured therapist and that you meet a certain standard.

The FHT is a widely respected voice in the holistic and natural health care field. It works alongside many organisations and departments and often campaigns on behalf of its members to be recognised in their field.

FHT has members worldwide and annually holds it’s online Conference with renowned speakers. It also celebrates therapists and tutors with their annual Excellence Awards. It offers a regular publication called The International Therapist that is posted out to all members with interesting and up-to-date articles. The FHT offer its members a network of Local Support groups to offer support and networking connections. These are run by therapists for therapists.

The Federation Of Holistic Therapists offer many benefits of being a member of their association and I for one am very grateful for my membership as a therapist but also as a tutor and school that is recognised by the FHT.